Chapter 653 The Special Training Begins (5)

“Enough! If you want to fight, go somewhere else!” Yun Feng roared.
Yan Che and Qu Lanyi had really chased each other to another place to fight.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
“Luochen, what’s wrong?”

Yun Luochen suddenly came back to himself and stared at Yun Feng.
No matter how powerful he thought Yun Feng was, he couldn’t imagine that it would be like this… Not only did she have one Magic Beast, but there were also light and dark mages with her.
What kind of lineup was this?

“W-Who exactly are you…” Yun Luochen couldn’t help but ask in a daze.
Yun Feng chuckled and patted Yun Luochen’s shoulder.
“Didn’t I tell you? I’m Yun Feng.”

Yun Luochen was fifteen this year.
He never dreamed that he would meet a girl named Yun Feng in the year he was fifteen.
This girl would change his entire life and write legends in the history of the Yun family!

Yun Luochen’s special training was carried out in secret.
A secret place was naturally needed.
It was certainly impossible to do that in the small house of the Yun family.
Jushui Town was very small, but there was a large forest outside Jushui Town.
This was an ideal place.
As long as the space was sealed, nobody would notice it.

Ever since the arduous special training began, Yun Luochen had returned to the Yun family with wounds all over his body every day.
Yun Tianfan’s heart ached when he saw this, but he didn’t say anything.
If they wanted to succeed, they had to work hard.
Nobody could succeed overnight.

During the special training every day, Yun Luochen spent half the time cultivating peacefully.
Although the Bone Remodeling Medicine was low-level, it could improve his potential.
Even though Yun Luochen’s cultivation speed was a bit slow, the other half of the day’s practice would make up for it, because he had to face two ferocious Magic Beasts!

“Help!” Yun Luochen’s opponent on the first day was Little Fire.
Little Fire was already dissatisfied about being Yun Luochen’s sparring partner, and with its fiery temper, it was quite rude to Yun Luochen on the first day.
It had lowered its strength to minimum, but it was still stronger than Yun Luochen.
Its sharp claws, attack speed and strength didn’t shrink at all.
Yun Luochen, who had little combat experience in the past, was in a sorry state and didn’t even have the strength to fight back.
He could only keep running!

Yun Feng, on the other hand, was leaning against a tree and Yaoyao was in her arms.
The two of them enjoyed this comfortable time very much.
Meatball was also lying on Yun Feng’s shoulder lazily, looking like it was about to sleep.
Yun Luochen ran past Yun Feng in panic, and his voice sounded in Yun Feng’s ears, followed by Little Fire’s excited howl.
Yun Feng raised her black eyes slightly and looked at Yun Luochen’s fleeing figure, without the slightest intention of attacking.

“Roar…” Accompanied by an excited roar, Little Fire pressed Yun Luochen underneath its claws effortlessly.
Its sharp claws pierced Yun Luochen’s clothes and even sank into his flesh.
For the first time, Yun Luochen realized that this was a Magic Beast.
Even Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast didn’t lose its nature at all! He would be killed!

Yun Luochen closed his eyes in fear.
Seeing this scene, Yun Feng put down Yaoyao in her arms and stood up from the ground.
Meatball fell from Yun Feng’s body and landed on the ground, watching Yun Feng walk towards Yun Luochen with its big blurry eyes.

The sound of footsteps echoed in his ears.
“Why? You’re giving up just like that?” Yun Luochen opened his eyes slightly.
Yun Feng’s shadow towered on his face, and he couldn’t see Yun Feng’s expression.
Yun Luochen endured the pain on his body.
“I… I can’t beat it…”

“So you’re giving up just like that? It doesn’t matter even if you’re killed?” Yun Feng lowered her voice coldly.
“Yun Luochen, is this all you’ve got? Is this all you’ve got? It seems that I’ve truly overestimated you!”

Yun Luochen’s heart tightened and he felt embarrassed.
“I’m not you! I’m not a genius! If I had your strength, I wouldn’t have run away!”

“Human, you’re truly a coward!” Little Fire narrowed its wolf eyes and moved its body away in disdain.
“What kind of strength do you think Master had when he contracted me? At that time, I was a level-6 Magic Beast, and Master was only at the same level as me! If it were you, would you have had the courage to contract me?”

What Little Fire said made Yun Luochen blush.
“My strength was suppressed to the same level as yours just then.
You didn’t even have the courage to fight.
This has nothing to do with strength.
It’s your own problem!”

Yun Luochen lay on the ground with a fever on his face.
It was right.
This had nothing to do with strength.
Even if he had the same strength as Yun Feng, he wouldn’t have the courage to fight!

“True strength lies in the heart, not in the body.
Only those who have an unyielding and courageous heart of a strong man can stand in an undefeated position!” Yun Feng squatted down with a warm light in her black eyes.
Yun Luochen only felt an invisible force filling his body and his heart was moved because of what Yun Feng said.

“None of us are born to be strong, and I’m not an exception.
All my strength comes from my heart that won’t be defeated and never gives up! There’s no difficulty in this world that can’t be overcome.
As long as you think you can do it, you will do it!”

Yun Luochen’s heart suddenly burned.
As long as you think you can do it, you will do it!

“Can I really…” Yun Luochen asked softly.
Yun Feng smiled.
“What do you think?”

Yun Luochen’s eyes, which were still misty just then, became like a bright sky where the clouds were gone.
A new energy rose from the bottom of his heart.
The young man’s powerful voice echoed in the forest.
“I can!”

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“Whoosh…” A baby eagle suddenly spread its wings and flew away from the bird’s nest, flying towards the sky high up in the sky.
Its loud cry resounded in the blue sky!

The other members of the Yun family in Jushui Town were all a bit worried these days.
Every time Yun Tianlin’s wife saw Yun Luochen, who came back from the door of the house covered in wounds at dusk, her heart ached.
“Luochen, what do you do when you’re out every day? Is this how Yun Feng improves your strength? At the risk of your own safety?”

Yun Luochen only chuckled after hearing that.
He stretched his arm, and put on a mature smile on his young face that still had tiny wounds.
“I’m fine.
I’m fine.” Yun Luochen returned to his room and fell asleep immediately almost every day.
After all, fighting with a Magic Beast consumed a lot of physical strength.
It was already good enough that he could walk home.

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