Chapter 604: This Is Combat (2)

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“I think she’s just an impostor!”

“I suddenly realized that she might be a tamer, could she? She knows that her Magic Beasts are all useless, so she’s too embarrassed to take them out!”

The younger generation laughed a bit crazily and loudly.
Yan Tianhao, who was sitting there, looked pale and didn’t know what to feel in his mind.
Yan Ming was also a bit surprised, but he didn’t doubt her at all.
After all, that Fire Cloud Wolf back then wasn’t an impostor!

Why didn’t she summon her Magic Beasts? Yan Ming looked at Yun Feng’s defenseless fighting posture and was extremely puzzled in his mind.
Yan Ming didn’t know that the reason why Yun Feng didn’t summon her Magic Beasts was precisely because there was no such need at all.
She would be too
cheap as a summoner if she were to summon her Magic Beasts every time? Facing this opponent, she didn’t need a Magic Beast! She didn’t even need magic!

The four families’ heads sat there quietly.
They certainly weren’t those hot-blooded kids.
They had what it took for them to rise to their current positions.
Even if Yun Feng was in such a state, the four of them couldn’t make a conclusion easily.
There were all kinds of people in this world! There were all
kinds of weird people! Nobody could be underestimated.
Anyone who was underestimated would take their life!

‘The young man who lunged at Yun Feng was full of confidence.
His fighting energy also increased a lot because of the change of thoughts in his mind.
Yun Feng chuckled and looked at the confidence that flashed in the young man’s eyes.
Confidence was good, but blind confidence was a miscalculation!
Just like now!

The young man suddenly stopped in front of Yun Feng, His eyes slowly widened and his posture seemed to be fixed at this moment.
The laughter of the younger generation who mocked Yun Feng stopped abruptly and the ridiculing expression on their faces froze.
Yan Ming clenched his fists in
Yan Tianhao’s eyes suddenly froze and the faces of the four families’ heads darkened!

The young man’s fists where he gathered all his fighting energy stopped in front of Yun Feng, And the only thing that stopped the heavy punch was a white and tender hand.
Her slender fingers grabbed the young man’s wrist firmly with a slightly cold temperature, stopping his entire body there!
“How… Howis this possible…” The young man froze on the spot.
His entire body was like a statue as he stood there unnaturally.
He clearly felt an irresistible force coming from that hand.
His heavy fist, which he had gathered all his strength for, was grabbed gently and blocked just like that!
Her strength far exceeded his! The young man was punched heavily in his heart.
Wasn’t she a summoner? As a summoner, why was her strength comparable to a warrior’s? Was there someone in this world who cultivated as both a mage and a warrior?

“Y-You…” The young man’s lips trembled as he looked at Yun Feng excitedly.
Yun Feng smiled faintly and gently shook her hand away.
The young man’s body was thrown to the side and he fell on the ground a bit awkwardly.

“Do you still want to fight?” Yun Feng asked casually.
The young man got up from the ground and coughed a few times.
Fight again? Even if he fought a few hundred times, he would still lose!

“No, I lost.” The young man’s indifferent words made Yun Feng lock onto the victory! However, all the people who were paying attention were stunned again.
What was going on? She won? How? What did she do? She won without doing anything!

“What… happened? Did you see how she won?” The hot-blooded young men seemed to have been splashed with a bucket of cold water.
Nobody answered this question, because nobody knew how Yun Feng won at all!

The other contestants couldn’t help but stop.
The two members of the Hong family and the Lan family looked at Yun Feng and looked at her floating posture.
She won.
This girl won in such a short time!

“The Yan family wins!” A loud shout broke the atmosphere that was a bit awkward.
Although the young man who fought with Yun Feng lost, he didn’t feel embarrassed in his heart.
He felt that it was quite glorious to lose to Yun Feng!

The audience members of the second-rate families who were participating in the contest all opened their mouths wide.
Yun Feng retreated from the arena leisurely.
The Yan family’s first round of competition had ended.
Yun Feng won the competition at a speed that the five of them couldn’t surpass!

Some battles had just begun!

Yun Feng’s departure made the people who were still competing on the stage feel a bit upset in their minds.
They couldn’t keep up with such a speed of victory at all.
It also let them clearly know how big the gap between them and Yun Feng was! This was winning in a second!

The contest on the stage was still going on.
Yun Feng became the winner at an astonishing speed, which made the scene more or less a bit funny.
However, many people were looking forward to seeing Yun Feng fight.
She did fight, but nobody could see what she did at all! She won just like that.
It was

Yun Feng walked off the ring.
The sounds of fighting continued from time to time, but the scene was obviously much colder.
Because Yun Feng’s departure took away most of the attention, people’s minds were focused on her instead.
This summoner whose strength became a mystery aroused everyone’s
interest even more!

“You’ve got quite a few tricks up your sleeve.” A loud voice sounded.
Yun Feng stopped.
The voice was from the area at the back of the arena.
At this moment, nobody was there.
Everyone was focused on the contest in front.
A few young people with extraordinary momentum appeared.
Yun Feng glanced

around and saw two familiar people.

One of them should be Xiao Lingyu, who had distorted the truth, and the other was someone from the Ouyang family whom she met that day.
Seeing Yun Feng, Xiao Lingyu took half a step back.
Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“What’s the matter? If there’s nothing, just let me through.” Yun Feng knew clearly who these young people in front of her were.
They were naturally the juniors that the first-rate families were proud of and would be her next opponents.

“Tsk, tsk! You’re quite arrogant! In my entire life, I’ve never given way to anyone!” A pretty girl walked out and looked at Yun Feng coldly.
“You killed Ouyang Shanshan.
You’re quite bold.”

“She deserved to die.” Yun Feng stared at the girl in front of her with her black eyes and didn’t take a step back at all.
The girl was stunned for a moment, then she suddenly took a few steps forward and raised her hand, as if she wanted to slap Yun Feng!

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Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold as her mental strength surged out quickly and turned into an invisible whip that wrapped around the girl’s arm abruptly..
The girl’s body froze and before she could do anything, Yun Feng’s mental whip had already swung out violently without hesitation!

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