Chapter 601: The Contest Begins (3)

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This requirement made many second-rate families sigh.
Not only did they have to compete with their strength, but they also had to win fast! The Hong and Lan families were certainly confident.
With someone like Yun Feng in the Yan family, the Yan family certainly wouldn’t be worried.
The other
second-rate families could only accept it helplessly.

On the day of the contest, the entire Canglan City was in an uproar.
The venue of the contest was in the Main Hall of the Bright Moon Hall.
The civilians didn’t have the right to enter, so they could only watch with anticipation from the outside.
The other families that came to watch the contest were lucky
enough to enter.
The second-rate families that didn’t participate in the contest took up the majority.
A lot of people came to the Main Hall of the Bright Moon Hall on this day, and most of them were here to watch the drama.
However, after entering the Main Hall, each family restrained themselves.
all, this was the Main Hall, not a place where they could behave randomly.
The young disciples who were usually domineering in some small places also restrained themselves and didn’t even dare to speak loudly, fearing that they might offend someone impressive.

The Bright Moon Hall attached great importance to the selection of the Hall Guardian this time.
They specially prepared an area for these second-rate families to watch the competition.
The contest hadn’t started yet, but the seats of the audience were almost full.
“Which family do you think will be able to get the position?”

“That goes without saying.
Of course, it’s going to be from the first-rate families! Didn’t the former guardians all come from first-rate families?”

“Idon’t think so.
The Hong family and the Lan family are also very strong.
I heard that the Yan family has risen recently.”

“speaking of the Yan family, do you know the recent rumors?”

“Of course! Who in Canglan City doesn’t know about that fiancée of the Yan family, Yun Feng? I heard she’s an impressive summoner!”

The constant whispers spread throughout the entire observation area.
The focus of many people’s discussion was naturally about which family would get the guardian position this time.
Most of them firmly believed that it would be a first-rate family.
After all, their strength and background were obvious.
Some people also guessed that it was the Hong family and the Lan family from the second-rate families, but they all had a neutral attitude towards the Yan family, watching and waiting,

Even though Yun Feng was quite strong, that was just a rumor.
Only Ouyang Shanshan and Xiao Lingyu, who had fought with her, knew whether she was strong or not.
Ouyang Shanshan was already dead.
Xiao Lingyu certainly couldn’t tell everyone how miserable he looked at that time.
Yun Feng’s
strength was still unknown in the eyes of others, but seeing how calm and composed the Yan family was, everyone was very curious.

“[ think that Yun Feng is just so-so.
Maybe she just has the title of summoner.” Some people said with disdain, while the others all laughed loudly.

“I think Yun Feng is a powerful person.
Which summoner is easy to deal with? The Yan family is just a second-rate family.
They’re quite confident to sign up this time.”

“It’s pointless for you to speculate here.
When Yun Feng goes on stage for the contest, everything will be clear! She’ll show whether or not she’s truly strong!”

‘The observation area was gradually filled with people.
Most of the younger generation of the second-rate families had come to broaden their horizons.
The second-rate families that were participating also sent people here.
The Yan family sent Yan Tianhao, the leader of the Yan family.

“Brother Yan, congratulations this time.” The masters of a few second-rate families all greeted Yan Tianhao when they saw him.
They were about the same level, but the Yan family signed up for the contest this time.
The small families were all shocked, especially when the Yan family had such a
summoner fiancée.

“Haha, not at all.
Yan Ming, that kid, is lucky.” Yan Tianhao didn’t dare to claim that he was lucky.
The reason why Yun Feng was in the Yan family was because of Yan Ming.
However, seeing the envious eyes of the masters of these small families, Yan Tianhao was naturally delighted in his heart.

“Brother Yan!” A voice called out.
The few small families looked over and saw that it was the heads of the powerful Hong and Lan families.
The heads of the two families walked over with a smile, as if they were very familiar with Yan Tianhao.
Yan Tianhao was naturally flattered in his mind.
These two
families were comparable to the first-rate families!

“Master Hong, Master Lan.” The other families quickly greeted them obsequiously.
The masters of the two families only replied briefly and then said to Yan Tianhao very intimately, “Why are you still standing here? We have our own seats.”
The leaders of the small families all stood there awkwardly.
Yan Tianhao chuckled and said to the others, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’l be leaving first.”

The leaders of the small families laughed dryly as they watched Yan Tianhao and the two masters leave.
They said with a rather sour tone, “It’s truly different once you gain power.”

“Yeah, the Yan family finally met a fortune bringer this time.”

“Hm! Not necessarily.
If this fortune bringer actually brings misfortune, the Yan family will be humiliated.”

Even though they said so, they were still envious and jealous of Yan Tianhao.
How great would it be if their son was engaged to this summoner!

Under the leadership of the Hong and Lan families, Yan Tianhao walked to an area.
As he looked around, he saw that the leaders of the four top families were sitting there!

Yan Tianhao’s breath tightened.
He was about to bend down and greet them, when the leaders of the four families spoke first, “Are you the leader of the Yan family?”

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Yan Tianhao’s heart skipped a beat.
The Yan family had caught their attention! “Yes, I am.”

“Hmph!” A cold snort startled Yan Tianhao.
“Haha, nice to meet you.” Except for him, the other three people all smiled at Yan Tianhao casually.
The masters of the Hong and Lan families were extremely upset in their minds.
What did the Yan family have that made these few people take the initiative to
greet them? They had never received such treatment!

Yan Tianhao really felt a bit dizzy.
“Alright, Master Yan, please sit down.” Yan Tianhao nodded in a daze.
He managed to stay rational and sat down.
This was a separate area that was specially set up for the participating families.
When Yan Tianhao sat down, he could clearly feel the jealousy in the eyes of
the other participating second-rate families.
The corners of Yan Tianhao’s mouth slowly lifted.
The Yan family was different!

“Brother Yan.” The leaders of the Hong and Lan families sat next to Yan Tianhao..
“Brother Yan, whoever wins this contest, it will be a glory of the second-rate families, don’t you think?”

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