Chapter 620: What’s Going On (4)


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“Hu… Hu…” Suddenly, the pressure disappeared.
It was like a surging tide that completely drowned people ebbed completely the next second.
Yan Jincheng had just been sent to the precipices of death.
When the pressure disappeared, he collapsed on the ground and he panted heavily in panic, looking like a dog that had run too long.

Yan Tianhao’s stiff body could also move now.
He immediately ran to Yan Jincheng’s side with an extremely depressed look.
“Master Yan, goodbye.” Yun Feng said indifferently and pushed the door open with Qu Lanyi.
Yan Jincheng suddenly coughed a few times and his purple face that was as purple as an
eggplant slowly became better.

Yan Tianhao didn’t say anything, and there was no need for him to say anything.
He should have known long ago that anyone who could stand next to Yun Feng was not to be trifled with!

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi came out and walked side by side.
Qu Lanyi wanted to hold Yun Feng’s hand, but there were too many eyes around.
Ever since they came out, the other people had been glued to Yun Feng, whispering nonstop and even looking like they wanted to surround her.

“I think we should go back as soon as possible.” Yun Feng looked at the fervent eyes of the crowd on the street.
She was like a rare Magic Beast that was being watched closely.
Those passionate eyes almost skinned her and tore her bones apart, so that they could see the internal structure of her body.
After saying that, Yun Feng immediately got up and jumped into the sky.
The crowd immediately let out a cry of surprise and pointed at the sky.
Some kids couldn’t help but scream excitedly when they saw that.
“She’s flying! She’s flying!”

Yun Feng only felt a bit of a headache.
Her body flashed and she already left the sky.
Qu Lanyi immediately did the same.
His body instantly rose into the sky and the two of them completely disappeared from the sky in an instant.

It was a good choice to fly in the sky.
There was a long distance from the ground, and other people wouldn’t look up into the sky for no reason.
Yun Feng flew in the sky, and suddenly, a gentle hand grabbed her wrist abruptly.
Yun Feng stopped abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi didn’t look good at this moment.
He was looking at Yun Feng with a deep gaze.
His pure black eyes were like a deep pool.
Yun Feng felt that if she stared at them for too long, she would be sucked in and wouldn’t be able to come out again.

“Can you really not see that I’m unhappy?” Qu Lanyi’s beautiful brows were clenched tightly, forming a small hill.
A trace of surprise flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes.
Qu Lanyi caught it very carefully and couldn’t help but grow! with gritted teeth, “How long do you have to be so smart?”

Was Qu Lanyi unhappy? Why was he unhappy? Was it because of Yan Ming, or that pretty boy just then? There was no need for him to be unhappy, right? He already had a place in her heart.
No one else could come in at all!

“What’s there to be upset about? Did I not make myself clear?” Yun Feng’s tone suddenly stiffened, and the expression on her face became uncomfortable.
She struggled to free her wrist slightly, but was suddenly pulled by a force, and fell directly into his warm arms.
The man’s arms conveniently wrapped
around her and held her in his arms.

“What exactly did you say? Why don’t I know? Hm?” Qu Lanyi’s voice was muffled, as if it came from the deepest part of his chest.
It was so magnetic that Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel goosebumps all over her body.
She was held tightly in his arms, and the warmth of his body spread to Yun Feng through
a layer of cloth, making her feel warm and comfortable.

Her cheek was pressed against his not-so-broad chest.
The man’s steady and strong heartbeat came again and again, making Yun Feng completely relaxed.
“Are you angry?” Yun Feng asked in a low voice.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered.
He picked up a strand of Yun Feng’s hair and played with it between his fingers.

“Did you just know?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“What’s there to be angry about? Is it because of Yan Ming or the pretty boy today?”

Qu Lanyi suddenly stopped talking.
Yun Feng waited for a while, but didn’t get a reply.
She couldn’t help but raise her head curiously.
At this moment, the man suddenly grabbed Yun Feng’s neck with his big hand, forcing her to raise her head high.
Their eyes met directly.

“You think this is what I’m angry about?” Qu Lanyi narrowed his beautiful eyes.
There was a mysterious and dangerous light in them.
Yun Feng’s breath couldn’t help but tighten.
She wanted to push him away, but the man held her body tightly with his other hand, not letting her escape at all.
“are there other reasons?” Yun Feng’s red lips opened slightly.
Qu Lanyi stared at her red lips for a long time, and the mysterious and dangerous light in his eyes became brighter and brighter

“Hm!” Yun Feng’s face immediately flushed.
The back of her head was held in place by her hand and the man’s lips pressed down without warning.
It was a bit rough with clear anger!

Qu Lanyi gently bit her full red lips with his teeth and then reluctantly let her go.
He gazed into Yun Feng’s eyes with his beautiful black eyes.
“What kind of feelings do you have for me? Aren’t you going to tell me now?”

Yun Feng’s blushing face suddenly became redder.
Sensing that, Qu Lanyi put on a cunning smile! “Fengfeng, aren’t you going to tell me?” His tone also changed abruptly.
Yun Feng seemed to see the charming transvestite she met at the beginning.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand!” Yun Fen turned her face aside in frustration, but Qu Lanyi gently turned Yun Feng’s little head around again with his big hand.
While Yun Feng was startled, he pressed his lips against hers again.

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“Are you going to tell me or not?”

“Qu Lanyi, don’t go too far!”

His lips pressed against hers again and the smile in the man’s eyes became deeper.
“You’re still not going to tell me?”

“Qu Lanyi… Hm!” Their lips were stuck again.

“Fengfeng, don’t say anything.
It’s rare for us to have such an opportunity of not being disturbed.
Please don’t talk.”

Yun Feng blushed.
She was like a ripe apple with a kind of sexiness that made people want to pick it.
Her red lips were glistening after being kissed, as if she was tempting people to take her.

After Qu Lanyi pressed his head down again, Yun Feng roared in embarrassment.
Qu Lanyi’s body stiffened for a moment, but then he held Yun Feng even more tightly in his arms.
He put his lips next to Yun Feng’s ear and exhaled on her skin..

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