Chapter 615: Concealment (2)


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Xue Han stood outside the giant red cocoon and watched the tiny red chains continue to wrap around her densely.
Yun Feng was already completely surrounded.
It was absolutely impossible for her to come out! Unless she could break through the layers of red chains!

Yun Feng, who was inside the giant cocoon, took back the two Magic Beasts immediately.
She stood on the spot calmly and watched the red chains swallow her whole.
Layers of red chains surrounded her secretly.
She was completely locked in this area!

‘When the sound of the chains outside finally stopped, a huge red cocoon had already formed in the sky!

“Yun Feng, I’ll give you ten seconds to consider.
Be a good girl and let me search your soul.
I’ll let you out! Otherwise, you’ll die in there!” Xue Han’s voice spread throughout the venue.
The crowd sighed again.
All eyes were focused here.
How would that summoner choose?

Yun Feng also heard what Xue Han said inside the giant cocoon.
She only smiled after hearing that.
Ten seconds… It was enough!

Xue Han didn’t hear Yun Feng’s reply.
He shouted loudly, “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!…” Xue Han’s countdown sounded in the air, creating an inexplicable tension.
The audience started counting too.
Some of their voices even trembled with excitement!


Yan Che shouted at the side as he counted the time without a care in the world.
Qu Lanyi stared at the giant red cocoon with a blackened face.
He should believe in the woman he chose! How could Yun Feng be defeated so easily? If she lost here, how would she face more challenges in the future?
Yaoyao, who was sitting next to Qu Lanyi, suddenly reached out and held Qu Lanyi’s hand.
Qu Lanyi was startled.
She looked at Qu Lanyi with her blue eyes and moved her lips slightly.
“Xiao Feng will be fine.”

Qu Lanyi’s eyes widened.
Yaoyao… spoke? Yaoyao turned her head around and stared at the red cocoon with her big blue eyes.
Meatball was on Yaoyao’s knee and it was also staring at her with its big eyes.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and touched Yaoyao’s hair.
“Yes, of course she will be fine.
She has to be.”
“Three! Two!” Xue Han’s countdown had already reached the last second.
Yun Feng still didn’t reply.
Xue Han couldn’t help but frown.
What a stubborn personality! Fine, as long as he could search her soul, anything would be fine!

“One!” The last of the countdown, the last second! Everyone was silent!

Coldness flashed through Xue Han’s eyes as he suddenly raised his sleeve.
Two thick red snakes opened their mouths and the fiery red cocoon that surrounded Yun Feng’s space shrank abruptly! Such a powerful contraction even made the space there twist!

“That summoner is going to die!” shouted the audience who were watching the drama.
Everybody’s face couldn’t help but tighten.
The few first-rate families’ masters couldn’t help but tighten their muscles.
Would Yun Feng really die here?

The Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall had been watching the drama, but he also narrowed his eyes at this moment.
A glint flashed through Xue Han’s eyes.
The red snake that had two heads suddenly let out a hiss.
Xue Han stared at the red cocoon in front of him with his glowing eyes.
The light in his
eyes had just appeared when Xue Han’s pupils suddenly contracted!

‘An energy wave that was getting more and more oppressive came out of the giant cocoon, as if a ferocious beast was caged in the giant cocoon and was about to break out of the cocoon!

‘The audience watching the drama couldn’t feel it, but the powerhouses could feel the energy fluctuation very clearly! The expressions of the four families’ heads changed!

“What is Yun Feng going to do?”

“Such energy waves.
Is she going to destroy this place?”

‘The Hall Master was stunned.
A few seconds later, the red cocoon suddenly expanded violently.
It became bigger, bigger and bigger until it reached its limit!

“It’s going to explode!” Xue Han shouted as he quickly retreated.
At the same time, the red cocoon exploded! A strange color surged out of it, accompanied by a terrifying energy tide!

‘The Hall Master suddenly flew up from his seat and waved his hand fiercely at this space.
An invisible energy barrier instantly formed in this space and the huge energy tide hit the energy barrier, causing a strong energy shock!
‘The Hall Master put on an awful expression.
The veins on his neck were popping up faintly.
It was obvious that this energy wave made him suffer too! It took him a lot of effort to block it!

Most of the energy was blocked by the Hall Master, but a small part of it still rushed to the audience area.
The audience watching the drama only saw the huge cocoon suddenly explode.
After a series of exclamations, they only felt a gust of wind blowing towards them.
Many of them were even knocked to
the ground!

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“What’s that?” Someone shouted loudly.
People’s curiosity was aroused again.
They all looked over and saw a figure flying out of the exploding cocoon in a weird color.
Because of this strange color, it was like a beautiful butterfly that came out of the cocoon!

“Yun Feng!” Xue Han, who was hiding on the side, saw Yun Feng coming out of the hole and his eyes became hot.
His body suddenly flashed and rushed in quickly!
“Han!” Master Xue couldn’t help but shout anxiously when he saw this scene.
Xue Han was the only son the Xue family was proud of.
If anything happened to him in this competition, the Xue family would be heartbroken!

Just as Master Xue was about to rush out, he received the cold gaze of the Master of the Bright Moon Hall.
He retracted his foot that was about to take a step and could only watch Xue Han rush in so recklessly with anxiety and anger! Xue Han’s excitement came.
Yun Feng might be the first person to let
him have a taste of failure!

“Soul Searching!” A furious shout resounded in this space.
Yun Feng, who had just broken out of the giant cocoon, heard this voice.
A figure came like the wind and instantly stopped over Yun Feng’s head!

A bone-piercing cold attacked and spread all over Yun Feng’s body in an instant.
Yun Feng looked at Xue Han in front of her with her black eyes and saw the madness in his eyes.
Yun Feng, who had just performed the fusion of elements, felt a bit exhausted inside her body.
Xue Han had rushed in
fearlessly at such a high speed..
This time, Yun Feng couldn’t avoid his soul search!

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