Chapter 625 Fight (3)


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Yun Feng sneered.
The elemental ball formed by the combination of the lightning and wind elements in her hand buzzed.
Then, another element appeared in her hand, the
red fire element!

Ouyang Hongyu’s eyes tightened.
Another fusion? Three elements fused together?!

Seeing Yun Feng’s movement, the Master of the Bright Moon Hall stood up abruptly.
She was fusing the three elements!
“S*it! She’s crazy! She’s a lunatic! Elemental fusion! Isn’t she afraid of self-destruction?”

“F*ck, she’s going to fuse the third element!”

“Damn it! What are you waiting for? Run! If she blows herself up, we’ll all be dead!”

Nobody knew who shouted this.
The hot-blooded crowd suddenly realized something.
The battle in front of them had already far surpassed the level of a contest.
wasn’t a Selection battle.
They were fighting with their lives! The audience were here to watch the battle, not to die!

“Run!” The audience in the spectator area scrambled to run out.
Some people shouted again, as if they thought it wasn’t chaotic enough.
The ordinary people rushed out like
they were dead.
The people of the second-rate families couldn’t sit still anymore.
Even though they weren’t weak, they couldn’t withstand the self-destruction!

“We… We… Let’s run too!” Someone from the second-rate families stood up and ran after saying that.
With him as an example, the people of the second-rate families were
also in chaos! The entire venue was in chaos!

The Hall Master sat there with a pale face, looking at the chaotic scene with a gloomy expression.
Yan Tianhao looked at the crowd that was fleeing in panic and slowly got
up too.
“Master Yan, where are you going?” Yan Ming sat aside and looked at Yan Tianhao, who was about to get up and run away, with a cold gaze.

Yan Tianhao was a bit embarrassed, but the panic in his mind had the upper hand.
He couldn’t die here! “Don’t you see the situation right now? You know we’ll die here.
Why are you not leaving?” Yan Tianhao turned around and was about to leave, when Yan Ming reached out and grabbed Yan Tianhao’s sleeve.

“Master Yan, Yun Feng is still up there!” Yan Ming almost gnashed his teeth as he said this, which made Yan Tianhao blush.
He tried to shake off Yan Ming’s hand with all his
might, but Yan Ming held on tight and wouldn’t let go.
“Master Yan, Yun Feng is helping the Yan family!” What Yan Ming said made Yan Tianhao completely enraged!

“Get out of my way, you bastard! If you want to die, just die here.
Don’t even think about dragging me down with you!” Yan Ming burst into laughter when he heard this.
suddenly let go of Yan Tianhao’s sleeve and took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands clean.
He didn’t miss a single part of his fingers!

Yan Tianhao was furious when he saw what Yan Ming was doing, but now wasn’t the time to be angry! He glanced at the sky that was about to explode.
Yan Tianhao didn’t
dare to think further and immediately turned around and left! Yan Ming sat there calmly with mockery in his eyes.
After all, he and Yan Tianhao were related by blood.
However, Yan Tianhao left without hesitation at this critical moment of life and death, making Yan Ming completely cut off the hope of family!

“Young people truly tend to be bold.” While the scene was in chaos, only this area was still as peaceful as before.
More and more people were running around crazily, and
the noise shook the sky.
Only a few first-rate families’ heads and Yan Ming sat here without moving at all.
Yan Ming chuckled when he heard this.
He glanced at the
audience and saw a familiar figure.
Qu Lanyi hadn’t left after all.

“You’re too kind, Masters.
I’m not as courageous as you.” What Yan Ming said made them laugh dryly.
They didn’t say anything else.
The reason why they didn’t leave wasn’t
because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t dare to! If they ran like others, the Hall Master would truly lose face.
Wouldn’t he kill them in a fit of anger? Their status

and identity didn’t allow them to do such a thing.
Other people could run, but they couldn’t! Other people were afraid of death, but they had to weather through this even if
they were too!

The chaos finally quieted down.
The spectator area was completely empty! There were a lot of things scattered on the ground, including clothes and shoes! It could be seen
how spectacular the scene was just then.
Qu Lanyi sat there steadily and Yaoyao also didn’t move at all with a calm expression.
Yan Che was still sitting with a smile.
three of them didn’t seem to understand the current situation.
They were truly very relaxed.

Yan Ming slightly raised the corners of his mouth and locked his gaze on the girl in the sky.
He couldn’t give her anything and he also had the self-awareness.
However, if he
could really give her something, he could only give her this life.
Yan Ming chuckled in self-mockery.
Yan Ming, how much is your life worth?

The two people in the sky didn’t have time to care about everything on the ground.
The giant sword on Ouyang Hongyu’s back and the elemental ball in Yun Feng’s hand,
which had already merged with the third element, were already ready!

“T’ll make you pay for what you did to the Ouyang family today!” Ouyang Hongyu shouted furiously.
He was extremely excited.
The muscles all over his body bulged as he

raised his head and roared furiously.
The fighting energy that was constantly emitting from his body suddenly changed drastically and burst out with astonishing surging

It had increased.
Ouyang Hongyu’s fighting energy level had increased!

The Hall Master’s pupils shrank and Qu Lanyi narrowed her black eyes fiercely.
Yun Feng’s black eyes completely darkened.
Ouyang Hongyu’s strength level had been
forcibly advanced at this moment! In that case, Ouyang Hongyu’’s current strength was… at the Lord Level!

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“Hahaha, hahahahahaha!” Ouyang Hongyu burst into laughter.
Yun Feng looked at his expanding muscles and a familiar scene flashed through her mind.
During the battle
with Kasa, Kasa had taken a potion that could increase a person’s level in a short time! Did Ouyang Hongyu take a similar potion?

It was very difficult to cross the stairs from the Monarch Level to the Lord Level.
Some people had been stuck their entire life.
How would Ouyang Hongyu be able to cross
it so easily? And judging from his excitement at the moment, it didn’t seem like the effect of natural advancement!

“Ouyang Tian! How bold of you!” bellowed the Hall Master.
The leader of the Ouyang family, who was sitting there with distorted facial features, suddenly burst into
laughter with madness in his eyes! “Hall Master, we must take revenge for the Ouyang family! Ouyang Shanshan is the one who died! Even if I know this is forbidden during
the election, I must do it!”.

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