Chapter 617: What’s Going On (1)


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“He’s admitted defeat!”

“The first-rate family’s candidate admitted defeat!”

Hearing that Xue Han admitted defeat, the crowd was all shocked.
The first-rate families were no different from the Hall Master in the Bright Moon Hall! This first-rate family admitted defeat voluntarily.
It wasn’t something a first-rate family would do!

The Master of the Xue family didn’t look embarrassed at all after hearing what Xue Han said, but the other masters were a bit upset.
“It’s fine to lose, but it’s really the first time we’ve seen someone surrender without any backbone.”

Their mockery only made the Master of the Xue family smile.
“Only a real fool would risk his life recklessly.
You better know what you’re capable of before you do anything! Goodbye!” The Master of the Xue family rose and left.
The faces of the other three first-rate families’ masters darkened.
The contest between Yun Feng and Xue Han could be said to be earth-shattering and truly made people’s eyes light up.
Compared to the other battles, this contest could be said to be extremely spectacular, so everyone focused their attention on this group and completely ignored the others.

Xue Han turned around and was about to leave when Yun Feng suddenly chased after him.

Xue Han walked to the back of the arena without looking back.
Qu Lanyi, who was sitting in the crowd, got up quietly.
Yan Che seemed to be interested in watching other people’s matches.
Qu Lanyi took Yaoyao to find Yun Feng.

“What’s wrong?” Xue Han turned around indifferently.
The two of them had already left the arena and came to a rather remote corner.
The sounds of fighting in front of them came indistinctly and couldn’t be heard very clearly.

“What did you see?” Yun Feng’s voice was deep.
Xue Han laughed and touched his chin.
“I should be the one asking you this.
What exactly is hidden in your body?”

Yun Feng frowned after hearing that.
What was in her body? How would she know? She wasn’t the original soul of this body.
Even the dead Yun Feng might not know what was hidden in her body!

“If you don’t know, I don’t know either.
I only saw… an appearance.
I didn’t see anything, believe it or not.
That’s all I can say.
Any questions?”

Yun Feng knew that Xue Han wouldn’t say anything.
Did he see it or not? If he saw something, what did he see? Yun Feng keenly noticed that Xue Han didn’t want to talk about it in detail, or rather, there was a vague fear in his heart.

Xue Han turned around and left.
Yun Feng stood there alone and couldn’t help but cover her chest with her hand.
What exactly was hidden in this body? Thinking of the glorious deeds of the Yun family in the past and its sudden disappearance, Yun Feng seemed to understand something, but she didn’t
know for sure.

The puzzle in her body could only wait to be solved until the future.
When she found the Yun family’s headquarters on the Central Continent, she would always have an answer.
That thing must have been hidden for a long time.
Perhaps it had already existed since the day Yun Feng was born?
“What are you thinking about?” A gentle voice sounded as a warm hand held Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng with his glittering black eyes.
Faint light elements surrounded her.
Yun Feng was certainly injured in the fierce battle just then.

“Nothing.” Yun Feng smiled.
Qu Lanyi didn’t ask any more questions.
Yaoyao, who came with them, held Yun Feng’s hand with concern, Feeling the coldness from Yaoyao’s hand, Yun Feng curled the corners of her mouth gently.

“Nana.” Meatball cried and directly jumped on Yun Feng’s face, rubbing its little body affectionately.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
Was that thing related to Meatball?

“Right, Fengfeng, I have good news for you.”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
Good news? Qu Lanyi chuckled and touched Yaoyao’s head with her big hand.
Yaoyao didn’t dodge.
After such a long time, Yaoyao didn’t reject those who were close to Yun Feng anymore.

“Yaoyao spoke.”

‘What Qu Lanyi said surprised Yun Feng, She looked at Yaoyao in delight.
This feeling was a bit complicated and she was extremely excited.
“Yaoyao, you can talk?”

Yaoyao smiled and nodded.
“Xiao Feng.” She opened her mouth and said in a childish voice.
Even though it was a bit vague, Yun Feng still heard it clearly.
Yaoyao was calling her name.

A kind of indescribable feeling surged into Yun Feng’s heart and she hugged Yaoyao in her arms.
Yaoyao also hugged Yun Feng with a satisfied look, like a child who was attached to her mother.
Yun Feng caressed Yaoyao’s smooth black hair with her hand, and only felt that her child was growing.

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Qu Lanyi watched this scene with a warm face.
The moment Yun Feng hugged Yaoyao, the motherly look that flashed on her face didn’t escape Qu Lanyi’s attention.
Even though Yun Feng was still young and far away from giving birth, it was obvious that she was already awakening as a mother in her

“Yun Feng!” A shout broke the warm atmosphere.
Qu Lanyi turned around unhappily.
It tumed out that Yan Ming and Yan Tianhao had come.
Yan Ming smiled at Yun Feng.
“Thank you for your hard work.”

“As expected of the daughter-in-law of the Yan family.
Not bad, not bad!” What Yan Tianhao said made the atmosphere a bit awkward.
Qu Lanyi’s face suddenly darkened.
Yan Ming coughed a few times in embarrassment, but Yan Tianhao didn’t seem to notice at all.
“Yun Feng! I think we should do it right
You should get married to Yan Ming first.
When we get back, you can have another glorious wedding!”

Yun Feng’s expression turned cold.
Qu Lanyi clenched her fists and Yan Ming immediately walked up.
“Master, there’s no rush.”

“No rush?” Yan Tianhao roared in annoyance.
The contest today made Yan Tianhao completely understand that Yun Feng’s strength was immeasurable! He even wondered about the charm of this illegitimate son right now.
How could such a person like her fall in love with him? How would the Yan family
miss Yun Feng? Yun Feng wasn’t prepared for the illegitimate son, Yan Ming, but for the real leader of the Yan family, Yan Jincheng!
Yan Tianhao would make Yun Feng enter the Yan family no matter what.
If he did that, Yun Feng wouldn’t be able to drag things out with the Yan family.
She wouldn’t be able to go anywhere!

“I think this weekend will be a good day.
Let’s just have a simple meeting in Canglan City!” Yan Tianhao didn’t ask about Yun Feng’s attitude as he talked on his own.
Yan Ming said awkwardly, “Master Yan! Yun Feng and I have our own decision on this matter.

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