Chapter 606: There’s Always Someone Better Than You (1)

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Under the violent attack of the Wind Blade, the surface of the Earth Shield was riddled with holes.
Some earth elements were also blown away by the wind blade and dispersed in the air.
Xiao Xiang saw the opportunity and suddenly pointed the longsword in his hand at Yun Feng, throwing a powerful and
domineering attack at Yun Feng!

“Break!” Xiao Xiang shouted loudly.
The Earth Shield in front of Yun Feng managed to block the fierce attack.
Under the double attack of the wind element and fighting energy, the Earth Shield was on the verge of collapse.
Yun Feng’s eyes darkened and she immediately flashed out.
The Earth Shield
exploded in the next second!

“swish…” The attacks of the wind element never stopped.
In this space, the green wind element was like a crazy wild beast under Zhong Yuling’s control, rampaging around.
Zhong Yuling’s face also showed an almost crazy expression!
“When Zhong Yuling is excited in the middle of a battle, she has an interesting nickname.” Xiao Xiang temporarily stopped attacking and watched Yun Feng dodge agilely in the wind element that was almost out of control.
His thin lips curled up slightly.
“Lunatic, this is her nickname.”
“Hahaha! Yun Feng, why are you running? If you have the ability, summon your Magic Beast!” Zhong Yuling let out an extremely excited scream.
The expression on her face was even crazier than before.
Yun Feng also felt that this woman was a bit crazy.
She had invoked her craziness!

A calm and rational opponent wasn’t difficult to deal with.
The tricky ones were often people who couldn’t control their behavior and thoughts! Zhong Yuling was obviously one of those people.
The attack speed and strength of the wind element were already extraordinary.
The wind clement, which was
famous for its speed, became the sharpest weapon in Zhong Yuling’s hands.
It could obliterate Yun Feng if she was careless!

“Hahaha! Keep dodging! Keep dodging!” Zhong Yuling shouted loudly.
Her hands moved even faster and had already reached the ultimate speed.
The wind elements also burst out completely under Zhong Yuling’s movements, turning into rampaging beasts and seizing the opportunity to shatter Yun
Feng’s body!

“She’s indeed a lunatic!” Yun Feng felt that the wind element was so violent that her dodging speed had also increased to the maximum.
However, her speed wasn’t as fast as Zhong Yuling’s.
After all, that woman had fallen into madness.
The wind element instantly left wounds on Yun Feng’s body!
“Ladvise you not to run.
The more you run, the more stimulated she will be and the crazier she will be! Do you know her glorious deeds?” Xiao Xiang had the mood to chat with Yun Feng on the side.
Seeing the wounds on Yun Feng’s body gradually increase, the delight in Xiao Xiang’s eyes became stronger.
Yun Feng dodged, but the wounds on her body were still increasing.
The crazy wind elements continued, as if they wouldn’t stop.
The glorious deeds of this lunatic? She wasn’t interested to know!

“Zhong Yuling once slaughtered a hundred Magic Beasts in a crazy state.
There were fifty of them at the peak of the Commander Level, forty of them at the peak of the Monarch Level, and one at the Monarch Level.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly darkened.
The Commander Level and Monarch Level beasts were nothing, but Monarch Level! This woman had killed a Monarch Level beast?

“Lunatics are all unreasonable!” Another wound appeared on Yun Feng’s check as she shouted at Xiao Xiang.
Xiao Xiang burst into laughter.
“You’re right.
Don’t mess with Zhong Yuling, You can’t mess with a lunatic.”

“Xiao Xiang! If you don’t do anything, I’ll beat you up too!” Zhong Yuling shouted in the sky.
Xiao Xiang laughed and held the longsword in his hand slightly.
Hearing that, Yun Feng’s body tightened!

“Now that you’ve said so, I can’t just be a bystander anymore,” said Xiao Xiang casually.
His body flashed and he had already joined the battle, rushing towards Yun Feng!

“That’s for the best! Otherwise…” Zhong Yuling burst into laughter when she saw Xiao Xiang’s movement and was very happy.
The wind elements around her were moving crazily and attacking Yun Feng without any order at all.
Zhong Yuling was frustrated at this moment.
So far, she hadn’t caused any
substantial damage to Yun Feng.
She only added some minor wounds that were uncritical.
Those were all superficial wounds! Zhong Yuling was so frustrated that she wanted to go crazy! If it were anyone else, even Xiao Xiang would be defeated under such an attack.
How would Yun Feng be safe?

She waved the wand in her hand fiercely again and the wind element roared.
With Zhong Yuling’s raging mind, she didn’t believe that she couldn’t hurt her.
She didn’t believe that she couldn’t beat Yun Feng!

Xiao Xiang’s participation made Yun Feng fall into a passive situation.
Zhong Yuling’s attacks had always been violent and unpredictable.
Even though Yun Feng didn’t suffer any substantial damage, she didn’t have a chance to attack.
Now, Xiao Xiang had joined.
His fighting energy was even more
ferocious and direct than Zhong Yuling’s!

Yun Feng’s heart sank.
When she was facing two enemies, could she only be beaten up passively like this? Impossible! She was Yun Feng, Even if this was the case, she had to turn the situation around!

Yun Feng flashed and dashed straight into the raging wind element in front of her.
Zhong Yuling was stunned for a moment after seeing that.
Then, she burst into laughter.
She wasn’t afraid of death! If she rushed straight into the wind element, she would either be cut into pieces or become a pile of meat

The wind elements surrounded Yun Feng densely.
Zhong Yuling’s eyes were full of excitement, as if she could see Yun Feng’s miserable look under her attack!

Xiao Xiang’s expression changed drastically at this moment.
His body suddenly retreated quickly and he had already left the battlefield!

“Brother…” Xiao Lingyu was a bit surprised to see this scene.
Xue Han also raised his brows on the side.
Ouyang Hongyu’s face darkened and remained calm.
Zhong Lingyu saw Xiao Xiang’s movement from the corner of his eyes and shouted, “Tl deal with you, coward, after I finish her!”
Xiao Xiang’s face was extremely gloomy at this moment.
He looked at Yun Feng, who had directly dashed into the wind elements, and roared at Zhong Lingyu, “If you want to live, stop and leave her!”

Zhong Lingyu only laughed crazily when he heard this.
“Xiao Xiang! You’re afraid of death, but I, Zhong Lingyu, am not! You’re a loser! The Xiao family will be ashamed of you!”

Xiao Lingyu also blushed when he heard that.
Xue Han didn’t say anything.
Ouyang Hongyu sneered, but his expression changed after a while.
“Zhong Lingyu, you better listen to him.

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