Chapter 613: Xue Han (4)

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“Uncle Cheng’s black chains are already very powerful, but they didn’t work on you.
Everyone in the Xue family is curious about you.
There was originally no one in this world who could make soul searching ineffective, but you appeared.”

“Nothing is absolute in this world!” Yun Feng said coldly as she put the dark red and green rings on her finger.
“Little Fire, Lan Yi!” With a roar, Little Fire and Lan Yi had already landed on both sides of Yun Feng.
The appearance of the two Magic Beasts immediately caused a raging wave of roars!
“Look! The summoner’s Magic Beasts!”

“The summoner of the Yan family is indeed not an impostor! Two of them! A double-element summoner!”

“Looks like the Yan family will truly get this position this time!”

‘The crowd was thrilled and they all shouted excitedly.
After seeing the two Magic Beasts, Xue Han put on a weird smile.
“I’ve never used Soul Searching before.
You’re the first.”

“Should I feel honored?” Yun Feng raised her brows.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were already prepared to attack.
Xue Han burst into laughter again, looking delighted.
The red chains next to him also waved a few times.

“I should be the one to feel honored, as the first person to find out your memories!” As Xue Han’s voice fell, the red chains had already arrived, creating a piercing sound in the air!

“Then give it a try!” Yun Feng roared as the wand appeared in her hand.
The two Magic Beasts next to her moved together.
The battle began!

Little Fire and Lan Yi lunged at Xue Han from two different directions.
The red chains in Xue Han’s sleeves suddenly attacked the two Magic Beasts like long snakes, as if they were living creatures with blood and flesh!

Little Fire and Lan Yi collided with a red chain respectively.
The red chains coiled around the two Magic Beasts like long snakes, trying to wrap around them.
A dark red and a green figure kept fighting against the red chains in the sky.
Beast roars came from the sky from time to time, and the sound of
friction from the chains was extremely piercing!

The audience watching the drama was undoubtedly dumbfounded.
The battle between the Magic Beasts and the chains in the sky could be said to be extremely fierce.
Their speed was so fast that the audience couldn’t see the direction of their movements at all.
However, the heat kept rising!
“God… This is the first time I’ve seen a battle of Magic Beasts!”

“What kind of chain is that? It’s so powerful! As expected of a first-class family.
He’s extraordinary powerful!”

“It’s really hard to say who will win!”

Almost everyone’s eyes were attracted by this scene.
They all stared at the black shadows that kept colliding in the sky.
Even though they couldn’t see the battle clearly, they had to watch!

Nobody seemed to care about the other contestants anymore.
Since Yun Feng and Xue Han started fighting, they had been the center of attention! Even the masters of the top families frowned.

“I didn’t expect the Xue family’s Soul Searching Chains to have a red color?” The Master of the Xiao family said softly.
The others all looked at the Master of the Xue family.
“I thought Brother Xue’s purple chains were already the highest level of Soul-Searching.
I didn’t expect that the younger generation of
your family would be even more extraordinary.”

The Master of the Xue family chuckled with undisguised pride in his eyes.
“Han is a rare genius of the Xue family.
Even Im not as talented as him.”
“Oh? It seems that the Xue family is determined to get the guardian position.” The master of the Ouyang family laughed casually.
The master of the Xue family also laughed.
“The guardian position? The Xue family isn’t interested in that.”

The few family masters raised their brows slightly.
He wasn’t interested in the guardian position? Could it be that the Xue family was interested in… “Do you know that there are people in this world who can make the soul searching ineffective?”
The few Family Heads were greatly surprised after hearing that.
“The soul searching failed? It could never fail even on the Hall Master.
How is that possible?”

The Master of the Xue family smiled casually as he stared at Yun Feng in the arena.
“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.
However, Yun Feng is the first person whose soul cannot be searched!”

The others all glanced at Yun Feng subconsciously.
She made Soul Searching ineffective! How was that possible? Even the Hall Master couldn’t make Soul Searching ineffective, but Yun Feng did!

“Compared to the guardian position, the Xue family is only interested in this person.
You can take that position as you please.” Xue Han chuckled.
The other masters couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
Without the Xue family, they would have one less strong opponent.
However, Yun Feng and Xue Han
would be extremely difficult opponents no matter which of them won!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng shouted furiously.
The Earth Shield had already formed a strong defensive net around her.
When Xue Han saw that, his eyes were burning again!

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“Earth element? It seems that you’re an all-rounder.
You have all five types of magic.
We’re almost on the same level.” Xue Han stared at Yun Feng with unusual enthusiasm.
Xue Han was the rare genius of the Xue family in a thousand years.
Yun Feng, who had all five types of magic, was also a rare genius
on this continent!

“Don’t tell me you also have light and dark elements,” Xue Han whispered.
Then, he couldn’t help but mock himself.
This thought was too funny! Five elements was already astonishing enough.
It was impossible that she had all the elements! How could there be such a perfect person in the world?

Xue Han pursed his lips and waved his sleeve abruptly.
A dozen tiny red chains slithered out like tiny red snakes.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were still fighting with the two red python-like chains.
Those two giant python chains seemed to be the core of the red chains.
Otherwise, how could Little Fire and Lan Yi
be entangled so firmly?

More than a dozen red snake-like chains pounced towards Yun Feng at the same time!

“Crash!” The earth element shield was penetrated by more than ten red snakes in an instant! The curved snakes released a powerful pressure when they collided with the earth element! The earth element shield was instantly shattered by the combined pressure!
Yun Feng had already dodged.
Seeing that, Xue Han burst into laughter and waved his sleeve gently.
The red snakes pounced again!

The long red chains kept chasing Yun Feng in the sky.
The audience watching the battle below couldn’t help but exclaim, “Although those chains are powerful, they’re so disgusting…”

“Where did they come from? Were they inside his body? He looks like a spider…”

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