Chapter 597: I Can Only Look Up To You (3)

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“If that’s the case, I won’t let you have peace and quiet even if I have to die.” Qu Lanyi lowered his eyes and looked at the girl in his arms at this moment.
His eyes moved slightly.
“Fengfeng, shouldn’t our relationship take a step forward?”

Yun Feng suddenly raised her head, and Qu Lanyi put on a charming smile again.
He quickly put his fingers on Yun Feng’s neck and caressed it gently.
He held the back of Yun Feng’s head with her slender fingers and pressed his lips down slowly.
A part of the man’s body made Yun Feng completely blush.
“You dog!” With the furious shout, Yun Feng blushed.
She punched Qu Lanyi’s chest fiercely.
Qu Lanyi grunted and coughed awkwardly, but he still refused to let go of Yun Feng.

“Just kidding, just kidding…”

Yun Feng blushed and was a bit flustered in her mind.
Seeing how embarrassed Yun Feng was, Qu Lanyi burst into laughter.
He held Yun Feng’s face and pressed his lips against hers without hesitation.
A loud kiss landed on Yun Feng’s red lips, making her blush even more.

“Bastard!” Yun Feng suddenly pushed Qu Lanyi away.
She flipped her hand and summoned the fire element.
Qu Lanyi quickly jumped away and dodged awkwardly while begging for mercy.
The door was pushed open.
Yan Che had just entered the room when a fireball flew towards him.

Yan Che dodged and coughed.
“Cough, cough! Get out.
Someone wants to see you!” Yan Che looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Had the Ouyang family come to her?

Qu Lanyi’s smiling face suddenly became serious.
“Let’s go out and take a look.” Yun Feng nodded.
When she walked to the Main Hall, she saw Yan Ming talking happily with a man.
Seeing Yun Feng, Yan Ming’s eyes brightened.
“You’re here.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The man, who was chatting happily with Yan Ming, sized Yun Feng up with great interest.
“So, this is Young Master Yan’s fiancée.
Indeed, seeing is believing.”

“Haha, you flatter me, my lord.” Yan Ming was very polite and humble.
The man chuckled.
“There’s no time like the present.
Come to the Main Hall with me.
Young Master Yan, that’s why you sought me, right?”

Yan Ming smiled very elegantly.
Yun Feng raised her eyebrows slightly.
What should she say to Yan Ming? He was truly making use of her completely without missing anything.
She thought that Yan Ming already wanted to make an impression on the Hall Master.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of the woman
who once coveted Qu Lanyi.
If Yan Ming could get close to that woman, it would be easier, but Yan Ming probably wouldn’t do that.

Yan Ming didn’t go to the Main Hall with the man right away.
Instead, he declined the offer and said that he would visit the Main Hall in person tomorrow.
The man then left with a smile.
The Yan family’s status had already risen.
Even the people from the Main Hall were polite.
After the man left, Yun Feng said, “If you want to get close to the Hall Master, isn’t it better to take down his precious daughter?”

Yan Ming glanced at Yun Feng and chuckled.
“That’s a good idea.” Yun Feng was a bit surprised.
“I thought you’re too proud to use that method.”

Yan Ming burst into laughter with an unfathomable expression on his delicate facial features.
“As long as I can achieve the goal I want, I don’t mind how I achieve it.”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly.
Yan Ming chuckled.
“However, I’m not interested in the Hall Master’s precious daughter.
I don’t just want to befriend the Hall Master either.”

“Even though your strength hasn’t reached the level of the experts yet, your mind is as sophisticated as theirs.” Yun Feng commented.
Yan Ming laughed.
“Thank you for thinking so highly of me.
I’m just a nobody.”

Yun Feng put on a smile.
Yan Tianhao would regret that he hadn’t paid attention to this illegitimate son a few years earlier.
If Yan Ming had been valued a bit earlier, the Yan family wouldn’t be what it was today.
Yan Ming was capable and cunning, He indeed had the potential for the position of the
family’s master, perhaps somewhere even higher.

At this moment, Yun Feng had already foreseen Yan Ming’s future.
Many years later, this unintentional encounter between Yun Feng and him would make him an overlord on the West Continent.

The next day, Yan Ming visited the Main Hall with Yun Feng just as he said.
Outsiders were usually not allowed to enter the Main Hall, especially those from second-rate families.
However, the Yan family was an exception.
Although the news of Ouyang Shanshan’s death didn’t spread like wildfire,
everyone who should know about it, including the Main Hall Master, knew about it.

As soon as she entered the Main Hall, Yun Feng saw a familiar person.
Hao Cheng, whom she had met before, was also one of guardians of the Main Hall.
The Hao family was one of the top families too.
“Miss Yun, you’re here.” Hao Cheng greeted Yun Feng courteously when he saw her.
Yan Ming looked at Yun Feng in surprise.
Hao Cheng was a guardian of the Main Hall.
He was one of the most important people here, yet he was so polite to Yun Feng?

“Lord Hao, how have you been?” Yun Feng greeted him.
Hao Cheng chuckled.
“You’re too kind, Miss Yun.
This way, please.” Hao Cheng completely ignored Yan Ming.
Yan Ming wasn’t embarrassed at all.
This person was extraordinarily adaptable.
Yun Feng followed behind Lord Hao, while Yan Ming
followed at the side.
Right now, he had completely become an accessory.

Under Hao Cheng’s lead, the two of them walked deeper into the Main Hall.
Along the way, they attracted a lot of gazes.
People were scrutinizing her angrily and confusedly.
There were people from first-rate families everywhere in the Main Hall.
Naturally, some of them were from the Ouyang family.

Hao Cheng led Yun Feng to a place.
“Miss Yun, please wait here for a moment.
The Master will come later.” After saying that, Hao Cheng bowed to Yun Feng courteously and left.
Yun Feng and Yan Ming couldn’t help but feel a bit confused in their minds.
They decided to take things as they came.
“You’re Yun Feng!” A furious shout came from the door after a while.
A young man ran in aggressively and stared at Yun Feng with bloodshot eyes.
“You killed Shanshan?”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
Yan Ming looked at the young man.
“You are…”

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“Get lost!” The young man roared as he stared at Yun Feng.
“You killed Shanshan?” The young man’s breathing was rapid and full of resentment.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
“That’s right.
I killed her.
She deserved to die!”

“You…” The young man’s breath tightened.
How could she feel justified when she had killed someone? “I will take revenge for Shanshan!” The young man shouted as he stabbed Yun Feng with the longsword in his hand.
Yun Feng sneered… Did this mere Commander want to take revenge?

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