Chapter 658 You Have to Win Splendidly (5)

He couldn’t allow Yun Luochen, who was behind him, to walk ahead of him!

“Even if you forcibly increase your strength, you’re just an empty shell.
That doesn’t belong to you! And I relied on my own hard work to reach my current strength.
Yun Luochen, you can forget about competing with me for the rest of your life!”

Yun Luochen smiled.
Li Zhong was enraged by the smile.
“What are you laughing at? I’ll let you know that you’re destined to fail!”

Yun Luochen put away his smile and nodded.
If you must prove something, this is a good opportunity, isn’t it?”

Ruthlessness flashed through Li Zhong’s eyes as he laughed.
He flipped his hand and held a longsword tightly in his hand.
The moment the longsword appeared, the nine cores embedded on the side of the sword were glittering!

“A weapon with nine holes and nine crystals!” The crowd cried out in shock.
The Li family’s master couldn’t help but feel proud after hearing such an exclamation.
The Shi family’s master also raised his brows when he saw the weapon.
The Li family was indeed prepared.
They were quite prepared.

“These nine crystals are all at level 7.
I don’t believe that the Yun family has such an ability! An unranked family wants to fight with a third-rank family? Stop dreaming!” Li Zhong waved the longsword in his hand.
Seeing that Yun Luochen didn’t take out his weapon after a long time, he sneered.
“Why? You don’t want to take out your useless weapon? It’s fine.
I won’t laugh at you for overestimating yourself.”

Yun Luochen was also surprised by the weapon in Li Zhong’s hand.
Even though Yun Feng gave him a weapon with nine holes and nine crystals, the crystals embedded in it shouldn’t be as high as level 7! The nine crystals of the Li family were all level-7 Magic Cores! Yun Luochen thought about the weapon Yun Feng gave him.
Forget it.
Even if the level of the Magic Cores wasn’t as high as his, he wouldn’t embarrass the Yun family with his secret training these days! How would he lose? Yun Luochen gritted his teeth slightly.
His expression made Yun Feng, who was watching the drama in the sky, smile.
What exactly was this kid thinking? Would I give him an inferior weapon?

Yun Luochen flipped his hand, and the weapon with nine holes and nine crystals that Yun Feng gave him appeared in his hand.
Li Zhong widened his eyes when he saw that.
He didn’t expect Yun Luochen to have a weapon with nine holes and nine crystals too! Then, he burst into laughter in disdain.
“The Magic Beast Cores on your sword, aren’t they…” Level-1 Magic Beast Cores? Before Li Zhong could finish his sentence, a suppressed roar sounded.
The eyes of the leader of the Li family widened abruptly as he stared at the weapon in Yun Luochen’s hand.
The nine Magic Beast Cores that were emitting light made him shout!

“Level-9 Magic Beast Cores!”

This roar instantly made the scene fall into absolute silence.
Master Shi also had the same expression as he stared at the weapon in Yun Luochen’s hand with glittering eyes.
How was that possible? All the Magic Cores embedded in it were level-9! Nine level-9 Magic Cores! How could the Yun family possibly have such an item?

Yun Luochen was shocked.
He looked at the weapon in his hand reflexively and was a bit dumbfounded.
The three brothers of the Yun family were the same.
After hearing the level-9 Magic Cores, Yun Tianfan couldn’t keep his expression the same anymore.
God, level-9 Magic Cores were so expensive! Were those nine level-9 Magic Cores?

Yun Feng, who was standing in the air, raised the corners of her mouth slightly.
Level-9 Magic Cores were extremely expensive in other people’s eyes, but Yun Feng wasn’t stingy when she used them.
She used nine of them at once and she didn’t feel sorry at all.
She had enough of these things.
Even if she didn’t have many, she had to make the best use of them, because they were given to the Yun family.
How could she offer them anything bad?

If Yun Luochen’s strength could reach Yun Feng’s level, Yun Feng would also give him that Monarch Level weapon without holding back.
If that was the case, the situation right now would probably be completely chaotic.

“You’re truly generous,” said Yan Che coldly.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I’m always generous with my family.”

“Hey, if you’re so generous, why don’t you give me a few? We’re family too!” Yan Che approached her with a smile and Qu Lanyi pushed her away.
“Don’t think too highly of yourself.
Who’s your family!” Yun Feng didn’t care about the two of them and looked down.
The current situation was a bit funny.
Everyone was confused because of the uncontrollable shout of the Li family’s master.
Li Zhong was a bit at a loss.
Level-9 Magic Cores? Dad couldn’t be wrong, right? Nine level-9 Magic Cores? How was that possible?

The leader of the Li family was also in a mess, completely in a mess! He had thought that Yun Feng would give the Yun family some gifts, but he had never thought that she would be so generous! What kind of strength did she have to be able to own so many level-9 Magic Beast Cores? Level-9 Magic Beasts! Even a Commander wouldn’t be able to take much advantage of them.
It was too shocking to have nine of them at once!

If the Li family’s master knew that Yun Feng had the cores of Monarch Level Magic Beasts and even those of the Lord Level, there was no telling how he would feel.

What should he do now? The head of the Li family was confused.
The nine Magic Cores were all level-9.
The power of such a weapon could be imagined! Even if Yun Luochen’s strength was weak, it wouldn’t be easy for Li Zhong to win! He originally wanted to use his weapon to suppress him, but he didn’t expect it to be suppressed! The Li family was completely embarrassed right now.
They couldn’t admit that they lost in front of everyone in Jushui Town.
If they admitted defeat voluntarily, they would be no different from cowards! Once they admitted defeat, the Li family would lose everything.
The days ahead could be imagined! The Li family master knew that he had to brace himself this time no matter what.
He wasn’t prepared enough.
No, he underestimated that little girl! “Master Li, do you still want to continue?” asked Master Shi, giving the Master of the Li family a way out.
The Master of the Li family was embarrassed by the question.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you for your kindness.
Don’t worry!”

Seeing that he was still insistent, the Master of the Shi family didn’t say anything else.
Li Zhong gritted his teeth.
Even though he felt pressured, he wasn’t so cowardly that he would cower right now.
“Yun Luochen, you really got a huge bargain!”

Yun Luochen also came back to himself from the shock.
He simply held the longsword in his hand and looked at the glittering Magic Cores on it with excitement in his heart.
He never thought that this weapon would be of such a level!

“I can only say that it’s because my surname is Yun.” What Yun Luochen said made everyone a bit confused, except for the members of the Yun family.
That’s right.
It was precisely because their surname was Yun that they could meet Yun Feng and get Yun Feng’s sincere help!

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