623 Fight (1)

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Yun Feng raised her brows slightly.
“The result?”

Ouyang Hongyu’s deep laughter gradually turned into madness, as if he was venting some kind of emotion in his heart.
“Yes! The result will be the same.
This arena
will be where you stand last!” Ouyang Hongyu shouted loudly as a sharp sword appeared in his hand.
His aura also rose by more than one level in an instant!

Yun Feng noticed that Ouyang Hongyu’s strength was constantly expanding.
She was currently in the mid-stage of the Monarch Level, and Ouyang Hongyu was
also at the same level.
However, just then, Ouyang Hongyu’s strength suddenly soared! It was as if a crazy mechanism had been opened and his strength kept rising!

“Powerful strength is indeed exciting!” Ouyang Hongyu felt that his body was filled with power and fighting energy.
Endless waves of fighting energy spread out
from his body.
Yun Feng’s face darkened.
Did this guy use some secret technique or medicine?

“Are you shocked, Yun Feng? I got power so easily.
You can’t accept it, can you?” Ouyang Hongyu laughed evilly as he swung the longsword in his hand abruptly.
The longsword was lifted from Ouyang Hongyu’’s hand and hit the ground, creating a vertical pit! However, what flew out wasn’t the real sword, but a shadow of the

“Boom…” The ground was suddenly smashed open by this attack and a deep crack appeared on the ring.
Sitting on the high seat, the Hall Master couldn’t help but
look a lot more gloomy.
However, there was a meaningful smile at the corners of his mouth and he didn’t intend to stop it.

Yun Feng suddenly rose into the air and looked at the crack on the ground with a serious expression.
She glanced around and saw a fierce longsword flying towards
her again.
Her eyes darkened and she quickly turned her body to the side.
Ouyang Hongyu, who was standing on the ground, kept waving the longsword in his
hand like he was crazy.
The sword shadows were densely packed as they attacked Yun Feng!

Yun Feng’s body had already been completely covered by the sword shadows, as if she was wrapped in a dense net.
Yun Feng was like a wooden stake, waiting for
her destiny of being pierced by a thousand swords!

Crazy people were truly difficult to deal with! Yun Feng curled her lips and held the Monarch Level weapon she got from Randal in her hand.
With the support of
the wind element, Yun Feng’s speed suddenly increased and she flashed through the densely packed swords like an illusion!

The sound of the swords clashing with each other came.
Yun Feng was shocked to find that these swords, which she thought were sword shadows, were real.
However, they indeed didn’t have a real body.
They were all formed from fighting energy!

“Concretion of fighting energy?” Yun Feng held the longsword in her hand.
It was obviously impossible for her to fight with her physical strength.
Facing a real
warrior, Yun Feng’s pure strength didn’t have any advantage at all! “Earth Shield!” Yun Feng changed the weapon in her hand into a wand.
Since it was the
concretion of fighting energy, what she needed to do was to completely shatter these physical forms!

She waved the wand in her hand gently and the Earth Shield quickly formed a solid defense.
Yun Feng didn’t dodge anymore, but simply rushed into the swords.
Ouyang Hongyu burst into laughter when he saw that.
The densely packed swords became crazier, and their strength and speed became even more extreme.
Feng heard the sound of the swords hitting the Earth Shield.
Even though the earth element had a strong defense, it could only hold on for a while against so many
random attacks, no matter how strong the defense was.
However, this was enough time!

“Crash!” When the earth element turned into elemental powder and dissipated in the air, Yun Feng had already rushed out of the densely packed area of swords.
She waved the wand in her hand gently as coldness flashed through her black eyes.
However, at this moment, a voice that had been suppressed for a long time
suddenly appeared behind her!

“Yun Feng, don’t treat me like a fool!” Ouyang Hongyu suddenly jumped into the sky and came to Yun Feng’s back with the longsword in his hand.
The space

seemed to be about to be torn apart by this longsword.
With the enormous sound of wind and the pressure of the distortion of space, he pounced directly at Yun
Feng’s back!

“God!” The audience all stood up.
Even the Hall Master couldn’t help but feel nervous.
Yan Ming’s face turned pale and he stared at Yun Feng firmly.
She would
definitely die under such an attack!

“Damn it!” An angry shout came from somewhere in the spectator area.
A figure directly broke through the air.
The expression of the Master of the Bright Moon
Hall turned cold.
His body, which had been sitting steadily like a mountain, suddenly jumped up.
He waved his hand fiercely in one direction and only heard a
furious roar.
“Don’t stop me.
Get lost!”

The Hall Master was shocked.
Her interception didn’t work! She dashed forward with a cold expression and waved her fist fiercely.
The space above her had already
been completely distorted by the violent spatial fluctuation!

“Stop right there!” The leader of the Bright Moon Hall shouted furiously.
The man, who was extremely furious and had a gloomy face, was stopped by the leader of
the Bright Moon Hall.
The man’s handsome face was covered in black clouds and the muscles all over his body were tight.
The aura he emitted made the leader of

the Bright Moon Hall a bit nervous!

“Get out of my way.” The man’s voice was as cold as stone.
His eyes were as black as polished stones without any color.
They were pure black! The Hall Master
couldn’t help but swallow.
He couldn’t help but want to obey his command.
He suddenly shivered and regained his consciousness.

“Sir, please show some respect.
This is the Bright Moon Hall’s election.
Please mind your own business!”

“I said, get lost.” The man’s face and eyes darkened.
Sweat couldn’t help but appear on the Hall Master’s forehead.
If he gave in just like that, he wouldn’t have to be
the Hall Master anymore!

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“Even if you make a move, it will be a tie at most.
Besides, this is the matter of the Bright Moon Hall.
In the arena of the election, it doesn’t matter what means are
used or what fate the other party will have.
It’s all up to themselves!”

The man didn’t say anything else.
The Master of the Bright Moon Hall thought that he was going to give in, but the man’s aura suddenly increased to a level that
made him feel suppressed! “You…” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall widened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him.
The elements in the man’s hand
that were jumping slowly made the Master of the Bright Moon Hall gasp.
How… How was this possible? He was…

“I said, get lost,” the man repeated again.
The temperature of his voice made people feel cold all over.
The Hall Master suddenly tightened his throat and clenched
his fists.
“If you insist on intervening, I’ll stop you until the end even if I have to sacrifice my life!”.

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