Chapter 633 Meeting (1)

Yun Feng didn’t run into any guards of the four empires as she did on the East Continent.
Instead, she directly entered the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
She unfolded the map that the Master of the Bright Moon Hall gave her.
Even though the markings on the map were vague, they directed Yun Feng.

To know more about the Ancestral Forest Hall, she must ask the locals.
Yun Feng glanced at the map.
They were currently in the southern border of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
There was a border town nearby, Jushui Town.

Yun Feng led the way in the front and flew through the air.
There was a dense forest under her feet.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of her hometown, Chunfeng Town.
Chunfeng Town was also adjacent to such a dense forest and located on the border.
Thinking of her hometown, Yun Feng couldn’t help but think of many people that she had always missed.

Her sullen father, her brother, Yun Sheng, and Mu Xiaojin, who was already pregnant.
Yun Feng didn’t return to the West Continent immediately after receiving the body-tempering solution, because it was very dangerous to cross the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range in the middle of the East Continent.
It wasn’t as simple as crossing a normal mountain range! Besides, the body-tempering solution could only be put to use when a child was born.
It was useless even if she gave it to her brother and Xiaojin right now.
If someone with ulterior motives found out about it again, it would undoubtedly cause trouble for her brother and the others.
After all, Yun Feng couldn’t stay on the East Continent for long.
She had things she couldn’t wait to do on the West Continent.
She didn’t find any clues on Mu Canghai’s resurrection and the other branches of the Yun family in the Bright Moon Hall, which made Yun Feng very anxious in her mind.

She hoped that she could give Mu Xiaojin a surprise before she gave birth.
She hoped that the newborn would have a complete family, not just her father and mother, but also her uncle who had been reborn.
Of course, there was also the branch of the Yun family.
Yun Feng hoped that she could tell her father and brother when she returned to the East Continent that they had other relatives.

Yun Feng didn’t go back.
She had to keep searching.
There was still more than half a year to go until Mu Xiaojin gave birth.
During this time, she hoped that she could find something.
She had a short communication with her brother and Mu Xiaojin, and they both had the same attitude.
They didn’t want Yun Feng to come back in a hurry and asked her to mind her business first, which made Yun Feng feel gratified and touched in her heart.

However, she would definitely be there when the baby was born.
That was the child of the Yun family, the continuation of the bloodline of the Yun family.
She wanted to give this child the best.

The group of people flew across the sky.
The dense forest under their feet was green and long.
Yun Feng glanced down and only saw a few black shadows flashing in the forest.
Yun Feng raised her brows slightly and didn’t think much of it.
However, the roars of a Magic Beast immediately followed.

This roar was extremely furious and violent.
As a summoner, Yun Feng had dealt with Magic Beasts more than others.
Even though she didn’t understand the roar, Yun Feng knew that this Magic Beast was on the verge of meltdown.
Little Fire and Lan Yi next to her both looked gloomy.
Yaoyao, who was in Yun Feng’s arms, also looked slightly ferocious.
“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Yun Feng suddenly stopped in the air, Qu Lanyi came to Yun Feng’s side.
When he saw that the few Magic Beasts all looked like this, Qu Lanyi was a bit surprised.
Yan Che also rushed over casually.
“Why do you all look like this? It’s just the roar of a Magic Beast! Yun Feng, as a summoner, are you scared?” Yan Che smiled casually.
Little Fire roared in frustration, “Human, shut up!”

Yan Che was slightly stunned, and then became a bit angry.
Yun Feng glanced at Yan Che and signaled him to stop talking.
“Lan Yi, what did that Magic Beast say?”.

Lan Yi’s handsome face was gloomy.
He stared down with his blue eyes and the roar of the Magic Beast sounded again.
“It said, give my child back to me.”

As she heard this, Yun Feng’s heart suddenly ached.
Qu Lanyi’s expression became much colder.
Yan Che laughed dryly and scratched his head, not saying anything else.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She had already rushed down quickly and disappeared into the dense greenness in the blink of an eye.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately followed her.
Streaks of dark red and green followed Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi and Yan Che stood in the air.
Yan Che looked at Yun Feng’s back.
“She’s too emotional.
That’s just a Magic Beast, not human.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“So what? Are humans unique and superior? In this world, humans are equal to other races.” Yan Che burst into laughter.
“Qu Lanyi, I didn’t expect that you not only look like a girl, but also have the same thoughts as a girl.” Qu Lanyi smiled indifferently.
“Are all dark mages as cold-blooded as you?” Yan Che said with a mischievous smile, “I also want to know.
Are all light-element mages as murderous as you?”

“You’ll have a chance to find out.” After saying that, Qu Lanyi turned around and chased after Yun Feng.
Yan Che burst into laughter in the air and quickly caught up with him.
He really wanted to have a real fight with Qu Lanyi.
Light and darkness had always been sworn enemies.
His heart was constantly stirred.
This might be fate.

Yun Feng rushed into the forest quickly and the roars of the Magic Beast sounded abruptly.
Yun Feng identified the direction and chased after the Magic Beast crazily.
Little Fire and Lan Yi also followed behind Yun Feng with bad expressions.
Gradually, Yun Feng saw a cheetah with purple stripes running wildly in the forest.
It was chasing three figures, who were running at a rather unstable speed.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly and saw that one of the girls was holding a poor Magic Beast cub!

When Little Fire and Lan Yi saw the captured cub, the two Magic Beasts became obviously irritable and enraged.
Yun Feng immediately ordered the two of them not to do anything, and rushed forward abruptly, stopping the three fleeing figures.

“Stop!” Yun Feng’s sudden appearance gave the three fleeing figures a fright.
The only girl among them screamed in fear.
The other two boys also turned pale when they saw her.
The three of them thought it was another Magic Beast.
When they saw that it was a human being, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

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