“Got it.
Thank you for your reminder, Hall Master.
I’ll be on my way.” Yun Feng cupped her hands at the Hall Master and bid farewell to the other first-rate families’ masters, before she left.
The Hall Master and the other first-rate families’ masters watched her leave, while Yan Ming and Yun Feng walked out of the city together.

“I’ll walk you out of the city.” Yan Ming smiled casually.
Being promoted to the guardian position made him look even more handsome and tall.
The unique temperament that he didn’t exude before was also completely shown.
Although Qu Lanyi was a bit unhappy on the side, he didn’t say anything.

After reaching the city gate, Yun Feng stopped.
Yan Ming stood opposite her, as if he wanted to say something.
Yan Che rolled his eyes and pulled Qu Lanyi aside.
“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Qu Lanyi roared furiously, but Yan Che didn’t let go of him.
Yan Ming smiled gratefully, and Yun Feng knew that Yan Ming had something to say.

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