Chapter 621: What’s Going On (5)


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“Say that again.
I didn’t hear you clearly.”
Yun Feng gritted her teeth.
She seemed to have lost all her strength after being kissed.
She could only let him hold her, or else.
A voice as soft as that of a mosquito sounded in Qu Lanyi’s ears.
There was gentleness in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
“What did you say? The wind is too loud.
I didn’t hear you clearly.”
Yun Feng’s ears turned completely red.
Qu Lanyi looked at her red earlobes with satisfaction on his face.
The shy little woman in his arms was like a cooked shrimp right now, so shy that he couldn’t stop himself from holding her.
A gentle breeze slowly blew through the air, passing through the two figures that were twisted together like a fried dough, bringing with it a whisper.
Then, it slowly dissipated in this world along with the wind.
Tike you.
“What did you say? Say it again.
More loudly.” The man’s shameless voice came again.
The girl couldn’t take it anymore.
She clenched her fists and punched the man’s face fiercely.
“Fengfeng! You’re trying to murder your husband!”

“Damn it! Jerk!” The young girl, whose face and even neck was a bit red, growled fiercely.
Her body flashed and she instantly walked forward, leaving a handsome young man standing there with one hand covering his eyes and smiling foolishly.
“Never mind.
It was my fortune to be able to see you that way.” The man chuckled a little foolishly and his body also flashed as he quickly chased in the direction where the girl went.

When Yun Feng returned to the Yan family’s mansion with a flushed face and Qu Lanyi did with a blackened eye, some people burst into laughter.
Yan Che laughed heartlessly, especially at Qu Lanyi’s panda eye.
Qu Lanyi didn’t use light elements to heal himself, as if this panda eye was some glorious

Yan Ming glanced at the two of them and simply smiled as he turned around and left.
There was a bit of unnoticeable bitterness in his smile, while Yaoyao looked at the two of them very curiously.
She tilted her cute little face and asked, “What’s that?” She was referring to Qu Lanyi’s panda eye.
Qu Lanyi
rubbed Yaoyao’s head with a smile and winked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng immediately thought that she should’ve punched his other eye too.

The day passed just like that.
Four winners for the second-rate families and the first-rate families were decided one after another.
Although the Hong and Lan families were second-rate families comparable to the first-rate families, there was still a difference in the end, not to mention the unknown
small family.
Under the attack of the elites of the first-rate families, the Hong and Lan families were defeated even though they resisted for a long time.
However, they didn’t give the opponents of the first-rate families much advantage.
It was a rather tug-of-war.

Even though the Hong and Lan families were more or less a bit regretful, there were some subtle situations when Yun Feng advanced.
As the only second-rate family that made the cut, the Yan family naturally became the pride of all the second-rate families.
All the second-rate families were proud of the
Yan family, and it was obvious that the Hong and Lan families deliberately fawned on them.

Naturally, these people didn’t dare to disturb Yun Feng, They usually went to find Yan Tianhao.
Yun Feng was the one who advanced.
There were also the remaining three members of the first-rate families, Zhong Yuling, Xiao Xiang and Ouyang Hongyu.

Xue Han didn’t make it to the next round, but he did bring about an extremely exciting competition.
The Xue family was also unusually quiet.
After all, their ability of soul searching allowed them to sit firmly.
Even if the Hall Master touched any of them, it wouldn’t be the Xue family.
And Xue Han had
completely disappeared during this period of time.
Some people were guessing if this genius had suffered a huge blow.

People didn’t know what Xue Han was doing, and they had no time to guess anymore, because an even more exciting battle was coming! The four winners would fight in pairs again, and the final victor would be born!

No one knew who revealed the grudge between the Ouyang family and Yun Feng on the eve of the competition.
Canglan City was stirred again! Ouyang Shanshan was killed by Yun Feng, and the Ouyang family swore to take revenge! This matter spread like wildfire.
Was it true? If it was true, then there
would be a big show to watch!

Amidst the excitement, a new round of battles began.
The four contestants who made the cut would fight in pairs! Before the contest started, the audience in the spectator area were talking.
They thought there wouldn’t be any more topics, but they didn’t expect such a huge piece of news!
That summoner was truly fierce! She dared to kill someone from the Ouyang family! And she even admitted it so blatantly.
There was truly no telling what was on her mind.
Even if she was strong, she shouldn’t be so arrogant!

Of course, there were also people who had different opinions.
The Ouyang family had always been bad-tempered and arrogant.
There was a huge possibility that they took the initiative to provoke her.
If someone else provoked her, wouldn’t she be a loser if she didn’t do anything? Besides, summoners
weren’t easy to provoke! Ouyang Shanshan couldn’t blame anyone for her death!

The two factions were having an intense discussion.
People were also inexplicably excited and thrilled.
The battle between Yun Feng and the Ouyang family was different.
The Ouyang family swore to take revenge, so they certainly wouldn’t let Yun Feng get away with it!
Everyone was hoping that Yun Feng would meet the Ouyang family in these two battles!

After the four of them walked to the arena and were about to draw lots, Ouyang Hongyu looked at Yun Feng with a sinister smile.
Everyone took a note but didn’t open them.

“Lwish I could be in the same group as you.
I can’t wait any longer,” said Ouyang Hongyu gloomily.
Yun Feng chuckled.
It didn’t matter who she was in the same group as!

Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang looked at each other.
It would be a good thing if these two people really fought.
One of the two ferocious tigers would definitely be injured and they would have the advantage!

The four of them opened the note in their hands at the same time.
The audience’s breathing became tight.
What was the result of the drawing? Would Yun Feng and the Ouyang family be in the same group? Would this battle which everybody anticipated take place right away?
Ouyang Hongyu burst into laughter when he saw the four opened pieces of paper with two patterns.
The crowd couldn’t help but become excited.
It seemed that they had really won the lottery!

Yun Feng looked at the note in her hand and couldn’t help but raise her brows.
She didn’t expect such an outcome.

“What a pity!” Ouyang Hongyu said fiercely as he crushed the note in his hand! “But don’t be anxious.
I’ll meet you sooner or later!”

Yun Feng pulled her lips indifferently.
“Then I’l wait for you.”

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