Chapter 600: The Contest Begins (2)

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“We don’t need to know whether or not she is his biological daughter.
We just need to know that she’s Zhan Li’s daughter,” said Zhong Qing in a deep voice.
The expressions of the few of them darkened again.
Zhan Li’s daughter.
That Zhan Li was a figure that even the Hall Master was afraid of.
If she was
his daughter, they really… couldn’t touch her.

“Did my daughter die for nothing?” Ouyang Tian roared furiously.
He was unwilling and furious in his mind.
Was this matter over just like that? Was his Ouyang family so easily bullied?
“What else can you do about this? Do you want to provoke Zhan Li?” said Xiao Fan.
Ouyang Tian’s face suddenly stiffened.
Zhan Li, this man who had always been alone and had unpredictable strength, nobody knew his background.
They only knew that his strength and ability were terrifying!

“Brother Ouyang, as I said, don’t do anything in private.
If you’re really angry, just put it on this election.
As long as you kill Yun Feng in the arena during the competition, what can Zhan Li do?” Xiao Fan sneered.
Ouyang Tian smiled coldly.
That’s right.
If there was any grudge, just wait and resolve it in
the competition!

“Then, Brother Ouyang, let’s see how your family deals with Yun Feng.” The masters of the other two families both smiled.
Ouyang Tian looked at the other three people with a bad expression.
If such a thing hadn’t happened to the Ouyang family, he wouldn’t have forced himself to do this! However,

Ouyang Shanshan’s death was too great a blow.
The Ouyang family had to take revenge! If they didn’t take revenge, wouldn’t the Ouyang family be despised by everyone?

“Humph!” Ouyang Tian flicked his sleeve and left.
The other three people looked at his back thoughtfully.
“Ouyang Shanshan’s death made this old guy completely furious.”

“Anyone would be like that.
Such a young and outstanding descendant died just like that.
Who can pretend that nothing happened? Let’s just watch the show this time.
Isn’t the Hall Master also waiting to watch the show?” said Zhong Qing slowly.
The other two people nodded.
The Ouyang family was truly

After the four of them left, Yun Feng followed the Hall Master into the Main Hall.
Yuehua sat aside casually.
It was obvious that the Hall Master doted on her daughter and didn’t avoid anything.
“Yun Feng, how confident are you in winning this position?” The Hall Master didn’t beat around the bush and directly said.
Yun Feng raised her brows in surprise.
“Hall Master, you’re asking a very interesting question.
I can’t say how confident I am, After all, the other families aren’t easy to deal with.”
The Hall Master burst into laughter.
“Yun Feng, don’t be so humble.
You’re a powerhouse too.
How can the descendants of those families be your match?”

Yuehua looked at Yun Feng angrily on the side.
Her Seven Cloud Whip had been destroyed by her last time!

“Tm not being humble.
It’s the truth.
You can’t underestimate anyone.” Yun Feng said indifferently.
The Hall Master looked at Yun Feng deeply.
It was truly rare to have such a calm mind at such a young age.
She was indeed Zhan Li’s daughter.

“Yun Feng, even if you get the guardian position, I won’t dare to let you have it.
Zhan Li won’t agree, haha!”

Yun Feng smiled.
Uncle Zhan seemed to be quite influential on the West Continent.
Even the Hall Master treated him so specially.
“Right, Yun Feng.” The Hall Master changed the topic.
“Do you know what your father is busy with right now?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Uncle Zhan was only joking when he said that I was his daughter.
You don’t have to take him seriously.
As for what Uncle Zhan is doing, I don’t know at all.
You asked the wrong person.”

‘The Hall Master chuckled.
It didn’t matter whether Yun Feng and Zhan Li were truly father and daughter.
As long as Zhan Li said so, they were! “I didn’t expect you to be so close to the Yan family, Yun Feng.
This is truly unexpected.”

“It was my honor to know Yun Feng,” said Yan Ming on the side.
Yuehua snorted in disdain and the Hall Master chuckled.
“You’re absolutely right.
Yun Feng is the Yan family’s benefactor.”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly on the side.
She only wanted the body-tempering solution back then.
Who would have thought that the Yan family would be pushed to such a height?

“Tm optimistic about the Yan family in this competition.
The Yan family won’t let me down in the future.”

Yan Ming nodded and bowed to the Hall Master.
“Don’t worry, Hall Master.
The Yan family won’t let you down.”

Yun Feng sat on the side.
It seemed that the Yan family’s road was going up.
Even if they couldn’t get the guardian spot, the Hall Master would still treat the Yan family differently.
Yan Ming’s ambitions would also be inflated.
Yun Feng glanced at Yan Ming.
She really couldn’t predict where he would go.
The day of the contest was coming soon.
There were a total of fourteen families that participated in the contest.
The Yue family, where the Hall Master was from, didn’t participate in the contest.
The other four first-rate families and the ten second-rate families amounted to a total of fourteen families.

The first-rate families had the privilege to directly advance to the final selection.
The first step of the contest was for the second-rate families to compete with each other and send out four winners to compete with the four first-rate families respectively.
They would take the form of one-on-one matches
and half of the candidates would be eliminated in one round.
Four winners would be sent out in four rounds of competition.
Then, the four winners that qualified would fight again in two rounds.
They would send out two winners to compete in the finals.

In other words, this contest was all one-on-one duels, and all the winners would be decided in one go.
The method of drawing lots was completely based on luck.
If you got a weak family, you would be lucky.
If you got a strong family, you could only blame it on your bad luck.
If you wanted to qualify for
the next round, your strength was part of it and your luck also played an important role.

Every family could only send one person for the contest, and they couldn’t change the candidate halfway.
The first-rate families undoubtedly had a lot of advantages when only one person was picked.
In other words, the first-rate families fought fewer battles than the second-rate families.
For the people
of the second-rate families who participated in the election, they suffered a lot.

The rest time after a battle was very short.
They wouldn’t be able to recover much in just one day.
The second-rate families were facing the first-rate families who had never fought and were full of energy.
Considering the strength of the first-rate families, it would be difficult for them to beat the
first-rate families!

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The second-rate families didn’t dare to disagree with this rule.
After all, it was already good enough for them to participate in the contest.

The second-rate families would draw lots in advance.
The competition for the second-rate families was very harsh.
The ten families would be divided into five groups, one on one.
However, only four winners would be chosen.
A new rule was added in the competition between the second-rate families.
The victory didn’t only require a defeat, but also the time cost..
The candidate who won with the longest time would be automatically eliminated!

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