Chapter 652 The Special Training Begins (4)

The news of the Yun family’s divorce immediately spread throughout Jushui Town.
The gossip of the Yun family being cuckolded also spread quickly in Jushui Town.
People learned of the death of the Li family’s leader’s brother in the hands of the Yun family too.
The feud between the Yun family and the Li family spread like wildfire.
Most people were mocking and ridiculing them.
Some people were in the mood of watching a good show.
It had been a long time since such an exciting drama took place in Jushui Town.
Now that it finally came out, wouldn’t they enjoy it? They originally thought the Yun family and the Li family would fight to the death, but they didn’t expect the Yun family and the Li family to be so quiet.
They didn’t know what those families were busy with.

There was no conflict or arguments.
After the divorce, the Yun family didn’t do anything else.
The two families seemed to have forgotten about this matter, which made the residents of Jushui Town very confused.
What was going on? This was too abnormal! They swallowed their anger after being cuckolded.
Were the men of the Yun family still men? And in the Li family, the brother of the Li family’s master, was dead.
The Li family was still a third-rank family! They didn’t attack the unranked family in revenge.
They were too cowardly, weren’t they?

Speculations arose everywhere.
People in Jushui Town were talking about the Li family and the Yun family.
There were all kinds of curses, but there was still no action from the two families.
The people in Jushui Town were really confused.
What were they doing?

As for the woman who was banished by the Yun family, she didn’t have a place to stay.
She didn’t have anything except the luxurious clothes she was wearing.
She had no choice but to sell the clothes and marry a random person.
However, she was soon abandoned.
The reason the man gave was very simple.
He was just messing with her.
There was no need to take her seriously.

As the saying went, she had nothing to lose.
This extremely disgusting woman was truly like this.
With her identity, no man dared to marry her.
They were all afraid of getting into trouble, but it was fine to sleep with her.
Gradually, this woman became someone who could sleep with anyone.
As long as you gave her money, she could sleep with a beggar.
Her life was even more poor and miserable than before.
Sometimes, she couldn’t even have a full meal.
In fact, she returned to the Yun family privately after being banished for a few days.
She thought she could go back after begging, but she didn’t expect the Yun family to really banish her this time.
She couldn’t go back anymore.

When such a thing happened between the Yun family and the Li family, how would the Shi family, as the most powerful family in Jushui Town, not know about it? However, the Shi family was smart enough not to get involved in this mess.
They didn’t ask about right and wrong.
Whatever happened between the Li family and the Yun family had nothing to do with the Shi family.
The Shi family was just here to watch the drama.

The most depressed person was Shi Caihua.
Yun Luochen and Li Zhong had always been around her.
One of the boys was handsome, and the other had a great familial background.
The girls of her age envied Shi Caihua for having such a suitor.
However, all of a sudden, the two boys disappeared.
To be exact, they were extremely cold to her! They didn’t even take her seriously! Li Zhong and Yun Luochen never came to look for her again.
Shi Caihua thought that they would come to look for her even if she didn’t take the initiative to look for them.
Unexpectedly, this lasted for two months.
In these two months, neither of the two boys paid attention to her!

Even though Shi Caihua was frustrated, she was too proud to make a move.
She stubbornly believed that they wouldn’t give up on her.
They would come for her again!

Even though the Li family and the Yun family never interacted with each other, the two families knew clearly what they were going to do next.
It was inevitable that they would have to fight! Li Zhong and Yun Luochen were preparing for this day.
After all, they were the ones who would fight as their families’ representatives!

Yun Luochen’s special training had already begun.
The low-level Bone Remodeling Solution Yun Feng bought made some changes to Yun Luochen’s potential.
His cultivation speed was obviously much faster than before.
Yun Luochen himself was very excited and happy.
At this cultivation speed, he had a high chance of winning! However, Yun Feng wasn’t satisfied with this.
Not only did the Yun family have to win the challenge this time, they had to win marvelously and impress everyone with their victory!

Yun Luochen thought he could practice it himself, but his arduous special training was far from that.
What Yun Feng wanted was not only the improvement of his strength, but also the accumulation of combat experience! Only the training in battle would make him fearless.
Theories had to be put into practice!

Yun Luochen was still worrying about who would be his sparring partner.
How would Yun Feng lack such a person? When a huge Fire Cloud Wolf and a man with wings appeared in front of him, Yun Luochen was shocked!

“Your… Your Magic Beasts? They’re both your Magic Beasts!” Yun Luochen’s shock made Little Fire extremely disdainful.
When Meatball screamed and pounced on Yun Feng’s shoulder, Yun Luochen screamed again, “This one too!” “What’s there to be surprised at?” said Qu Lanyi lazily.
“Xiao Feng,” said Yaoyao in a low voice as she leaned against Yun Feng.
Yun Luochen still hadn’t closed his mouth.
He looked at Yaoyao and then at Qu Lanyi.
“Who are you? Are you also a Magic Beast?” “Hahaha! Kid, you’re really funny!” A carefree laugh made Yun Luochen’s heart pound.
Yan Che suddenly patted Yun Luochen’s shoulder.
“Don’t forget to count me in.”

“They’re… They’re all Magic Beasts!” Yun Luochen was almost tongue-tied.
He couldn’t be blamed.
This was too unbelievable!

“Sissy, are you done yet? Didn’t you say that you’ll get lost once we get to the Ancestral Forest Hall?” Qu Lanyi shouted with an unpleasant look.
Yan Che chuckled.
“I only said the Ancestral Forest Hall.
I didn’t tell you which part of the Ancestral Forest Hall, transvestite!”

“Say that again!” Qu Lanyi’s handsome and alluring facial features immediately became twisted.
Yan Che patted his hand.
“Stupid transvestite.
If you want me to say that again, I’ll say it again as you wish.
Stupid transvestite.”

A beam of dazzling light whizzed past Yun Luochen’s head, and a few strands of Yun Luochen’s hair slowly fell in front of his eyes.
Qu Lanyi had already flashed over.
Yan Che laughed and dense black elements suddenly appeared around his body.
He immediately turned into a huge black sword and swept towards Qu Lanyi.
When the huge sword brushed past the tip of Yun Luochen’s nose, Yun Luochen’s entire body froze there.
Was his eyes deceiving him? That was the dark element! And that dazzling light, wasn’t that the light element?

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