When Yun Feng left Canglan City, Yan Ming came to see her off, and so did the Hall Master.
What Yun Feng didn’t expect was that the leaders of the first-rate families also came to see her off.
“Yun Feng, why are you leaving so soon?”

“That’s right, Yun Feng.
You should stay in the Bright Moon Hall for a while longer so that we can get to know each other better!”

The three old guys were extremely enthusiastic about Yun Feng.
They only shut up after the Hall Master snorted.
The Hall Master walked over and gave Yun Feng something.
Yun Feng took it in her hand.
It was a small long box and a scroll.

“This is a rough map of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
It’ll be helpful for you.”

Yun Feng opened the scroll and saw that the main area of the Ancestral Forest Hall was illustrated on it.
This map was useful for her.
Yun Feng put away the map and thanked the Hall Master.
There was also a small box that Yun Feng didn’t know what was inside.
“This box contains the Finger Spiritual Jade.
Once it takes in someone’s aura, it’ll be able to tell the direction and distance of that person.” After saying that, the other family leaders couldn’t help but exclaim, “The Finger Spiritual Jade?! That’s from the Ling family.
Even the Ling family only has three of them.
Master, why did you…”

“The Ling family…” Yun Feng suddenly felt that this surname was a bit familiar.
Ling… She seemed to have heard it somewhere before!

There was a hint of reluctance in the Hall Master’s eyes.
Giving it to Yun Feng was the same as cutting off his own flesh, but he couldn’t gain returns if he didn’t invest! “What are you arguing about? Even if it’s something even more precious, giving it to Yun Feng can be considered making the best use of it! It’s not useful to me, so you should keep it, Yun Feng! As for the Ling family, they’re a famous family to make dimension containers on the West Continent.
Don’t you know, Yun Feng?”

Dimension containers… The Ling family… Wait! A sloppy face flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
Qu Lanyi exclaimed, “It’s him!”

The two of them looked at each other.
The Ling family, the messy young man they met at Masang School of Magic, the one who only cared about leveling up and didn’t care about anything else, wasn’t his surname Ling?

“Ling Xiaoyun.” Yun Feng said the name in a low voice.
The Hall Master couldn’t help but look gloomy.
“Yun Feng, do you know Ling

Xiaoyun of the Ling family?”

Yun Feng raised her head in surprise.
Was Ling Xiaoyun not an ordinary person? Was he one of the elites of the Ling family? That explained why Ling Xiaoyun had a lot of space containers! But why would a famous member of the Ling family in the West Continent come to the East Continent and become an ordinary student in the Masang School of Magic?

“I don’t know her.
I’ve only heard of her name.
We’re also curious about who she is.
Is she another genius?” said Qu Lanyi on the side.
The Hall Master couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
The few first-rate masters also did.
Seeing their looks, Yun Feng was even more confused.

Yan Ming chuckled.
“Let me explain it to you.
The Ling family is famous on the West Continent for producing space containers.
Many of the space containers used on the East Continent were passed down from the West Continent.
The Finger Spiritual Jade in your hand is something that the Ling family is proud of.
The Ling family only has three of them, and they belong to the masters of the three halls.

Nobody else has any.
The Ling family has a very high status on the

West Continent and is also a big shot in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
Apart from the space containers that are famous on the continent, the Ling family also has another name that people have to fear, Ling Xiaoyun.”

Yan Ming smiled in a weird way.
Yun Feng remembered Ling Xiaoyun from the Masang School of Magic a few years ago.
That man had a cold personality.
During the society ranking contest, that man only cared about himself and didn’t participate at all.
Of course, Yun Feng was the one who wanted him to join the Constellation Society.
Perhaps, in Ling Xiaoyun’s eyes, everything in the outside world had nothing to do with him.

“Ling Xiaoyun of the Ling family is famous on the Western Continent.
He’s the famous loser of the Ling family.” Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both shocked after hearing what Yan Ming said.
He wasn’t a genius, but… a loser?!

“Everyone in the Ling family has a special ability to sense space.
It can be said that the Ling family can use the power of space without the restriction of strength.
And Ling Xiaoyun is the first person in the history of the Ling family to have no ability to sense space.
He is the stain in the history of the Ling family and the only one.”

“Ling Xiaoyun has been the shame of the Ling family.
The Ling family wanted to keep Ling Xiaoyun a secret, but the news was leaked and the Ling family’s ability was questioned.
At that time, the Ling family was at a low point.
Naturally, Ling Xiaoyun became the culprit.’

“Everyone in the West Continent knew how useless Ling Xiaoyun of the Ling family was.
It’s a disgrace for him to stay in the family as such a loser.
He’d remind the members of the Ling family all the time.
That’s his own stain! So, less than two years after Ling Xiaoyun was born, this loser disappeared from the Ling family.” Yan Ming couldn’t help but laugh in self-mockery.
“He disappeared.
The members of the

Ling family said that Ling Xiaoyun went missing.
Some said that Ling Xiaoyun was killed by the members of the Ling family, and some said that Ling Xiaoyun was exiled to a place where the Ling family didn’t care about his life anymore.”

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Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both a bit shocked after hearing that.
Yun Feng seemed to understand why Ling Xiaoyun was in such a state.
There was also a black hole in his mind.
He was trying his best to level up so that he could become stronger and get rid of the title of a loser sooner!

“It’s been many years.
I don’t know whether Ling Xiaoyun is alive or not.
Nobody in the Ling family cares about him.
After all, their reputation in the West Continent has been restored.
Apart from Ling Xiaoyun, the other members of the Ling family all have special understanding of space.
It can be said that Ling Xiaoyun’s disappearance made the Ling family feel that the stain has disappeared.

“Cough, cough!” The Hall Master interrupted Yan Ming.
“Yun Feng, the

Ling family has a special ability.
They’re special in the Ancestral Forest Hall because of this special ability, you should keep a low profile with the Ling family, especially not get involved in its family affairs.”

Yun Feng chuckled.
She didn’t have time to care about the Ling family’s internal affairs.
Although Ling Xiaoyun’s life was a bit tragic, he certainly had the ability to settle this grudge himself, considering how hard he worked at Masang School of Magic.
She didn’t have time to interfere..

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