Chapter 62: Start of the Fight

“Yun Feng, I can’t believe you, the bastard are really something.” A vicious voice sounded.
A man with a pale face and red eyes walked out, staring at Yun Feng with a hint of craziness in his eyes, as if he was trying to tear her to pieces with his gaze.

Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes.
Seeing the man’s expression, it wasn’t hard for her to guess who he was.
Apart from Lin Meng’s father, Lin Sen, even though the other members of the Lin family also hated her so much that they gritted their teeth, there shouldn’t be anyone else who held such a grudge against her.

“The Lin family have only themselves to blame.
You reap what you sow.” Yun Feng replied coldly with an extremely indifferent look.
She didn’t take Lin Sen’s anger seriously at all.

“What a sharp-tongued bastard.
If I don’t kill you today, I won’t be able to vent my anger! Only your life can give me relief from Xiao Meng’s death!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“Just with your strength of early-level 3?”

A hint of anger flashed through Lin Sen’s face.
The Lin family had always been the worst in terms of strength.
This was a fact they must admit! “Gentlemen, take this bastard down.
The Lin family will give you double remuneration after that!”

Once Lin Sen said this, a glint of greed flashed in the eyes of all the other people.
The Lin family had offered them quite a large amount of money already this time, and now, they were going to get double remuneration again.
This was truly a good deal!

The fierceness of the three of them rose once again.
The early-level 6 man glanced at Yun Feng.
Even though he couldn’t detect this little girl’s level, she only had the strength of at most level 4, according to the Lin family.
There was no way she had a higher level.
If she was already beyond level 4, how would she still be in Chunfeng Town with such genius talent?

“Kid, don’t blame us.
We’re just being paid to do this.” The level-6 man licked his lips and chuckled.
The other two level-5 warriors also took out the weapons they brought with them.
Their level-6 and level-5 fighting energy rose to the top and a wave of fierceness shrouded the surroundings.
Lin Sen couldn’t bear such power at all.
He had already stepped out of the range of battle, staring at Yun Feng with viciousness in his eyes.
He was thinking about how he should torture her after she was captured.
He wanted to torture her harshly until she died!

Yun Feng saw that the three of them had already mobilized their fighting energy, so she walked out of the room slowly and closed the door casually.
Her slim body stood against the wind and the cold breeze of the night caught Yun Feng’s skirt.

Seeing the calm expression on Yun Feng’s face, the early-level 6 man couldn’t help but feel a bit angry.
He was despised by a level-4 kid! He then immediately yelled at the two level-5 warriors next to him.
“Do it!”

As the level-6 warrior said that, the two level-5 warriors instantly stepped forward with their weapons.
The three of them stood in three corners, blocking all of Yun Feng’s ways out.

The three of them looked at each other.
When the level-6 warrior made a hand gesture, their fighting energy burst out again and they fiercely dashed towards Yun Feng!

“Take my slash!” The level-5 warrior on the left shouted with a deep voice as the long knife in his hand broke through the air, slashing straight at Yun Feng’s face with the sounds of wind!

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up and gave a slight smile.
The hidden power in her body also surged out.
One level 6 warrior and two level-5 warriors, three against one.
In such a fight, she couldn’t hold back at all!

Without any fancy moves or any magnificent, powerful combat techniques, Yun Feng went directly towards them like the wind.
Just like when she was fighting with Lin Meng, she rushed forward without being afraid of death!

The level-5 warrior coming at her couldn’t help but feel thrilled in his heart when he saw this.
The little girl sent herself to die voluntarily! More fighting energy was infused into the long knife in his hand and he used a little bit more power.
Excitement burst out of his eyes.
He was just waiting for Yun Feng’s messy look after he injured her with a slash!

Yun Feng’s slim body kept moving forward and she sneaked to the front of the level-5 warrior like a ghost.
Before that man could react to such a speed, he saw a pair of cold black eyes reflected on the blade of the knife.
Those eyes were full of cold disdain, as if he was an ant that could be stomped to death anytime!

“Hm!” Following a muffled sound and the sound of body and fist clashing, a seemingly small fist abruptly punched him in his chest.
That was where the blood red heart, which was still beating earlier, was located!

“Poof!” The level-5 warrior spurted out blood right away.
There were even some pieces of several organs.
He looked at the cold girl in front him with a pale face as the long knife in his hand dropped on the ground powerlessly.

“Clang! Bang!”

Once the long knife landed on the ground, the body of the level-5 warrior also fell weakly without any signs of life.
The pupils of the level-6 warrior couldn’t help but shrink.
The other level-5 warrior was also drenched in cold sweat right away.
He glanced at Lin Sen who was hiding far away and cursed Lin Sen in his mind fiercely, “Fuck you! Is this only the strength of level 4? Motherfucker, how would a level-4 warrior be able to kill a level-5 warrior with a punch?”

Yun Feng’s punch directly killed a mid-level 5 warrior, but it wasn’t because of her strength.
It was because these few people made a wrong prediction before.
Even though they knew they couldn’t underestimate their enemy, the wrong prediction still made them relax.
The level-5 warrior who died just then didn’t prepare much for defense, which was why Yun Feng took advantage of it and directly punched him to death.

After killing one of them with a punch, Yun Feng didn’t slow down.
Even though she took the opportunity to kill one of them so directly, it didn’t mean that she could take down the second one just like that.
As Yun Feng expected, after the death of the level-5 warrior, the remaining two people instantly changed their expressions.
There was no trace of the relaxation they had just now and they were already prepared to defend.

Once Yun Feng saw this, she couldn’t help but curl the corners of her mouth.
It seemed that she could only attack sneakily like that once.
The two people she was facing right now weren’t too difficult to deal with, but it was also not simple.

Yun Feng’s body rushed forward swiftly and she also swung her small fist mercilessly.
The power of her strong body seemed to be breaking the air, hitting the remaining two warriors directly with an almost distorted sound of wind!

“Watch out.
This girl is a bit strange!” The level-6 warrior yelled with a deep voice.
The level-5 warrior understood him.
Yun Feng’s target was the other level-5 warrior and the level-6 warrior had obviously realized her intention.
He moved his body forward and stuck his arm out abruptly.
His level-6 fighting energy burst out, blocking Yun Feng’s hard punch!

“Bang!” The fist and the arm clashed against each other.
Yun Feng and the level-6 warrior both took a few steps back.
The contact they just had had already made the two of them realize the strength of the other party was comparable to that of themselves!

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