Chapter 657 You Have to Win Splendidly (4)

The Yun family had declared war on the Li family! If the Yun family rose to power, it would be a third-rank family! If she was still in the Yun family, what kind of life would that be? The woman looked at the messy house she was in.
An invisible sense of regret surged into her heart.
She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.
The woman put on her clothes randomly and ran out in a hurry.
She wanted to see if the Yun family had the ability… to really become a third-rank family!

On this day, almost everyone in Jushui Town went to the same place and stopped doing business.
Everyone rushed to the same place at the same time.
The spacious arena was surrounded by crowds of people.
There had never been anything that could make people so enthusiastic.
The members of the Shi family were also a bit shocked when they saw this scene.

Why were there so many people? “Which between the Li family and the Yun family will win?”

“Nonsense! Of course it’s the Li family! Don’t you know what the Yun family is like?”

“I don’t think so.
The Yun family isn’t stupid.
They wouldn’t dare to challenge the Li family if they didn’t have the confidence!”

“The cuckolding probably made the Yun family lose their minds.
If it were me, I would’ve rushed forward and killed that adulterous couple first!”

High-pitched discussions sounded everywhere, with both praise and criticism.
After the appearance of the Yun family and the Li family, the scene became even more chaotic.
When the three brothers of the Yun family walked up, everybody spoke loudly!

“That’s him! Yun Tianling who was cuckolded!”

“Ahhh, I wonder if he has guts or not.
He didn’t do anything at all.
I really wonder if he’s a man!”

Yun Tianling’s face suddenly darkened.
He put his fist on his knee and the veins on the back of his hand bulged.
Yun Tianfan and Yun Tianlin didn’t look good either.
The three brothers sat there and endured weird gazes.
They were in a lot of pain.
And after the Li family came here, they didn’t get any better treatment.
“The Li family is truly cowardly this time!” “That’s right.
His brother is already dead, yet he’s still silent! Has his courage dwindled while he grows old?”

These audience members were unusually mean.
The face of the Li family’s leader alternated between green and white.
The treatment of the two families ended in a draw.
They were both awkward and embarrassed.
And a miserable figure also silently hid in the crowd and bit her lips fiercely.
The shameless woman who was kicked out of the Yun family came.
Her eyes were full of struggle.
She didn’t believe that the Yun family would win and she didn’t want the Yun family to win either.
If they won, it would be a huge blow to her, proving how stupid and pathetic she was!

Yun Feng and the others certainly didn’t join with this group of people.
They found a good spot in the sky to watch.
The discussion of the mean crowd made Yun Feng click her tongue.
This group of people didn’t have any other abilities, but they were quite good at sneering at people.

“The Li family seems quite confident.” Qu Lanyi glanced at the Li family’s leader.
Seeing that he wasn’t nervous at all, he knew that the guy must’ve made preparations.
Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“So what? Yun Luochen won’t lose.”

The moment he said that, the two young men appeared.
Li Zhong and Yun Luochen walked up from two different directions.
When they appeared, the crowd burst into cheers!

Li Zhong and Yun Luochen sized each other up quietly when they got on the ring.
They both knew that the other party had changed in a short time.
Li Zhong sized Yun Luochen up with a bit of shock.
He expected Yun Luochen’s strength to increase, but he didn’t expect him to change so much!

There was a kind of invisible fierceness in Yun Luochen’s eyes.
His black eyes became clearer and there was also a hint of maturity on his young face.
Yun Luochen seemed to have grown a lot in a short period of time.
Compared to him, Li Zhong was more like a kid with a childish aura.

Shi Caihua looked at Yun Luochen and her heart couldn’t help but race.
Yun Luochen had changed.
He had become better and more charming than she had imagined!

What shocked Li Zhong wasn’t just the change in Yun Luochen’s temperament, but his strength! He couldn’t find his strength! Li Zhong suppressed the panic in his mind.
He had thought of such a situation before.
Just like what his father said, Yun Feng would definitely help him.
It wasn’t surprising that Yun Luochen was stronger than him, but even though he was stronger, it was another story how much of the strength he could use.

After detecting that Yun Luochen was at level 7, the leader of the Li family was a bit shocked in his mind.
However, on second thought, this rapid increase in strength must only be an empty shell.
After all, the guy could have only used a special method to reach this level in a short period of time.
It might be an illusion that wouldn’t last for long!

Li Zhong’s thought was more or less the same as his father’s.
In short, the two of them concluded that Yun Luochen only looked strong and couldn’t unleash anything at all!

As the third party this time, the Shi family gave a simple explanation to calm the crowd’s excitement.
Then, it was the battle between the Yun family and the Li family.
The two young men would keep fighting until the other party admitted defeat!

The Li family and the Yun family sat on the seats on the two sides of the ring, while the Shi family sat in the middle.
Shi Caihua was also among them.
The teenage girl’s fascination in her mind burst out.
However, the two young men didn’t even look at her, which made Shi Caihua blush.
She was glad that nobody noticed her embarrassment.
She sat there silently and didn’t do anything else.

Li Zhong and Yun Luochen both looked at each other.
Li Zhong chuckled.
“Not bad, Yun Luochen.
You’ve improved a lot in such a short time.”

“You’re the same.
It seems that you know this day will come sooner or later.”

The corners of Li Zhong’s mouth twitched.
“Even if you’re stronger than me, I’m not afraid of you.
Do you know why?”

Yun Luochen smiled gently and his aura was extremely stable.
Compared to Li Zhong’s provocation, Yun Luochen was much more mature.
Seeing how calm Yun Luochen was, Li Zhong couldn’t help but feel enraged.
They were the same two months ago, the same kids! Two months ago, this guy was inferior to him and was just a clown! The reason why the guy was allowed to approach Shi Caihua was because Yun Luochen’s existence could highlight him! However, it had completely changed now.
Li Zhong suddenly felt that he had been left far behind.
Yun Luochen, who was originally behind him, had suddenly surpassed him!

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