Chapter 644 The Name She Was Proud of (1)

The boss’s facial features were slightly twisted.
He could only laugh dryly.
“Alright, alright.
I won’t lie to you.
For any of the weapons you picked just then, 500 gold coins.” The difference was ten times.
The price was too low.
Yun Feng smiled and picked up the longsword that she liked first.
The boss’s expression changed when he saw that.
“I’m not selling this for 500 gold coins!” The boss wasn’t stupid.
He knew that this was the best weapon in his stock, so he certainly couldn’t sell it at this price.

“You are a businessman.
Integrity is the most important thing when doing business.” Yun Feng played with the longsword with a smile and looked at the boss with an inexplicable pressure in her eyes.
“You sold me a piece of junk for five thousand.
I think if other people know about this, you can forget about doing business in the future.” When the boss heard this, a layer of cold sweat couldn’t help but appear on his forehead.
When he sold things, he naturally had to take advantage of the customers.
This boss thought that Yun Feng didn’t know anything about goods and looked young, so he naturally thought that it would be a waste if he didn’t take advantage of her, but he didn’t expect that not only did he fail to take advantage of her, he had now become the person who was taken advantage of!

Under Yun Feng’s sharp pressure, the boss finally sold the longsword to Yun Feng for five hundred gold coins.
Yun Feng didn’t care how much the money was.
However, the boss’s random offers and thinking that she was an idiot made Yun Feng a bit dissatisfied.
People who schemed against Yun Feng were the ones who suffered in the end.

The boss was regretful, but there was nothing he could do.
If the news of his outrageous offers spread, he would really have no business to do.
After the deal was closed, Yun Feng finally realized that she didn’t have any gold coins on her.
There were a lot of ores, but not a single gold coin!

“You do have the money, don’t you?” The boss glanced at Yun Feng suspiciously.
Qu Lanyi almost burst into laughter.
Yun Feng, the powerful person on the East Continent and the famous figure in the Bright Moon Hall on the West Continent, didn’t even have a single gold coin! She was truly a “pauper”!

“Can I pay with ores?” Yun Feng asked in a low voice.
She hadn’t used gold coins for a long time.
After all, on the way here, she usually had to trade with ores.
She had already forgotten about gold coins.

The boss was stunned and looked at Yun Feng suspiciously.
His eyes were clearly saying, “Do you really have ores?” Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
The boss pointed forward.
There was an exchange area there where ores and gold coins could be exchanged.
Perhaps the prices on the West Continent were a bit different.

Yun Feng nodded.
“I’ll take this sword.
I still need to buy other things.
I’ll take it later.” The boss didn’t say anything, and he obviously didn’t believe Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was helpless.
She casually took out a mid-level ore and threw it to the boss.
The boss’s eyes almost popped out when he held it in his hand!

“Just consider it as a deposit.
Got it?”

The boss kept nodding.
This mid-level ore was worth a lot of money.
It looked even more expensive than this sword! The boss knew that he had made a fortune this time! Yun Feng then went to the exchange place and only gave away mid-level and low-level ores.
One mid-level ore was for a thousand gold coins.
Such an exchange rate was slightly lower than that on the East Continent.
It seemed that the West Continent had more ores than the East Continent.

Mid-level ores were already useless to Yun Feng.
It was impossible for her to exchange all of them even if she wanted to.
After all, Yun Feng had a lot of mid-level ores.
She only exchanged ten ores for ten thousand gold coins.
These gold coins were enough for Yun Feng to spend.
After exchanging the ores, Yun Feng directly entered the potion area.
She wanted to come and see if there were any potions that could improve Yun Luochen’s potentials.

Potions had a special function in this world.
The healing function of potions gradually declined and was even replaced by magic gradually.
Light elements and water elements could be used for healing, especially light elements.
Although potions also had the healing function, people who hadn’t suffered fatal injuries couldn’t think of using potions to heal themselves anymore.
Even though the healing function of the potions had declined, another function became more prominent and received people’s attention, which was strengthening.
Magic elements had healing effects, but only light elements had strengthening effects, and light elements were rare.
There were only a handful of light element mages.
As the potions became more powerful, the pharmacists tried their best to push the strengthening effects of the potions to the peak.
All kinds of strengthening potions appeared.

Yun Feng had come into contact with the strengthening effects of potions during the battle.
Both Kasa and Ouyang Hongyu had taken strengthening potions.
Their strengths had improved tremendously in a short period of time and even broke the limit of their levels! Even though it was only for a short period of time, it was still astonishingly powerful!

There were many types of strengthening potions.
Some were temporary and some were permanent, like the body-tempering solution Yun Feng got.
Of course, there were even more types.
Yun Feng came to the potion area to find a medicine that could permanently strengthen someone.
Its quality didn’t need to be very good and the effect didn’t need to be very strong either.
Even if it could only improve the target slightly, it would be good enough.
Yun Feng only wanted to give Yun Luochen a push.
He had to rely on himself for everything else.

After walking around for a while, Yun Feng was a bit disappointed.
There were indeed potions, but they were all unimportant ones.
Most of them were healing potions.
After all, potions that were linked to one’s potential were precious items even if they were ordinary.
There were more than twenty stalls in the potion area.
Yun Feng had already walked through more than a dozen of them.
The potions she saw were mostly the same.
Perhaps there weren’t any here… Yun Feng sighed helplessly.
When she walked to the last stall, Yun Feng was a bit surprised.

There were only three bottles of potions on the stand and they looked unique.
Compared to the dozen bottles in the other stalls, they were pitifully few.
The stall owner also sat aside indifferently, as if it didn’t matter to him if anyone bought them.

Yun Feng walked over and looked at the three bottles of potions.
The stall owner raised his eyes and didn’t even bother to greet her anymore.
This made Yun Feng suddenly remember that Ling Xiaoyun was like this at the Masang School of Magic’s trade fair.
He liked to ignore her.

“What kind of potion is this?” Yun Feng glanced at the three bottles of potions.
There were no labels on them.
Usually, the seller would put a label on the front of the potions so that the buyer could see it clearly.
The stall owner yawned lazily.
“I’ll tell you if you give me a satisfactory price.”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both stunned.
This was the first time they had seen such a thing! They had to offer a price first before they knew what they were buying.
Wouldn’t only fools accept such a deal? Yun Feng chuckled.
“You have your rules and I have mine.
I don’t do random business.”

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