Chapter 650 The Special Training Begins (2)

“M-Master, w-what should we do?”

The Li family’s leader’s face suddenly darkened.
“What should we do? I didn’t expect the Yun family to have such a person.
Where did she come from? Why didn’t I know about her in the past?” The Li family’s leader glanced at the dead body on the ground and snorted in disdain.
“He died quite quickly.
I don’t have to worry about him any longer.
Drag him away!” Under his command, two warriors immediately came up and dragged the appalling corpse away, so that it wouldn’t be an eyesore to the master.
At this moment, everyone’s heart couldn’t help but feel cold.
That was the master’s brother.
They didn’t expect the master to have such thoughts.


“It’s good that he’s dead.
He was a fool who couldn’t accomplish anything and could only ruin everything! If it weren’t for him, the Li family wouldn’t have provoked such a person!” What the Li family’s leader said was right.
His brother was indeed a fool.
He didn’t contribute anything to the family at all and instead caused a lot of trouble.
He originally thought that it was fine if he hooked up with a woman of the Yun family.
After all, it was an unranked family.
He never thought that he would cause such a huge trouble!

“Li Zhong!” The leader of the Li family roared furiously.
Li Zhong immediately shivered.
“Dad… Dad…”

The master of the Li family looked at Li Zhong with sharp eyes as his heart surged.
“You’re not allowed to go anywhere during this period of time.
Stay at home and focus on your cultivation!”

Li Zhong was stunned.
“What about Caihua…” If he didn’t get close to Shi Caihua, wouldn’t the Yun family beat him to her?

“Shi Caihua is nothing! Improve your level! If I’m not wrong, the Yun family will challenge the Li family soon.” What the Li family leader said made Li Zhong tense up.
In the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall, only the first batch of third-rank families were chosen through competition.
The other third-rank families had to fight for the qualification with their own ability! The unranked families could challenge the third-rank families at will.
There was no need to report the challenge at all, as long as the challenge was announced in public.
Once an unranked family defeated a third-rank family, the unranked family would replace the third-rank family.
All the rights and benefits that the original third-rank family had would naturally be handed over to the winner of the challenge!

Compared to the changes in the third-rank families, the changes of first-rank and second-rank families were more standardized and strict.
It should be said that the Ancestral Forest Hall didn’t value the third-rank families.
Whoever wanted to become one could become one as long as they had the strength.
If they didn’t, they would be out!

Once the Yun family challenged the Li family, the Li family had to accept it.
No matter how powerful the Li family was, they would lose everything once they lost their status.
Even if he married the woman of the Shi family now, it would be useless! So, he didn’t need to care about his relationship with Shi Caihua at all right now! The leader of the Li family thought that the Yun family’s attitude was probably the same.
At such a sensitive moment, who would be busy pleasing the Young Lady of a third-rank family? The most important thing was to improve their strength and protect their family’s honor!

There was an unwritten rule for the challenges of third-rank families.
Challenging was fine, but the two parties to fight must be the younger generation of the two families.
The competition of strength of the younger generation represented the potential of the family! So, the Li family’s representative was naturally Li Zhong, and the Yun family’s representative was naturally Yun Luochen! “Do whatever you can to improve yourself.
Don’t let me down!” said the Li family’s master in a deep voice.
Li Zhong was quite confident.
“Dad, don’t worry.
Yun Luochen’s potential isn’t as good as mine.
I’ll cultivate faster than him in the same period of time.
He won’t be my match! Even if the Yun family has such a powerful person, it’s impossible for her to let Yun Luochen climb three steps in a short time!”

The leader of the Li family nodded.
“Alright, go practice now.
Don’t think about anything else! Yun Feng won’t do anything.
We don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Yun Feng indeed couldn’t make a move easily.
She wasn’t acting alone right now.
She was a member of the Yun family.
Naturally, her every move represented the Yun family.
Even though she had the ability to make the Li family, and even the Shi family, disappear from Jushui Town overnight, Yun Feng couldn’t do that.
If a family wanted to rise to power, it definitely couldn’t rely on violence.

Yun Feng indeed had plans to let the Yun family replace the Li family in her mind.
The first step she wanted to do to let the Yun family rise was to make the Yun family the boss in Jushui Town! But before that, she had more important things to deal with, including eliminating this cancerous tumor in her hands.


In just a dozen seconds, Yun Feng had already dragged the woman back to the Yun family’s house with chains in her hand.
When she landed, the woman who was tied with chains also landed.
Her body fell from the sky.
Even though she didn’t suffer any fatal wounds, she was still badly injured.
The woman’s face was full of pain and confusion.
She wanted to shout, but couldn’t make a sound.

The woman made a loud noise when she landed on the ground.
The Yun family’s house wasn’t big to begin with, and such a commotion naturally attracted everyone’s attention.
Yun Feng stood there quietly and waited for everyone from the Yun family to come.
The woman who was tied up by chains kept struggling on the ground like a caterpillar.

“Sister!” A scream was heard.
A woman ran to her after seeing the woman who was tied up.
“Let go of her.
What are you doing?” This woman was Yun Tianfan’s younger brother’s wife.
She had a kind personality and couldn’t help but panic when she saw this woman.

Very soon, the few members of the Yun family came.
Yun Luochen was also surprised to see the woman on the ground, but he didn’t say anything.
He only looked at Yun Feng deeply.
This woman must have said something outrageous to make Yun Feng treat her like this.

Yun Tianfan and the other two brothers came.
They were all shocked to see the woman on the ground!

“What’s going on?” Yun Tianling didn’t look good.
After all, she was his wife.
It didn’t make sense for her to be brought back like this.
Even though Yun Feng’s identity was different, it was a bit too much to do this.
“Did she say something?” Yun Tianfan asked.
Yun Feng moved her hand and the Water Chains tightened.
The woman’s face immediately twisted, looking extremely scary! “What exactly do you want? Big brother, second brother! How can you allow her to do this? Even if my sister-in-law said something wrong, you shouldn’t treat her like this!” Yun Tianlin’s wife looked like she couldn’t bear to see this.
When she looked at Yun Feng, she was a bit angry.
“Little girl, why do you have to interfere with the Yun family’s business? You’re being even more outrageous!”

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