f light burst out of her black eyes! The tiny silver snakes tore at the wind element crazily.
The wind element seemed to be letting out a series of whines, twisting and howling!

Beads of sweat had already appeared on Zhong Yuling’s forehead.
On the surface, this was a battle between elements, but in fact, it was a battle of mental strength between the two of them!

The two people who controlled the wind element and the lightning element fought with their mental strength!

Zhong Yuling didn’t think that she would lose to anyone in terms of mental strength.
She was a Monarch Level mage after all! She was also a young descendant that the Zhong family was proud of.
How would she lose to someone from a second-rate family? Even if she was a summoner, how strong could
she be? How would she lose to her in terms of mental strength?

Zhong Yuling had never been one to admit defeat! However, the word “lose” didn’t exist in Yun Feng’s dictionary either!
Both of them stood there at the same time.
Their surging mental strength constantly spread towards the magic elements.
The wind element and the lightning element, being green and purple, fought and roared continuously!

The beads of sweat on Zhong Yuling’s forehead became larger and larger, and more and more.
Yun Feng also felt a bit weak.
Zhong Yuling was indeed a strong opponent.
The strength and background of a first-rate family’s member weren’t just empty talk.
They were truly quite capable! The hot blood in
Yun Feng’s body was already boiling gradually.
Even though her mental strength was constantly being consumed, such a high-intensity mental strength contest made her feel mprecedented excitement!

Zhong Yuling noticed Yun Feng’s excitement and couldn’t help but change her expression! She was called a lunatic by others, but compared to this person in front of her, she was more like a normal person!

Under the high consumption of her mental strength, she became more and more excited and her fighting spirit became higher and higher.
If Yun Feng wasn’t a lunatic, what was she?

Zhong Yuling originally thought that Yun Feng’s mental strength was about the same as hers.
After all, she wasn’t a simple person herself.
In Zhong Yuling’s knowledge, the younger generation of the first-rate families were the true elites, the next kings of the West Continent!

However, Zhong Yuling was wrong!

“Damn it!” Zhong Yuling bit her lips hard.
Beads of sweat were already dripping down.
She felt that her body was getting emptier and emptier.
Zhong Yuling also knew that she couldn’t compare to her.
The mental strength she was so proud of couldn’t beat hers!

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Yun Feng also noticed that Zhong Yuling’s mental strength was weakening.
Yun Feng certainly consumed a lot of mental strength in the battle with Zhong Yuling’s mental strength.
However, even if Yun Feng consumed a lot of mental strength that was as vast as an ocean in her body, the remaining
amount was far more than Zhong Yuling’s!

“Tt seems that I’ve won.” Yun Feng chuckled as her mental strength surged out again.
This time, the silver white snake opened its mouth with the purple lightning element and swallowed all the green wind elements!
“Argh!” Zhong Yuling let out a miserable cry.
The silver snakes that swallowed the wind elements suddenly gathered together and formed a silver-white dragon the size of a thick tree, roaring at the sky!

“That’s…” The four people watching the battle couldn’t help but widen their eyes..
That was the lightning element! When would the lightning element be able to condense into such a shape? That was a dragon, right?

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