Chapter 654 You Have to Win Splendidly (1)

After a while, the sound of snoring came from Yun Luochen’s room.
Something must’ve exhausted a child of this age, or he wouldn’t be snoring so loudly.
The few elders of the Yun family all stood in front of Yun Luochen’s door and listened to the sound of snoring.

“Brother, won’t Luochen be exhausted if this goes on? And why does he come back every day with injuries all over his body? How much worse does Yun Feng want to torture Luochen? Luochen is only fifteen!”

Yun Tianlin pulled his wife aside.
“Don’t be so nosy.
How would anything happen to Luochen? It’s time for training at his age!”

“But that doesn’t mean he should get wounded! What if he’s badly hurt?”

“Alright, alright.” Yun Tianfan waved his hand.
He knew that this sister-in-law was truly concerned about Yun Luochen’s condition.
Yun Tianling, who was next to him, had a stiff expression.
After all, it wasn’t easy for a man to get rid of the influence caused by his cheating wife in a short period of time.
Yun Tianling had already suppressed the anger in his heart to such a calm state.
“Brother, what you said makes sense.
Special training is fine, but it shouldn’t be so cruel.”

Yun Tianfan smiled.
“Don’t you think that Falling Dust has changed a lot recently?”

The few of them pondered for a while.
Yun Tianling glanced at Yun Luochen’s door.
“Luochen’s eyes have become more powerful.
He seems more confident.” Yun Tianfan nodded.
“Luochen isn’t very talented.
I used to impose the burden of the Yun family on him by force.
He actually felt very inferior in his heart.
In the past, he would do whatever I wanted him to do.
But now, he knows what he wants.
His eyes have changed.
He’s become confident and has a goal.”

“If that’s the case, Luochen has indeed changed a lot.
Such a Luochen looks more courageous and responsible!”

Joy flashed through Yun Tianfan’s eyes.
“He still has a long way to go in the future.
He must train himself now.
Yun Feng is right.” When Yun Luochen went home and fell asleep, Yun Feng and the others were still in the sealed space.
Little Fire was lying there lazily with its fiery red tail hitting the ground every now and then.
Meatball was sitting on its head.
A gentle breeze blew over and the soft fur on Meatball’s body was lifted.
Its round body was even bigger at this moment.
Yun Feng leaned on Little Fire and waves of warmth came over.
Yaoyao was nestled in Yun Feng’s arms.
Lan Yi sat in the middle of the towering tree branches and looked up at the sky.
Qu Lanyi and Yan Che started fighting again.
Of course, Yan Che seemed to be enjoying arousing Qu Lanyi’s anger, which made Yun Feng very helpless.

“That kid has made a lot of progress.” Little Fire’s ears twitched.
It narrowed its eyes and lay there, dozing off.
Suddenly, it said this.
Yun Feng chuckled and touched Yaoyao’s hair.
“Really?” Little Fire yawned lazily and opened its eyes.
“Even though he’s pitifully weak, he’s a lot braver.
At least he’s not hiding anymore.”

Yun Feng used the water element to envelop Yaoyao’s body.
Yaoyao moved her body very comfortably and actually transformed into the original form of the sea demon in an instant.
That fish tail with glittering blue scales wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist.
The transparent blue fins on her arms seemed to be even more beautiful than before.
She put her arms around Yun Feng’s neck and snuggled into Yun Feng’s arms with an affectionate expression.

Yun Feng gently caressed Yaoyao’s fin-like ears with her hand.
Yaoyao looked like she was enjoying herself.
For Magic Beasts, it was the most comfortable time to transform into their original form.
The human form transformation was only for special occasions, such as when they had to blend into the crowd.

“Luochen has indeed improved a bit.” Yun Feng thought about the changes of that young man these days.
After a month of fighting, Yun Luochen was able to fight with Little Fire at the same level for a long time from the time when he could only shout for help at the beginning.
From his eyes that were a bit scared back then to those which were filled with determination and courage now, Yun Luochen could be said to have been reborn in a short period of time, making him realize how he should continue on the road ahead.

The wounds on Yun Luochen’s body increased every day.
Yun Feng originally wanted to treat his wounds, but Yun Luochen refused.
The more wounds he had, the more confident he became.
To him, these scars weren’t wounds at all, but glorious medals! The marks of his growth!

“It seems that you can rest for a while, Little Fire.” Yun Feng patted Little Fire’s head with a smile and squeezed its unusually cute ears.
Little Fire burst into laughter.
“Is it finally over?” Yun Feng shook her head and raised her chin to look at the handsome man standing among the towering branches.
Sensing Yun Feng’s gaze, Lan Yi spread his wings and a black shadow fell from the tree.
Lan Yi smiled gently.
“Master, it’s my turn?”

Little Fire looked at Lan Yi and suddenly smiled gloatingly.
“That kid is in trouble.”

Yun Feng nodded.
“I know you’re gentle, but there’s no need to hold back too much about Yun Luochen.”

Lan Yi’s beautiful lips curled up slowly.
“Yes.” He put away the wings on his back.
Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi thoughtfully for a while and slowly let go of Yaoyao in her arms.
Yaoyao obediently returned to her human form and sat quietly on the side.
Yun Feng stood up and walked to Lan Yi’s side, looking at the blue patterns on the side of Lan Yi’s face.
Lan Yi’s blue eyes looked at Yun Feng.
“What’s wrong, Master?”

Yun Feng slowly extended her hand and gently touched the mysterious tattoo on the side of Lan Yi’s face.
“I’ve never asked you what this tattoo means.”

A glint of darkness suddenly flashed through those blue eyes.
Little Fire raised its body that was lying on the ground, and looked at Lan Yi with its pure black wolf eyes.
Meatball’s little body suddenly rushed towards Yun Feng’s shoulder, making Yun Feng jump in surprise.
Meatball seemed to want to divert Yun Feng’s attention and kept rubbing its body against Yun Feng’s face.
Lan Yi smiled.
“Master, I want to walk around.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Meatball made her cheeks itch, so she could only nod casually.
Lan Yi instantly spread his wings and flew into the sky, disappearing without a trace.
Meatball suddenly stopped at this moment and sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder quietly.
Yun Feng lifted Meatball’s neck with her finger and lifted this chubby little thing in front of her eyes, shaking it a few times.

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