Chapter 655 You Have to Win Splendidly (2)

“What were you doing just now, huh?” Meatball blinked its pure black eyes.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Meatball blinked its big eyes a few more times, as if it was telling Yun Feng that it was innocent.
Yun Feng shook Meatball’s body fiercely, and Meatball cried a few times in dissatisfaction.
In the end, Yun Feng loosened her hand, and Meatball jumped forward and sat on Little Fire’s head.
Little Fire slowly walked over and stood next to Yun Feng.

“Master, don’t you know what the tattoo means?”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Should she know? Seeing the astonishment in Yun Feng’s eyes, Little Fire couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised.
“I thought you knew what the tattoo meant before you contracted with him, Master.
Otherwise, you shouldn’t have…”

“What exactly does the tattoo mean?”

Little Fire’s wolf eyes glittered.

Yun Feng gasped.

“The Griffins are mysterious.
There are a lot of things that even Magic Beasts don’t know.
However, I happen to know some things, and that’s all I know.
Among the Griffins, only the traitors carry such a mark that can never be removed.
They’re ostracized by all the other members of the clan and banished forever.
Only by committing an unforgivable crime will they be considered a traitor.
I’ve never understood what he did despite his personality to be tattooed like that.”

What Little Fire said shocked Yun Feng.
The mark of a traitor! Lan Yi was a traitor of the Griffin Tribe! This might explain why he appeared in the Dragon Palace.
How could there be Griffins in the Dragon Palace?

“Master, do you regret it now that you know the truth?” Little Fire asked in a low voice.
“After all, even though such a Magic Beast is powerful, its identity is extremely humble.
It can be said that if you meet other Griffins, it’ll cause you trouble.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She only reached out and knocked Little Fire’s head fiercely.
The question she asked just then might have hit Lan Yi’s heart.
What did he, who had such a gentle and peaceful personality, do to become a traitor? Yun Feng regretted her ignorance a little.
She should have known better before she asked the question.

“I’ve never regretted it.
Even if I had known why he was tattooed, I would have still chosen him.” What Yun Feng said made Little Fire feel relieved in the bottom of its heart.
Summoners contracted Magic Beasts to increase their strength, not to cause trouble for themselves.
If they contracted a Magic Beast that often brought trouble, no summoner would be glad unless it was a Fantastical Beast.

“Master, you’re truly special,” said Little Fire with mixed feelings.
Yun Feng stroked Little Fire’s head.
“I’ve always just been myself.
Don’t think I’m like the others!”

Little Fire’s ears moved.
Yun Feng burst into laughter and walked to Yaoyao, picking her up.
“Let’s go.
We need to find those two troublemakers.” Little Fire nodded and followed Yun Feng.
It looked at the sky, and a huge black shadow flashed across.
Brother, you might be worrying too much.
How could our master be like the others?

Ever since then, Yun Feng had never asked Lan Yi about the tattoo on the side of his face again.
Lan Yi’s heavy heart seemed to be eased and he became the same as before.
It should be said that Lan Yi had always been the same.
However, Yun Feng had already guessed why he was slightly depressed.

Yun Luochen’s special sparring partner changed from Little Fire to Lan Yi, which made him suffer a lot.
In the past month, he had already gradually become familiar with fighting with Little Fire.
He wasn’t used to the sudden change of opponents, especially when he had to face this man with wings on his back, which made Yun Luochen curious about Lan Yi’s real body.

The Griffins were known for their speed.
The wind element gave them the most perfect weapon.
When Yun Luochen fought with Lan Yi, he was like a fool.
He could only stand there in a daze and couldn’t find Lan Yi at all.
He could only let Lan Yi attack his body obediently.
Yun Luochen thought that his special training had paid off, but when he faced Lan Yi, he realized that he seemed to have returned to the original point.
He was still Yun Luochen who hadn’t improved at all!

This truly gave Yun Luochen quite a huge blow, which was also Yun Feng’s goal.
She wanted Yun Luochen to know that the blow was everywhere and that his opponents were everywhere.
He couldn’t stop improving himself and he couldn’t stop at any time.
When you thought you were already good, you would sooner or later understand how vast the world was and how small you were after being dwarfed by the others.

Lan Yi was indeed as Yun Feng said.
He wasn’t polite to Yun Luochen at all.
In the next month of special training, Yun Luochen was even more miserable.
Every day, he exhausted all his strength to avoid Lan Yi’s attacks.
The wounds on his body were even more fragmented and he was even more exhausted.
Sometimes, he would collapse from exhaustion right after the battle and even fall asleep directly.

The members of the Yun family certainly saw how hard it was for Yun Luochen.
Yun Tianfan also saw it and his heart ached for him.
However, he knew that Yun Luochen had improved.
His gaze became fiercer and his strength also increased steadily.
He had truly changed a lot compared to the Yun Luochen in the past! Yun Tianfan felt his heart ache while he felt proud for his son.
Just like that, the two-month intensive special training finally ended.
Yun Luochen could already capture Lan Yi’s movement.
When his attack hit Lan Yi for the first time, Yun Feng also smiled in relief.
Then, she announced that the special training was over.
She knew that Yun Luochen was ready.

After Yun Feng said that the special training was over, Yun Luochen still couldn’t believe it.
He thought that there would be something more difficult, or perhaps another unexpected Magic Beast.
However, Yun Feng smiled and said clearly, “The special training is over.”

After two months of intensive special training, and thanks to the influence of the low-level Bone Remodeling Potion, Yun Luochen’s strength had increased from level 5 to level 7.
After all the battles, his strength that was forcibly increased in a short period of time had a very stable foundation.
This also made Yun Luochen’s strength more reliable.

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In just two months, he had advanced two levels in a row and reached the advanced stage.
Yun Luochen couldn’t help but feel surprised.
According to his own cultivation experience, it would take at least three to five years.
When the other members of the Yun family learned the result of Yun Luochen’s special training, they were all a bit shocked, especially Yun Tianfan.
He thought that Yun Luochen would reach the peak of level 5 in two months and reach level 6 at most, but he didn’t expect that he would directly reach level 7!

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