Chapter 619: What’s Going On (3)


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Yan Jincheng was nervous.
It wasn’t the first time he had seen the girl in front of him, who was as beautiful as a lotus flower.
In fact, he had been interested in Yun Feng for a long time.
However, at that time, Yun Feng was Yan Ming’s fiancée, so he had to restrain the thoughts in his mind.
However, when
he found out that Yun Feng had no relationship with Yan Ming, the fire in his heart was ignited again and it seemed to be burning more and more fiercely.
He really liked Yun Feng.
Even though he was also obsessed with her powerful strength, he would have still liked her even if she didn’t have such

Yun Feng glanced at him indifferently.
It seemed that this old man wanted to give this man to her? Did he think she had such bad taste? Even though this man was quite handsome, he wasn’t at the same level as her in terms of strength! How could such a man possibly walk by her side?
Putting everything aside, Yun Feng’s heart had already been occupied by someone else.
Even if Yan Jincheng was an unparalleled genius, it had nothing to do with her.

“Yun Feng, Jincheng has always been shy by nature.
Don’t feel bothered! This kid has been talking about you a lot to me.
He said you’re the most outstanding woman he’s ever met and he even said you

Yun Feng chuckled and interrupted Yan Tianhao.
This old man really dared to say anything to promote his son.
“Master Yan, you don’t have to say anything else.
I’m not interested.
I hope you won’t do such things again in the future.” After saying that, Yun Feng got up and was about to leave.
Yan Jincheng

couldn’t help but feel anxious when he saw that.

“Yun Feng! Can’t we be friends?”
Yun Feng stopped and slowly turned around.
“Friends? Do you think I can be friends with anyone?”
Yan Jincheng’s face suddenly turned red.
He certainly had the intention of using Yun Feng when he approached her, but wasn’t it the same between people? Everyone used each other!

“Yun Feng, I’m just hoping to befriend you.
It’s not a bad thing to have more friends.” Yan Tianhao burst into laughter.
He thought for a moment and decided to start with being friends.
With Yun Feng’s personality, if Jincheng could really become Yun Feng’s friend, the Yan family could also make use of

“The friend I’m talking about isn’t the same as the friend you’re talking about.
According to what you said, if he can become my friend, he must have value that I can use.
May I ask, what value does he have that I can use? The Yan family, on the other hand, can get a lot of benefits from me.
You’ve planned
well, Master Yan.”

Yan Tianhao looked rather embarrassed.
Yan Jincheng didn’t feel good in his mind.
He was even a bit angry.
“That Qu Lanyi next to you doesn’t seem to be capable at all! He’s still worthless! I’m no worse than him! It’s not like I’m ugly or anything!”
Hearing this, Yun Feng suddenly felt angry in her mind.
What would outsiders know about the things between her and Qu Lanyi? “You…” Yun Feng was a bit angry.
The person she cared about was smeared in such a self-righteous tone.
What the hell did this guy know?

“Oh, I can’t believe I’m being described as useless.” A casual voice sounded.
The door of the private room was pushed open gently and a tall and slender figure walked in with a rather elegant feeling.
Qu Lanyi’s charming facial features carried a smile.
However, when he looked at Yan Jincheng, the coldness
in his eyes instantly became deeper.

“Why are you here?” Yun Feng was a bit surprised, and so was Yan Tianhao.
“You… I invited Yun Feng alone! You…”
Qu Lanyi chuckled and put his arms around Yun Feng’s slim waist.
“If you don’t come, some idiots will try to steal my wife.”

Yan Tianhao and Yan Jincheng were both extremely embarrassed at this moment.
Even if Yan Jincheng was a man, he couldn’t help but blush completely.
Yun Feng let Qu Lanyi hold her waist and raised her brows.
“You know?”
Qu Lanyi’s face darkened.
“It was that kid, Yan Ming, who told me.
Master Yan, in terms of schemes and schemes, you’re far from Yan Ming’s match! Do you really think Yan Ming doesn’t know what you’re thinking?”

Yan Tianhao was shocked to hear that.
Did Yan Ming know what he was thinking? How was that possible?

“Don’t doubt me.
I advise you to follow the agreement we made earlier.
Otherwise, you will surely regret it.” Qu Lanyi said indifferently.
Yan Jincheng couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Who are you? What nonsense are you spouting here? It’s not your place to interrupt the Yan family’s business!”

Qu Lanyi’’s eyes turned cold.
“Oh? Do you really think I have the time to care about the Yan family’s bullshit? You, on the other hand, dared to steal my wife.
Should we settle this score?”

Yan Jincheng burst into laughter and didn’t look scared at all.
Qu Lanyi had never fought in front of the Yan family.
The members of the Yan family all knew Yun Feng’s strength, but they didn’t know Qu Lanyi.
Coupled with Yan Che’s carefree look, people naturally thought that these two people weren’t
strong at all.

“Settle this score? Alright, come on!” Yan Jincheng even took the initiative to provoke him.
His tone was so arrogant that Yan Tianhao couldn’t help but shout, “Jincheng, don’t be rude!” He turned around and looked at Qu Lanyi with a hint of disdain in his eyes.
“This… The Yan family just wants to be
friends with Yun Feng.
You’re thinking too much.”

“Oh, make friends.
Not everyone can be Yun Feng’s friend.” What Qu Lanyi said made Yan Jincheng completely enraged.
“Where did you come from? We made use of her, and you’re not using her? What kind of ability do you have?” After saying this, Yan Jincheng’s face suddenly turned pale.
His originally pale face was like that of a ghost now.
An astonishing aura was emitted from Qu Lanyi, making people feel pressured!
Yan Tianhao looked extremely awful.
“Young… Young friend, please… show mercy!”

Qu Lanyi didn’t say anything.
Yan Jincheng’s pale face gradually turned red.
His hands trembled as he covered his neck and opened his mouth wide.
The sudden pressure made him lose his ability to breathe!

“Please show mercy!” Yan Tianhao roared as he stood there stiffly.
Under the pressure that Qu Lanyi created, even he couldn’t move!

Yan Jincheng’s face gradually turned purple.
It was obvious that he couldn’t breathe.
His purple eggplant-like face and the red blood vessels on his eyes were terrifying at first glance..
Yan Tianhao could only stand there and watch this scene!

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