Chapter 59: Be Honest About Her Strength

What Yun Jing said infused warmth into Yun Feng’s aggrieved heart.
The corners of her mouth curled up and she gave a sweet smile.
She knew it.
She knew that her poker-faced father wasn’t worrying about the Lin family’s trouble at all, but about her, her safety!

In the mind of her poker-faced father, there was nothing more important than his two children.
If she and her brother were hurt, her sullen father would definitely fight back with his life! This was her father.
This was the father who loved her so much!

Yun Jing’s worries made Yun Feng feel a little ashamed.
He was so anxious only because she wasn’t honest with her father about her strength.
However, at this moment, once the Lin family started their revenge, her poker-faced father would definitely send himself out to face them alone.
So, at a time like this, it was time for her to tell him about her real strength!

She gave it a thought and the bracelet appeared immediately.
The dark red Ring of Contract lying silently in the bracelet seemed to calm.
In a blink, the Ring of Contract appeared in Yun Feng’s hand.
The six fire marks on the surface of the ring had a scorching temperature.
The moment the Ring of Contract appeared, the air around her shook slightly.

“Father, I have something to tell you.”

Yun Jing was lowering his head right now, so he didn’t see Yun Feng’s moves and the Ring of Contract which was the symbol of a summoner at all.
He was thinking in his mind about how he should deal with the series of problems that might arise next.
The Lin family would definitely not let the Yun family get away this time.
He must send Yun Feng away as quickly as possible, Yun Sheng as well.
If the Lin family couldn’t find Yun Feng, they would surely hurt Yun Sheng.
It didn’t matter what they did to him, but nothing could happen to his two children!

Hearing that Yun Feng had something to tell him, Yun Jing didn’t care at all.
He just replied casually, but was still thinking about how he could send Yun Feng out of Chunfeng Town without the Lin family noticing and how he could ensure that Yun Sheng could return safely and leave with Feng…

Yun Feng looked at the frowning and pondering look of her poker-faced father.
She knew what he was thinking without guessing and she couldn’t help but shake her head speechlessly.
She wanted to give him a surprise originally, but it had inexplicably been diluted too much.
She had already taken out the Ring of Contract and her sullen father didn’t even see it.

“Little Fire, come out.”

Yun Feng put the Ring of Contract on her finger and the six fire marks on the body of the dark red ring immediately lit up.
A beam of dark red light shot out of the surface of the ring, landing next to Yun Feng.
It gradually expanded into a figure and an entirely dark red level-6 Magic Beast, a Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf, appeared in the end!

The moment Little Fire showed up, the temperature in the entire room instantly increased a lot and even started to distort slightly.
Yun Feng felt the rising temperature, so she yelled at the unusually excited Little Fire next to her with a low voice, “Tone it down.
Do you want to burn down my home?”

Yun Jing was already confused when Yun Feng asked Little Fire to come out.
Who was Little Fire? When did their family have such a person? Before he looked up, he had already noticed the change of the air around him.
The soaring temperature almost burnt his clothes.
If his fighting energy of a level-5 warrior didn’t surge out in time, Yun Jing would have been burnt by the fire.

The sudden change made Yun Jing look up in shock.
However, what he couldn’t even imagine was… Wasn’t this entirely dark red Fire Cloud Wolf a Magic Beast? Why would a Magic Beast show up in his house? What… What was going on?

“Master, I’ve already been hiding for a long time.
How boring!” Little Fire complained in discontent, which made Yun Feng feel a bit sorry.
Since she concealed her identity as a summoner, Little Fire was also being hidden.
She wouldn’t let it out until it was the right time.
Ever since Yun Feng was contracted with Little Fire, this was the first time it came out.
So, it made sense that it felt aggrieved.

Yun Feng was probably the first summoner in the world who could make a Magic Beast aggrieved.

Yun Feng smiled embarrassedly.
It was her fault after all.
“Stop complaining.
I don’t mind sending you back inside.”

Once Little Fire heard it, it immediately stopped talking.
It scratched the floor with its wolf claws in frustration and lowered its wolf head feeling wronged.
Was it lucky or unlucky to have contracted such a genius master?

Yun Feng lowered her head to talk to Little Fire and didn’t notice that her poker-faced father had already been frozen to a stone statue.
There was only one phrase scurrying around Yun Jing’s head, Magic Beast, Magic Beast, Magic Beast, Magic Beast…

His daughter in front of him was talking to a Magic Beast so naturally and that Magic Beast called Yun Feng its Master? Only one kind of person could make a Magic Beast call them Master, which was…

“Feng, you…” Yun Jing finally found his voice again.
He stood up from the chair and stared at Little Fire firmly with his black eyes.
There was a strong tremor in his voice.
Was this real? Was everything real?

Yun Feng looked up and saw the excitement of her poker-faced father and the way he stared firmly at Little Fire.
She knew that there must be raging waves in the heart of her sullen father right now.
Yun Feng couldn’t help becoming thrilled.
She straightened her back and said with a clear and bright voice.

“Father, I lived up to the expectations of the Yun family.
I’m a summoner!”

A summoner! Yun Feng’s clear voice hit the bottom of Yun Jing’s heart, making it shake violently.
The fighting energy in his body also went into chaos because of such excitement.
Yun Jing panted heavily and looked at the Magic Beast in front of him as he listened to what his daughter said.
He wanted to properly digest the news that made him ecstatic!

How many years had it been? How many years had it been since that legendary summoner of the Yun family was born? A few centuries! Every generation of the Yun family dreamt of having the second summoner.
This had been the dream and hope of the Yun family for hundreds of years!

The continuation from generation to generation, the disappointment from generation to generation, the hope from generation to generation, the persistence from generation to generation!

The determination in the bones of the Yun family passed down their hope that became weaker and weaker.
Even after constant disappointment, even though there wasn’t a second summoner anymore, this little fire of hope was still burning and was passed down continuously!

Yun Jing’s eyes became slightly teary.
The delightful news made this middle-aged man who had always been cold extremely thrilled.
He couldn’t repress the raging emotions in his heart anymore.

He had originally given up.
He thought this generation couldn’t fulfil the expectations of the Yun family throughout these several centuries again.
And yet, he had never thought, he had never thought… A summoner, his daughter was a summoner!

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