Chapter 630 Unable to Speak (3)

“Hall Master, are you here to say goodbye?” asked Qu Lanyi casually.
The Hall Master chuckled, feeling a bit uncomfortable facing Qu Lanyi.
“How can I not say goodbye when my young friend is going so far away?” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall chuckled with a serious expression.
“I’m here to tell you, Yun Feng.
I might not be able to help you much when you go to the Ancestral Forest Hall.”

Hearing that, Yun Feng was more or less surprised.
Even though she didn’t intend to ask the Master of the Bright Moon Hall to help her to begin with, she still felt a bit strange when he said that.
The status of the three Hall Masters on the Western Continent was similar.
The three Hall Masters were equal.
Was the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall superior to the Master of the Bright Moon Hall?

“The three halls are equal.
Naturally, the three Hall Masters have the same status, but the temper of the other two is rather weird.
If you want to go to the Thousand Snow Hall, Yun Feng, I can at least say something for you.
The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master will give me some face.
However, the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall isn’t like that at all.” There was already a hint of resentment in the tone of the Hall Master when he said this.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi understood after hearing that.
It seemed that the Hall Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall wouldn’t give this guy any face.


“The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall is a weird person.
He doesn’t like to deal with people and he’s extremely pedantic and petty! If I tell him to take care of Yun Feng, he’ll probably do the opposite.
In order not to cause trouble for Yun Feng, I’d better not say anything.” After hearing that, Yun Feng chuckled.
“You’re worrying too much, Hall Master.
I don’t plan to trouble you when I go to the Hall of Forests this time.
I’ll rely on myself for everything.” The Lord of the Bright Moon Hall laughed dryly.
He seemed to be very incompetent.
He was a hall master after all, yet he couldn’t do such a small thing.
However, there was nothing he could do.
Whenever he thought of that guy from the Ancestral Forest Hall, the Master of the Bright Moon Hall felt uncomfortable in his heart.
He didn’t want to deal with that guy at all!

“Yun Feng, the demography of the Ancestral Forest Hall is the most complicated among the three halls.
It can be said that the Ancestral Forest Hall is a place where people come and go.
There are all kinds of weird people! You must be careful, Yun Feng.
Battles can be seen everywhere in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
The leader of the Ancestral Forest Hall is a war fanatic.
He’s the one who started the conflict between the three halls.” After saying that, the Hall Master looked like he was having a headache.
Yun Feng also frowned slightly.
The Ancestral Forest Hall seemed to be a place of trouble.
If fighting happened frequently there, it wouldn’t be rare for people to die or kill people.

“If you need anything, feel free to tell me!” The Hall Master said generously in the end.
Yun Feng smiled.
“There’s no need for that! I’ve already benefited enough from the information you gave me!”

The Hall Master heaved a sigh of relief.
“When do you plan to leave, Yun Feng? I can send you


Originally, Yun Feng didn’t want to let the Hall Master send her off.
She felt that she wasn’t so close to the Bright Moon Hall.
“There’s no need for that.
You must be very busy.”

The Hall Master immediately burst into laughter.
“Yun Feng, don’t be so courteous! It’s only right that I send you off.
I hope you can put in a good word for me in front of Zhan Li.”

Yun Feng understood.
It turned out that the reason why the Master of the Bright Moon Hall was so attentive was because of Uncle Zhan? She chuckled and nodded.
She wondered if she could meet Zhan Li.
Judging from the Master of the Bright Moon Hall’s attitude, that Uncle Zhan shouldn’t be a nobody.


“Haha, that’s everything.
Yun Feng, have a good rest.” The Hall Master turned around and left, looking quite delighted.
Yun Feng’s arrival unexpectedly cleared the knot in his heart completely.
He didn’t even need to do anything and the Ouyang family was removed.
How wonderful was that? With the Yan family and someone as meticulous as Yan Ming, things were developing in a good direction that he had never foreseen.
Yun Feng, the strong person, was leaving now.
Wouldn’t that be great?

The Hall Master rushed back with a satisfied look.
That kid Yan Ming†Perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to let him be his son-in-lawâ€) Only such a person could control that unruly and willful daughter of his.
Hm, this was a good idea.
Then, it wouldn’t be impossible for the Yan family to rise in power!

After the Hall Master left, Qu Lanyi asked softly, “Who exactly is your self-proclaimed father?”

“I also want to know who that uncle is.
I only know that he’s a member of the upper echelons of the Mercenary Union on the East Continent.
I didn’t expect him to have a connection with the West Continent and even make the three Hall Masters so fearful.”

Both of them thought for a while in silence.
“Never mind.
It’s useless to think too much.” Yun Feng said.
Yaoyao seemed to be asleep in her arms.
She closed her eyes and breathed steadily.
Gentle water elements slowly rose from Yun Feng’s palm and covered Yaoyao’s entire body.
The corners of the little girl’s mouth curled up comfortably and her little body moved gently, looking like she was enjoying herself.

“Yaoyao can talk now.
She’s already grown up.” Qu Lanyi looked at Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms and said indifferently.

Yun Feng nodded.
Even though the shape of Yaoyao’s human form hadn’t changed, she was already growing.
Yun Feng just didn’t know if her growth of strength was gradual, or if it would soar rapidly, or if she needed an opportunity.

“When are you going to contract her?”

Yun Feng looked at the girl who was sound asleep in her arms.
“There’s no rush.
Let’s wait for her to grow up for a while.
It’s still too early for her.”

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“If the Western Continent is really like what the Hall Master said, Yaoyao will have a higher chance of being poached.
Once she shows her true form as a sea demon, it’ll cause a huge commotion! If we don’t contract with her right now, trouble will arise in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.”

Yun Feng’s lips curled up as she brushed the hair of the sleeping girl in her arms.
The corners of Yaoyao’s mouth curled up gently with a sweet smile.
“Lanyi, if I contract Yaoyao right now, it’ll only hurt her.
She’s still young.
I can wait.
It’s impossible for anyone to take her away from me.” Yun Feng raised her head, and her clear black eyes glittered.
Qu Lanyi chuckled softly.
“Alright, it’s up to you.
Yaoyao is so clingy to you that others may not be able to take her away.
Sea demons are cruel by nature.
Yaoyao is only so docile when you’re around.
She’s very fierce to others.”

Yun Feng chuckled and held the girl in her arms even tighter.
The Ancestral Forest Hall†If that place was truly a place of trouble, the real problem she was facing had just begun!

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