Chapter 637 Meeting (5)

“Luochen.” A serious voice came from outside the door.
Yun Luochen jumped off the bed and opened the door.
A tall and slim man stood outside with a handsome face.
“Father.” Yun Luochen called softly.
The tall and slim man walked in with a frown.

“You went out with Shi Caihua?” asked the tall, slim man.
Yun Luochen nodded and sat on the bed with his head lowered.

“How’s your relationship with Shi Caihua?” asked the tall, slim man again.
Yun Luochen frowned.
“Same old.”

The tall and slim man didn’t say anything else.
After a long time, he sighed slightly.
“Luochen, I know it’s a bit inappropriate for you to do this, but for the future of the Yun family, this is the only way… You must establish a good relationship with Shi Caihua.
If possible, you should…”

“Father!” Yun Luochen, who was sitting on the bed, finally raised his head.
There was a painful look on his young face.
“You can use me.
After all, I’m your son.
There’s nothing wrong with asking me to do what you want! But why did you sell out your son in exchange for a friendship with the Shi family? If the Yun family doesn’t have the ability to go that far, why bother trying? I really don’t understand.
Father, why…”

“Pa!” A clear slap sounded in the air.
Yun Luochen sat there with a burning pain on one side of his face.
The tall and slim man raised his hand with a look of suppressing his anger on his face.
Although he was suppressing the anger in his heart, he had already swung his hand down.

Yun Luochen raised his head in a daze and looked at his father.
The tall and slim man had a cold look on his face.
“Yun Luochen, don’t forget what your surname is.
As a member of the Yun family, throw that thought out of your mind! The Yun family doesn’t have the strength right now, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t have it in the future!”

“Then why…” Yun Luochen mumbled.
If they were so ambitious, why did he have to get close to someone he didn’t like? He was asked to get close to Shi Caihua and even say that he liked her against his will! What was that?

“You don’t have to get close to Shi Caihua anymore.
The Yun family doesn’t need you!” After saying that, the tall and slim man walked out.
Yun Luochen sat on the bed in a daze and looked somewhere in a daze.
What did his father mean just then? The Yun family didn’t need him anymore? Yun Luochen kept thinking in his mind.
His body suddenly fell on the bed behind him, stirring up a bit of dust.
He put his hands in front of his eyes and pressed them hard.
Yun Luochen suddenly felt that his eyes were a bit sore.
The Yun family… didn’t need him anymore?


“We meet again.” A clear voice suddenly appeared in the room.
Yun Luochen shivered and immediately sat up from the bed.
When he saw clearly that the person who appeared in front of him was the beautiful girl just then, Yun Luochen blushed.
“W-Why are you here?” Yun Luochen looked at Yun Feng in shock.
He didn’t hear the sound of the door opening.
She seemed to have appeared here silently! Yun Feng smiled and looked around the room.
When she came in just then, she had already looked around the house.
It was very dilapidated and there were more than a dozen people living in it.
Obviously, the family’s financial situation and social status should be a bit embarrassing.
If this was really the branch of the Yun family she was looking for, Yun Feng would really feel heartbroken.
“Yun Luochen.” Yun Feng called Yun Luochen’s name.
Yun Luochen nodded dazedly.
He didn’t know what Yun Feng was going to do, but he had a feeling in his mind that Yun Feng wouldn’t hurt him.
Yun Feng didn’t know what to say for a moment.
How should she find out if this Yun family was the Yun family she was looking for?


“Did your father tell you anything about the Yun family?” Yun Feng asked casually.
Hearing that, Yun Luochen suddenly looked vigilant.
“Why do you ask?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
It seemed that Yun Luochen’s father must’ve said something, considering that he was so vigilant.
“You don’t have to be so vigilant against me.
If you’re really the person I’m looking for, we have a deep relationship.”

Yun Luochen blushed after hearing that.
“W-What are you talking about? The Yun family has nothing! If you want money and treasures, I’m afraid your hope will be dashed!”

Yun Feng was delighted to hear this and laughed.
“Aren’t you going to ask my name?”

Yun Luochen was stunned.
“Your name? Why should I ask your name? Your name doesn’t have anything to do with me…” What was it? Yun Luochen wanted to continue, but what Yun Feng said made him completely speechless.

“My name is Yun Feng.” Yun Feng said indifferently as she looked straight into Yun Luochen’s eyes.
At that moment, she seemed to see something familiar in the young man’s eyes.
Yun Luochen was stunned.
He looked at Yun Feng and couldn’t react for a moment.
“W-What did you say your name is?”

“Yun Feng.” Yun Feng said her name clearly and firmly.
Yun Luochen’s black eyes widened abruptly as he stood up from the bed.
“Y-You… Your surname is Yun!” Yun Luochen blushed again.
Yun Feng chuckled and nodded when she saw how excited he was.

Yun Luochen suddenly jumped off the bed, opened the door and ran out.
Yun Feng sat there and didn’t react for a moment.
She was about to get up and chase after him, when she saw Yun Luochen running back anxiously with another man.
The person he dragged was a tall and slim man.

Yun Feng slowly sat back on the chair and looked at the tall and skinny man.
Yun Feng only needed to glance at him to know that this man had the same temperament as her sullen father.
That stubborn personality that seeped into his bones.
Although this man was a bit younger than her sullen father, the firmness between his brows didn’t lose to her sullen father’s at all!

“What are you doing?” The tall, skinny man, who was dragged here by force, looked at Yun Luochen angrily.
Yun Luochen didn’t look any better.
The tall, skinny man suddenly saw Yun Feng, and Yun Feng nodded at him with a smile.
The tall, skinny man was startled for a moment, and then put on a defensive look.
“Luochen, who is she?”

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Yun Luochen closed the door gloomily.
“I want to ask you.
Who is she? She said her surname is Yun.
Father, I didn’t know you had a daughter!”

After hearing that, the tall and slim man was stunned, and so was Yun Feng.
Yun Luochen stood there with a gloomy face and boiling fury in his eyes.
“My mother died not long ago, and this daughter of yours has popped up! You betrayed my mother! You don’t deserve to be the leader of the Yun family!”

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