The contest for the guardian position finally came to an end.
With Yun Feng’s help, the Yan family got the guardian position.
Yan Tianhao, who had escaped that day, jumped out again and accepted the guardian position excitedly.
Yun Feng had already said that she wasn’t interested in the position.
Yan Tianhao was delighted.
He had already planned in his mind that the guardian position must be given to Yan Jincheng! As long as Yan Jincheng became the guardian, the Yan family wouldn’t be controlled by that bastard Yan Ming even if he got the position of the Yan family’s leader! The Yan family would still be in Yan Jincheng’s hands!

Yan Tianhao eagerly went to accept the guardian position, but things weren’t going as smoothly as he thought.
The Hall Master’s order cut off all of Yan Tianhao’s thoughts.
Yun Feng gave the guardian position to Yan Ming! Yan Tianhao had heard the news when he came to the Bright Moon Hall and his expression immediately changed drastically!

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