Chapter 65: A Present for the Lin Family (1)

With Yun Feng’s speed, it was a piece of cake for her to go after a level-3 warrior.
Lin Sen was stopped by Yun Feng before he could run far.
He was still thinking about escaping, but where could he go in Yun Feng’s hands?

Without wasting too much energy, Yun Feng directly gave Lin Sen a punch and knocked him over.
She grabbed his collar and was about to run in the direction where Lin Miao escaped, but she found that her poker-faced father was also coming from that direction, dragging Lin Miao towards her!

Yun Feng was instantly thrilled.
How could she forget about that? Her poker-faced father was a level-5 warrior! With her father’s strength, wasn’t it also a piece of cake for him to chase after Lin Miao?

Both of them looked at each other and smiled with one person in each of their hands.
As members of the Yun family, how would they just let their enemies from the Lin family leave safely? Besides, it was the Lin family who came to find them.

Lin Sen and Lin Miao were tied together, lying in the front yard of the Yun family, while Yun Feng and Yun Jing gazed at them coldly on the side.
After a while, the two of them woke up slowly.
Once Lin Sen opened his eyes, he knew he was caught.

Lin Miao also woke up.
When he moved his body, he found that he was already tied up.
He immediately looked up and stared at Yun Feng and Yun Jing furiously, as if they were his mortal enemies.

“The members of the Yun family are indeed tough like cockroaches.
You can’t be killed no matter how other people torture you.”

Yun Jing frowned gently, while Yun Feng looked cold.
She walked in front of Lin Miao and narrowed her black eyes slightly.
“Slap!” She swung her hand and half of Lin Miao’s face was immediately swollen.
A clear mark of her five fingers appeared right away.
Lin Miao widened his eyes furiously and shouted in an instant, “How dare you slap me, you bastard…”

“Slap!” Yun Feng slapped him again expressionlessly.
Lin Miao’s entire face had already become swollen, looking extremely ugly, which showed how much force Yun Feng used.

“Don’t humiliate the Yun family with your dog mouth,” Yun Feng said coldly as she glared at Lin Sen who remained silent.
At this moment, Lin Sen was looking at Yun Feng creepily with his bloodshot eyes.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown gently.

“Yun Feng, you didn’t forget you still have an elder brother, Yun Sheng, did you?”

Yun Feng glanced at Lin Sen with a complicated look.
Lin Sen thought Yun Feng was frightened, so he immediately burst into laughter a bit crazily, full of delightful revenge!

“Kid, do you think the Lin family only went after you? Hahaha, your big brother, Yun Sheng, has probably become a dead body by now! Hahaha, that’s great.
Even though you’re still alive, one of the members of the Yun family is finally dead to go to stay with my Xiao Meng.
God has heard me!”

Lin Sen’s slightly crazy laughter resounded in the mansion of the Yun family in the still night.
Yun Feng and Yun Jing didn’t say anything.
They knew Yun Sheng’s current situation very clearly.
With Little Fire’s protection, Yun Sheng would definitely be safe!

Yun Feng stared at the slightly mad Lin Sen with coldness in her eyes.
Lin Miao, who was swollen like a pig, also laughed vaguely.
When these two brothers thought that one member of the Yun family was dead, they were extremely thrilled!

After Lin Sen finished laughing, his bloodshot eyes were filled with traces of madness.
He looked at Yun Jing with a touch of deep pride.
What he said next made Yun Feng, and even Yun Jing, feel tense in their minds!

“Do you still remember your second brother, Yun Qi?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes immediately darkened and her voice was also a few degrees colder.
“What are you trying to say? Did the Lin family have something to do with my second brother’s death?”

Yun Jing, who had been quiet, clenched his fists as the scene of the miserable death of his second son, Yun Qi, flashed in his mind.
His wife cried her eyes out and also passed away a while later.
Since then, the already sparsely populated Yun family had become even worse!

“Hahah, that’s right! The Lin family hired someone to kill your second brother.
Your brother died truly miserably… Tut tut, but his death was kind of useful and contributed to the Lin family.
And now, it’s your eldest brother’s turn.
Let’s see how the Yun family inherits your legacy! You’re all dead, all dead!”

Lin Sen’s crazy words echoed in Yun Feng’s mind like the sound of a bell.
The brother she had never met, the brother who was murdered by the Lin family, was her family who shared the same blood as her!

Yun Feng’s power immediately surged to the maximum level.
Lin Sen and Lin Miao couldn’t stand Yun Feng’s fierceness.
They spurted out blood right away and their faces turned pale.
Yun Feng’s black eyes were like a bottomless lake with terrifying undercurrents lurking underneath!

“All of the members of the Lin family deserve to die!” She abruptly seized Lin Sen by his throat with her small hands.
Lin Sen’s face flushed as he laughed.
Even when he couldn’t breathe smoothly, he was still laughing, as if he was jeering at Yun Feng, jeering at her for her inability to protect the Yun family!

Lin Miao watched Yun Feng’s movements on the side and yelled at Yun Feng with a slurred voice to ask her to let go.
And yet, the enraged Yun Feng only wanted to kill Lin Sen who was in her hands right now and eliminate everyone else of the Lin family!

“The Yun… family… will die, and the Lin… family… will live forever!” Lin Sen gave an evil smile.
Yun Feng’s face was immediately filled with coldness.
She twisted the hand she used to grab Lin Sen’s neck and fiercely lifted the other hand holding the top of Lin Sen’s head!

“Poof!” Lin Sen’s head was ripped off his body by Yun Feng.
Blood instantly splashed everyone, spraying on Yun Feng’s hands and clothes.
There was also quite a lot of blood on her clothes.
At the same time, an anxious call sounded in the yard of the Yun family.

“Father! Feng!” It was Yun Sheng!

Yun Feng turned around and saw her brother running towards her safely.
Lin Sen, whose body was already dead, might still have a trace of his soul remaining and his head that had been separated from the body also saw Yun Sheng.
His black eyes popped out right away.
They were full of resentment that kept his eyes open forever.
Yun Sheng was alive.
Nobody in the Yun family was hurt even a little!

However, he couldn’t say anything anymore.
His eyes couldn’t be closed and he died miserably just like that.

Lin Miao was also a bit dumbfounded when he saw Yun Sheng show up without any injuries.
He couldn’t believe it at all.
The Lin family sent two level-5 masters to kill Yun Sheng.
Yun Sheng was just a level-2 mage.
How exactly did he survive? Where were those two level-5 masters? Did they fail?

“Master.” Little Fire jumped next to Yun Feng like a beam of red light.
It didn’t even bother to look at Lin Sen whose head was torn off by Yun Feng.
Its pure black eyes glanced at Lin Miao, who was tied up and had a swollen face, as the brutal aura of the Magic Beast spread immediately.

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