Chapter 622: What’s Going On (6)


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Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang had a headache.
Zhong Yuling looked at Yun Feng.
No way! She was in the same group as Yun Feng this time! What the heck? She was truly unlucky!

“It’s truly a pleasure to meet you.” Yun Feng chuckled.
Zhong Yuling laughed dryly.
She didn’t think it was a pleasure.
She thought she was too unlucky!

“In that case, this battle…” An announcement was about to begin, but Zhong Yuling shouted at this moment, “Wait, I forfeit!” This shout stunned the referee who announced the beginning and the audience.

She had already forfeited before the battle began!

Yun Feng was also a bit surprised by Zhong Yuling’s decision, but she thought for a while.
The two of them had fought, and Zhong Yuling might know that she couldn’t win, so she didn’t have to fight.

“Are you kidding me? You haven’t fought yet.
Why are you giving up? A first-rate family? Bah!” Someone in the spectator area shouted loudly.
They were probably waiting for an exciting battle.
They were a bit anxious.

“Who do you think you are? Shut up!” Zhong Yuling immediately lost her temper.
Her roar woke up the dissatisfied crowd a bit.
Even if they were dissatisfied, they had to suppress it.
After all, they couldn’t afford to offend someone from a first-rate family!

“It’s not stated that we can’t forfeit this contest.
Can’t I forfeit? Those who know that their opponents are too strong to defeat and still want to fight head-on are all boors! They’re all idiots and brainless! What do you know?” Zhong Yuling said fiercely.
Even the person who announced the start didn’t dare
to make a sound.

“Hahahahahahaha!” A loud laugh spread throughout the venue again.
Everybody was shocked again.
What was going on? Zhong Yuling tumed around and roared unhappily, “What are you laughing at?”
After laughing, Xiao Xiang said loudly, “Zhong Yuling is right.
In order not to be a boor, a fool, or a brainless person, I have to forfeit too.”

The entire venue was in an uproar!

Are you kidding me? How can you joke like this? The battle hasn’t even started and the victor has already been decided?!

Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang’s withdrawal made the situation rather awkward.
The audience watching the battle all felt like they were being played.
What was going on? They lost without fighting! They admitted defeat automatically! It was enough for one of them to admit defeat.
Why did the two of them
admit defeat together? Were these top families all cowards?

The audience all gasped.
Zhong Yuling, who admitted defeat in the arena, looked at Xiao Xiang in surprise.
“Xiao Xiang! Why are you joining in?”

Xiao Xiang burst into laughter.
“Of course I have my reasons.
Let’s just give the arena to the two of them.” After saying that, Xiao Xiang turned around and floated off the stage.
Zhong Yuling looked at Xiao Xiang with a frown, not quite understanding what he was thinking.
In the end, she just grunted and
left the stage.

The two-on-two contest between the four of them instantly became the final contest.
The change of the situation was indeed a bit unacceptable.
After Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang got off the stage, the person who was about to announce the beginning of the contest immediately felt awkward.
In the end,
he coughed a few times and said, “Since the two of you quit voluntarily, we’ll directly enter the final battle! Yun Feng of the Yan family and Ouyang Hongyu of the Ouyang family! Do either of you want to forfeit?” This time, the referee was smart enough to ask in advance.
The crowd couldn’t help but boo.
If either of them forfeited, the contest would be a farce!

“Forfeit? Of course not!” Ouyang Hongyu said loudly.
Yun Feng certainly wouldn’t forfeit.
“I won’t forfeit.”
‘The judge finally heaved a sigh of relief and cheered up again.
“The final contest begins!”

This shout stirred the emotions of the crowd again.
The second-rate families also shouted, “Yun Feng, go for it!”, “Second-rate families don’t lose to the first-rate families!” Such slogans spread all over the venue, forming waves of voices.
Yun Feng and Ouyang Hongyu faced each other and weren’t ina
hurry to attack.

Xiao Xiang and Zhong Yuling didn’t go far after they got off the arena.
Both of them stood not far away and looked at the situation in the arena at the same time.
“Xiao Xiang, I didn’t expect you to forfeit too.
I forfeited because my opponent is Yun Feng, Did you forfeit because you were afraid of Ouyang
Hongyu?” There was more or less some disdain in Zhong Yuling’s words.
Xiao Xiang smiled instead of getting angry.

“Have you heard of this saying? A desperate dog might bite anyone.
The Ouyang family is like a desperate dog right now.
Ouyang Shanshan’s death has dealt a huge blow to the Ouyang family.
If a warrior or a mage died, the Ouyang family might not be so angry, but Ouyang Shanshan is a summoner!
Losing a summoner means losing a lot of unlimited possibilities in the future.
How can the Ouyang family not be anxious? The Ouyang family isn’t generous to begin with.
This time, they’ll enter the finals no matter what and meet Yun Feng! I’m still afraid of being bitten if I stood in this rabid dog’s way.”

Zhong Yuling was a bit surprised after hearing that.
“You mean, what kind of trick will the Ouyang family use this time?”

“I don’t know what they’re up to, but the Ouyang family has been up to a lot of tricks lately.
The Ouyang family has been coming and going in the auction frequently.
I don’t know what they bought at a high price.”

“Do you remember what that man said?” Zhong Yuling thought of something and glanced at the ring.
Xiao Xiang chuckled.
“Of course I do.
How can I forget? Nobody can beat Yun Feng until they become a Lord.”
“The Lord Level? Ouyang Hongyu seems to be aware of that?” Zhong Yuling’s eyes darkened, and so did Xiao Xiang’s.
“It’s impossible for Ouyang Hongyu to reach the Lord Level, but…”

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Both of them were deep in thought on the side, while the Ouyang family’s master, who had been watching the battle from the special seats, was sitting steadily.
He didn’t have any expression on his face, but his face was moving slightly.
It could be seen that he was trying hard to suppress the excitement
in his heart.

“The Ouyang family has been waiting for this battle for a long time,” said Ouyang Hongyu in a deep voice with suppressed crazy emotions in his eyes.
“But it’s not satisfactory.
I haven’t seen you earlier in the contest.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing in the arena of the final battle! Hahaha, but forget it.
It doesn’t matter what happened..
So what if it’s the final battle? The result will be the same!”

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