Chapter 640 Unique (2)

“The Yun family is truly lucky to have you! If the headquarters of the Yun family knows of your existence, they’ll definitely be delighted!” Yun Tianfan looked at Yun Feng with relief and Yun Feng nodded.
“If I can help the headquarters of the Yun family, I’ll do my best!”

Yun Tianfan nodded.
“Then, the Yun family will depend on you!” His solemn words didn’t only remind Yun Feng of her responsibility, but also carried earnest hope!

“Father, I’ll try my best too!” Yun Luochen said, unwilling to be outdone.
Yun Tianfan, on the other hand, suddenly became cold.
“Why are you messing around with me? You’re too weak to contribute until you’re in your seventies? The Yun family won’t need you by then!”

What she said hurt Yun Luochen’s self-esteem.
His face was covered with a layer of dark clouds.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but say when she saw that, “Uncle Tianfan, Luochen is quite talented.
If he works hard and studies hard, he’ll become great sooner or later.”

Yun Tianfan didn’t say anything.
In the end, he patted Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“We can only do our best.
The Yun family’s hope is on you.”

Yun Luochen lowered his head and clenched his fists hard.
Yun Tianfan stood up.
“Do what you need to do with Shi Caihua.
Yun Feng may be a member of the Yun family, but she has her own things to do.
As my son, you have responsibilities that you can’t avoid.”

Yun Luochen lowered his head and accepted the task reluctantly.
After hearing this, Yun Feng suddenly understood.
Yun Tianfan and her sullen father were truly stubborn people.
Even if they revealed their identities to each other, even if they knew that she was also a member of the Yun family, this stubborn family’s master still wouldn’t rely on her.
To be exact, he didn’t want to trouble her.

“Uncle Tianfan, by calling you uncle, I won’t treat you as an outsider.
Are you still treating me like an outsider?” What Yun Feng said made Yun Tianfan’s body tremble slightly.
“When I learned that the blood of the Yun family existed on the East Continent, my father Yun Jing, my brother Yun Sheng and I were all looking forward to seeing our family.
I came to the West Continent from the East Continent not only to train myself, but also to find my family! Now that I’ve found them, why are you still treating me like an outsider? Isn’t your business my business?”

Yun Luochen slowly raised his head.
He was a bit surprised by what Yun Feng said.
Even though they were both surnamed Yun, they were from different continents after all.
They weren’t really familiar with her, right? They didn’t have anything in common except their surname!

“Yun Feng, the Yun family of the West Continent shouldn’t concern you.
You have more important things to do.”

Yun Feng only shook her head gently after hearing that.
“I do have something very important to do.
The most important thing for me is my family!” “I know you’re doing this for our own good, but…”

Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
Yun Tianfan was truly like her sullen father.
No matter how painful or difficult it was, he would rather grit his teeth and bear it alone.
Even if he couldn’t bear it, he had to!

“Uncle Tianfan, you’re truly like my father, Yun Jing.” There was a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
“I won’t stand by and do nothing.
I’ll definitely help the Yun family to the end as long as the Yun family needs me! Even though I was born in the Yun family on the East Continent, we’re both surnamed Yun.
We have the same blood flowing in our bodies.
We’ll suffer losses and be glorious together!”

Yun Tianfan was greatly shocked.
He gazed at the girl in front of him.
They had just met, but the blood of the Yun family flowing in their bodies tied them together! Even though they were separated for a long time, it couldn’t wash away the familiarity in the blood and the strong bond that was engraved in their bones!

Yun Tianfan didn’t insist anymore.
He touched Yun Feng’s head with trembling hands.
“Alright, thank you.”

Yun Feng put on a sweet smile and her black eyes had a clear glint.
“Uncle Tianfan, leave it to me.” Ever since the burden of the Yun family fell on Yun Feng’s shoulders, Yun Feng knew that the responsibility was heavy.
When she knew that there were still branches of the Yun family, Yun Feng also knew that she would find them sooner or later.
In her heart, the Yun family was her root.
She would do everything for the Yun family because she was a member of the Yun family and her surname was Yun!

The Yun family of Jushui Town in the Ancestral Forest Hall on the West Continent, an unimportant little family, welcomed an unexpected visitor today, and embarked on a new journey.

Since Yun Feng decided to take on the responsibility of the Yun family on the West Continent, she certainly had to change the current situation of the Yun family.
Judging from the place where the Yun family lived, Yun Feng knew that the Yun family in Jushui Town was in a similar situation to the Yun family in Chunfeng Town back then, and it was a bit different.

Back then, the Yun family of Chunfeng Town had been maliciously suppressed, but the Yun family of Jushui Town had gradually declined since a long time ago.
It could be said that they had never shown off their talents from the beginning to the end.
Yun Tianfan explained the current situation of the Yun family in detail, without hiding anything at all.
Even though it was a bit embarrassing to say it out loud, Yun Tianfan told her everything truthfully.
The Yun family was an unranked family.
In other words, the Yun family was the kind of small family that had the least status and the least power in the Ancestral Forest Hall.
An unranked family could be said to be a disgrace.
There were many families in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
There was also a clear division between the families.
From the fourth rank to the first rank, most families were at the fourth rank.
The better ones were at the third rank, followed by the second rank, followed by the first-rank families with the most influence and power.

There were many fourth-rank families.
The third-rank families were the leaders of every village and town.
The second-rank families were the tyrants in larger cities.
The first-rank families were the core families that lived in the headquarters of the Ancestral Forest Hall.

There was a huge difference in the privileges of every rank.
It was like a strictly hierarchical world.
There were huge differences in every world, and the treatment they enjoyed was also different.
The unranked families were completely excluded.
They were all small and weak families.
These small families could only rise by building a relationship with some other families or having an astonishing genius.
However, these two situations were very rare.
The Yun family of Jushui Town had its glorious times too, but it had only reached the third rank.
Then, it began to decline constantly.
It went from the third rank to the fourth rank, and then it was squeezed out of the fourth rank, all the way to its current level, where it had been stuck for many years.

Although Yun Tianfan was very calm when he talked about this experience and his expression didn’t change much, Yun Feng noticed the bitterness and pain in his eyes.
This family master was even younger than Yun Jing and the Yun family he took over was in a much worse situation than Yun Jing’s.
The Yun family in Chunfeng Town had at least had such glorious moments.
At the very least, the family had a strong foundation and even had a summoner ancestor.
However, the Yun family in Jushui Town had nothing.
The highest level was the third rank, which was nothing.
The wealth of the family was also used up in these years.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be living in such a dilapidated house.

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