Chapter 612: Xue Han (3)

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Very soon, this area was filled with people.
They were a pack of black dots when observed in the distance.
Soon, the audience of the second-rate families also came, followed by the families that were participating in the contest today.
They had a specific area, and the families that were eliminated in the
last election didn’t have the right to sit here anymore.

Among the four second-rate families’ heads, Yan Tianhao was the only one who looked confident, as if he was determined to win today’s contest.
When the first-rate families’ heads saw Yan Tianhao’s expression, they couldn’t help but sneer in their minds.
However, they couldn’t ignore Yun Feng’s
existence so easily either.
It was possible that a dark horse would be revealed today.

Among the second-rate families’ masters, the one who was most anxious should be the unknown little family’s.
As expected, his family wouldn’t be able to survive the first round today.
He had got this spot with all his strength in the last round.
He secretly turned around and glanced at the first-rate
families’ masters on the upper level.
His face suddenly tightened and some sweat appeared on his hands.

The contest was about to begin.
The contest today would be between the second-rate families and the first-rate families.
The eight contestants would draw lots.
The second-rate families and the first-rate families would be on two sides.
The contestants who drew the same mark would still fight against

each other.
The winner would be decided in one go and four contestants would be directly eliminated.

‘When the eight contestants walked out, the atmosphere was even more heated than yesterday.
Those hot-blooded people who were already most excited shouted loudly.
Their shouts shook the sky and they roared like a tide!

Although they were noisy, they made all the contestants restless.
Yun Feng was also slightly surprised when most ordinary people joined.
She looked at the opponents of the top families again.
They were indeed familiar faces.
The few people she met the other day were among them! Ouyang Hongyu, Xue
Han, Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang.

The four of them all looked at Yun Feng, It was really hard to say who would be Yun Feng’s opponent today!

“Let the drawing of lots begin!” After the rules were announced briefly, the election of this round had already begun! The second-rate contestants all drew lots, and so did the first-rate contestants.
Everyone opened the note in their hands.
After Yun Feng opened the note, she glanced at someone slowly.
She didn’t expect to be in the same group as him.

Zhong Yuling opened the note and heaved a sigh of relief when she found that she wasn’t in the same group as Yun Feng.
If she wasn’t Yun Feng’s opponent, it meant that she had a chance to qualify! Ouyang Hongyu was rather upset after reading the note in his hand.
His opponent wasn’t Yun Feng.
seemed that Ouyang Hongyu really wanted to meet Yun Feng in the first round.

Xiao Xiang casually messed up the note in his hand, glanced at Yun Feng and chuckled.
Yun Feng fixed her eyes on her opponent, Xue Han.
Xue Han looked at the note in his hand and threw it aside expressionlessly.
He looked up and met Yun Feng’s gaze.
Xue Han didn’t say anything and simply looked away.

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Among the four of them, Zhong Yuling, Xiao Xiang, and Ouyang Hongyu had all attacked her directly or indirectly.
However, Xue Han was the only one who didn’t do anything.
So far, Yun Feng and Xue Han had never clashed directly.
Thinking of Xue Cheng’s weird black chains and the Soul Searching Technique, Yun Feng was more or less curious about the Xue family.
Considering Xue Han’s cold personality, what kind of moves would he have? Would he also have those black chains?

This was a completely unknown opponent, which meant that no preparations could be made.
She could only get the information she wanted by fighting him.

The two opponents stood opposite each other.
Ouyang Hongyu and Xiao Xiang were the opponents of the Hong family and the Lan family respectively, while Zhong Yuling, the lunatic, was the opponent of the last second-rate family.

“Let the battle begin!” With a command, a few powerful auras burst out of the arena in a second and surged around like a tide.
The audience all knew that the show was about to begin.
Their excited roars were even more vigorous and earth-shattering!

Similar to the first battle, Yun Feng and Xue Han were still standing there calmly after the others made their moves.
The two of them were even chatting casually.

“Yun Feng, I’ve heard the elders in my family talk about you.
You’re a strong opponent.” Xue Han’s voice was cold and hard, very befitting for the weird black chains.

“Xue Cheng?” Yun Feng raised her brows.
“The soul search technique of the Xue family is indeed rare.”

The corners of Xue Han’s mouth raised slightly and he even showed a smile.
“It’s just a pity that it’s useless for you.
How many interesting memories do you have in your body? I really want to see them.
They’ll definitely be very exciting.”

“I’s destined that you won’t be able to see it.
My memories only belong to me.
No one can pry into them!” Yun Feng’s expression was cold.
Xue Han suddenly burst into laughter, which startled the three people who were fighting on the side!

“Xue Han… He smiled!” Zhong Yuling was dazed for a moment.
Cold sweat appeared all over her body.
Xiao Xiang also became anxious.
That freak could smile too? Ouyang Hongyu’s eyes darkened.
Xue Han smiled?

After Xue Han finished laughing, his face became expressionless again, but Yun Feng could feel the warmth in his eyes.
This was a lunatic who was even crazier than Zhong Yuling!

“The more I can’t see, the more interested I am.” Xue Han’s cold voice sounded again.
There was already an oppressive aura around him.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
The battle was about to begin!

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“swish!” Xue Han suddenly raised his sleeve, and the sound of metal came from his sleeve.
Two chains as thick as pythons extended from his sleeve.
Yun Feng’s black eyes narrowed.
These were… Xue Han’s chains?!

“The Xue family was able to reach its current position because of a secret manual, Soul Searching.
Almost everyone in the Xue family knows the Soul Searching Technique, but the target to be soul-searched is very different.” Xue Han touched his chains gently and felt the coldness from the chains.
explained to Yun Feng patiently.

“One’s expertise in Soul Searching is completely dependent on the color of the chains.
The lowest level is white, followed by gray, then brown.
The upper level is black, and above black is purple.
Usually, purple is the highest level of Soul Searching.”

Yun Feng looked at the two chains around Xue Han.
Xue Han continued, “I’m talking about the usual.
In fact, purple isn’t the peak.
It’s said that the Xue family can only give birth to a person above purple once in a few thousand years.
Red is above purple, and the red is the king.” Xue Han’s eyes suddenly
The two chains that were as red as blood next to him seemed to be alive as they roared!

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