Chapter 61: Ready (2)

Little Fire lowered its head.
Thinking that it had to put its pride in its pocket to protect a level-2 mage, viciousness rose in its heart.
And yet, it must obey Yun Feng’s order at this moment.
It hated those people of the Lin family, which made it gnash its teeth.
If it weren’t for them, it wouldn’t have to lower itself to protect a level-2 mage!

“Master, can I slaughter them?” A desire to kill surged out of Little Fire’s wolf eyes.
Magic Beasts were cruel by nature.
During this period of time when it couldn’t come out, Little Fire had been suppressing its desire for so long.
Now that a mission was assigned to it, its intent to kill was already ready.

Yun Feng smiled coldly as her black eyes darkened.
“Of course you have to slaughter them.
Keep no one alive.”

After hearing it, Little Fire couldn’t help but growl excitedly.
The hidden viciousness and rage in the minds of this human and the beast gradually spread.
Yun Jing’s heart shook.
His daughter was different now…

Yun Feng licked her lips and tasted some dried blood.
She didn’t like killing, but the premise was that nobody could offend her or lay a hand on the Yun family! The Lin family, no matter what means you’re using, no matter what kind of masters you’ve hired, I’ll definitely not let you return!

The Lin family, who had always been arrogant, in Chunfeng Town suddenly became much more behaved during this period of time and they weren’t doing things like they did in the past.
People in Chunfeng Town all knew something was going to happen.
This was probably just the tranquility before the storm.
In the next few days, the Lin family would start going after the Yun family!

The feud between the Lin family and the Yun family in the last few centuries might finally be ended completely in these several days!

Ever since Lin Meng’s death, Yun Feng had never gone to the Martial Arts Institute anymore.
She went to the Martial Arts Institute only for Lin Meng.
Now that Lin Meng was dead, she didn’t have any reason to go back anymore.
The principal of the Martial Arts Institute also acquiesced to Yun Feng’s move.
Considering the current situation of the Yun family and Lin family, if Yun Feng came out alone, she would inevitably be in danger, so he agreed that Yun Feng shouldn’t come to the Martial Arts Institute.

Ze Ran, who was worried about Yun Feng, was also anxious.
After all, he couldn’t help at all with his current level.
In the end, he was suddenly enlightened by something his teacher said.

“If you want to help her, improve your own abilities.
Once you have the strength, you’ll be able to stand alongside her!”

This undoubtedly gave Ze Ran a lot of motivation.
Even though Yun Feng didn’t tell him clearly how strong she was exactly, Ze Ran wasn’t worried that Yun Feng would be harmed at all.
Nobody could hurt Yun Feng.
Ze Ran didn’t know why, but he adhered to this arguable confidence firmly.
Under his teacher’s guidance, Ze Ran also worked hard and focused on practicing.

At night, moonlight shone and there were few stars.
The moon in the sky let out some miserably soft light, shining over Chunfeng Town.
Yun Feng said good night to her father and returned to her room.
Meanwhile, she was sitting on her bed with concentration.
Her mental strength kept surging out of her body and gradually enveloped the entire Yun family mansion.
Even the intrusion of a cockroach wouldn’t be able to escape the range of detection of Yun Feng’s powerful mental strength.

“Kid, are you sure people from the Lin family will come tonight?” The ancestor’s voice sounded.
He didn’t care about how many masters the Lin family hired.
After all, with Yun Feng’s current strength, she could fight with those masters even if they were at level 7, as long as there weren’t any level-8 or level-9 masters.
Besides, even if the Lin family had money, it was already pretty nice to be able to hire some level-6 masters.
Level 7? The Lin family still didn’t have the status to hire them!

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“Father has asked brother to come home.
As expected, brother will in fact be on his way back tonight.
How would the Lin family not think about that? If they don’t make a move tonight, they’ll not have a chance.”

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder rubbed its body against Yun Feng.
Suddenly, its fluffy body seemed to have sensed something.
It looked out of the window with its giant grape-like eyes.
Yun Feng got up from her bed and looked outside with her black eyes as a chilling smile appeared on her gorgeous little face.

“Very well.
You’re finally here?”

A few shadows flashed through the dark silently, dashing towards the Yun family’s mansion.
These shadows didn’t make any noise.
They thought nobody knew they were here.
And yet, under the detection of Yun Feng’s mental strength, they had already been revealed!

Yun Feng analyzed them carefully and already had a brief idea of the level of those people who came.
There were a total of seven people, four mid-level 5 warriors and one early-level 6 warrior.
The remaining two were just early-level 3 warriors.
A mocking smile appeared on Yun Feng’s lips.
Lin Quan was quite smart.
He hid in his own turtle shell and didn’t come out, and he sent his two brothers here instead.

Lin Quan was indeed clever.
He was unusually meticulous and he did everything cautiously.
Lin Quan only planned to send the few masters they hired on this raid, but Lin Sen and Lin Miao insisted on coming along.
Lin Sen said with red eyes that he wanted to see Yun Feng being killed, in order to relieve the pain of losing his son.
Lin Miao was also enraged and insisted on following them.
It was useless no matter what Lin Quan said, so he could only let them come.

It wasn’t that Lin Quan wasn’t worried, but there shouldn’t be any accidents with a team of four level-5 warriors and one level-6 warrior there to kill Yun Feng.
Even if two of them were sent to go after Yun Jing, the remaining three were more than enough to kill Yun Feng.
His two brothers shouldn’t be in any danger even if they went there together.
So, Lin Sen and Lin Miao, these two early-level 3 warriors, were also here.

Seven people came all the way to the door of the Yun family and instantly separated into two groups.
Two mid-level 5 warriors, one early-level 6 warrior and Lin Sen were rushing towards Yun Feng, while the remaining two level-5 warriors and Lin Miao were running towards Yun Jing.

Yun Feng sensed the four people rushing towards her and the coldness at the corners of her lips became stronger.
She gently pushed the door open with her little hand and stared at the few people, who appeared at her door and were planning to make a raid, with her black eyes.
Seeing the shocked expression of those people, Yun Feng smiled slightly.

“You came late at night.
I apologize for not coming out to greet you.”

The tall man at the early stage of level 6 became nervous.
He immediately took a few steps back, widening the distance from Yun Feng.
Even though the person they were dealing with was a little girl who wasn’t even ten years old yet, they dared not have the slightest negligence!

To underestimate any enemy would be like sending themselves to die!

The early-level 6 warrior and the two mid-level 5 warriors looked at one another, conveying a message.
This little girl had already had eyes on them since their arrival.
The moment they appeared in the Yun family, she had already caught their aura! Their raiding plan failed!

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