Chapter 63: Unique Way of Fighting

The level-6 warrior could only smile wryly at this moment.
He would never have thought that Yun Feng would have a level comparable to him no matter what.
She had reached level 6 at such an age? How would such a genius be able to stay in Chunfeng Town in obscurity without being discovered by anyone? The level-6 warrior couldn’t understand it no matter how hard he thought about it.
Perhaps nobody would know why.

Yun Feng also pondered for a while.
A level-6 warrior was indeed different.
Even though he was just at the early stage, the power she released wasn’t enough for her to kill him with one attack anymore.
If she couldn’t kill him with one attack, they would be locked in a stalemate.
She wasn’t a real warrior.
Apart from her strong body, she didn’t have anything else.
So it would be a knotty problem if they went into a stalemate.

The two of them looked at each other like that for a few seconds, thinking quickly in their minds about how they could defeat their opponent.
That level-5 warrior dared not make any moves.
After all, he saw clearly how the other level-5 warrior died earlier.

Yun Feng thought for a while and suddenly gave a smile.
This smile gave the level-6 warrior a chill down his spine.
Why was this girl smiling… And she even looked so creepy!

The reason why Yun Feng was smiling right now was certainly because she had come up with an idea.
When facing a real warrior, it was impossible for her to win by fighting with him continuously.
A warrior didn’t only have a strong body, but also powerful combat techniques! When he used those combat techniques, his power would directly increase a few levels.
If the level-6 warrior in front of Yun Feng used his combat techniques, even Yun Feng could hardly resist at this moment.
The only way she had right now was not letting him use the combat techniques!

It might be a tie comparing how strong their bodies were, but Yun Feng wasn’t an ordinary person.
She was a mage, a mage who could mobilize elements! The thoughts in her head kept spinning.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but become slightly thrilled.
This was a new strategy she came up with when she fought with Lin Meng, a combination of elemental force and way of attacking!

Once Yun Feng had an idea, her mental strength gushed out.
The blue water element merged with Yun Feng’s mental strength constantly and perfectly combined together in the end.
Although she didn’t have a high understanding of the water element, this was already enough for her to quickly slow a warrior down and stop him from mobilizing the fighting energy in his body!

The level-6 warrior had already noticed something was wrong with his sensitive intuition, so he didn’t remain silent anymore.
He abruptly mobilized the fighting energy around his body and gradually gathered it in his palm, creating a buzzing sound.
Clearly, he was using his combat techniques!

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth kept expanding and she clenched her fists even tighter.
She wouldn’t give him time to use any combat technique! Her body suddenly moved forward, creating a gust of wind.
When the level-6 warrior saw Yun Feng punching again, he couldn’t help but smile wryly.
This girl only knew how to use her fists? That was truly a waste of her strength!

The level-6 warrior took Yun Feng’s punch like he did just now.
However, the moment the two of them had physical contact, the level-6 warrior abruptly widened his black eyes, looking at Yun Feng like she was a monster.
Yun Feng smiled gently as her body moved back.
There was a faint dash of blue color floating around her fist, appearing indistinctly.

“You… You are…” The level-6 warrior looked at Yun Feng in fear.
The moment their fists touched, an air current that was as cold as ice went into his body like crazy, directly enveloping his Qi meridians! The level-6 warrior felt like he was in a world of ice at this moment.
His limbs gradually became numb.
He desperately activated his fighting energy, but the fighting energy was in the Qi meridians covered by ice and couldn’t move anymore!

That girl was a mage! How was that possible? Besides, how would a mage have such a strong body? Didn’t mages use magic? When did they start using such a way of fighting?

Looking at the confused, doubtful and fearful gaze of the level-6 warrior, Yun Feng smiled slightly.
This was her unique way of fighting that belonged only to her, Yun Feng.
It was a perfect combination of elemental force and physical combat.
Yun Feng was the only person on the entire continent who fought like this!

Warriors and mages belonged to two different systems.
Although both parties didn’t know much about each other’s profession, they knew their basic way of fighting.
Warriors relied on their bodies and combat techniques, while mages relied on magic!

Which warrior knew magic? None! Which mage knew how to fight with their fists? None! The level-6 warrior had never heard of anything like this, but it was all shown in front of his eyes right now!

The level-6 warrior was dumbfounded.
He didn’t understand it no matter how hard he thought about it.
When the two of them fought, that girl indeed had powers comparable to his.
She couldn’t possibly be a mage! Because of the system of the East Continent, there were very few mages, let alone someone who was a warrior and a mage at the same time.
How would that be possible? Being able to become a mage didn’t necessarily mean that the person had the potential to practice to become a warrior.
This was the truth people in the world knew, but it was completely subverted at this moment!

“How is this possible…” The body of the level-6 warrior froze as he mumbled.
His eyes gazed at Yun Feng in fear.
He only thought that everything was too unacceptable!

Yun Feng looked at the level-6 warrior and knew that he was stunned right now.
She smiled coldly, “Do you still want to continue?”

After seeing the situation before his eyes, the other level-5 warrior was drenched in cold sweat right away.
Fuck, that girl knocked down a level-6 warrior as well! What kind of power was that? Who exactly did the Lin family provoke? If they had known that she was such a genius, he wouldn’t have come even if he was offered an astounding amount of money!

The eyes of the level-6 warrior darkened.
He immediately knew that it was already impossible for him to compare to this little girl with his strength.
Such creepy talent, such a creepy genius, how would people like him be able to resist? Thinking of the two level-5 warriors who went to attack Yun Jing, the face of the level-6 warrior instantly darkened and he shouted at that level-5 warrior who was already dumbfounded a long time ago, “Tell them not to lay a hand on Yun Jing, not even a touch!”

The level-5 warrior froze for a second and immediately reacted.
He rolled, crawled and ran over right away, hoping that those two fools still hadn’t done anything yet.
If Yun Jing was hurt, they would probably not be able to leave this place alive today!

Yun Feng sneered.
This man was pretty smart.
He knew that if something happened to her father, they would be dead as well.
The level-6 warrior cupped his hand in the other before his chest in front of Yun Feng.
Even though he was old enough to be Yun Feng’s uncle, he dared not to pose as one.

“Yun Feng, my little friend, we’re only paid to do our job.
We don’t hold any grudge towards the Yun family.
Please show some mercy and forgive us for the sake of our brother whom you’ve already killed.”

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