Chapter 596: I Can Only Look Up To You (2)

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Ouyang Yun’s body trembled slightly as viciousness flashed through his eyes.
That’s right! In the screening contest, nobody cared who lived or died.
If Yun Feng died up there, even the Hall Master would have nothing to say!

“Brother Ouyang, do you understand” said the Xiao family’s master earnestly.
Ouyang Tian snorted again and turned his head slightly.
“Don’t think that the Xiao family can get away with this! You must be responsible for my daughter’s death! Goodbye!” Ouyang Tian then quickly left.
The Xiao family’s
master stood there with a darkened face.
The other two family masters also left immediately.

After everyone left, the master of the Xiao family glanced at Xiao Lingyu gloomily.
Xiao Lingyu moved his lips and didn’t dare to say anything.
“You did a good job.
It’s good that Ouyang Shanshan is dead.
It’s beneficial for us.” The master of the Xiao family slowly put on a smile that was extremely gloomy.
“Yun Feng, this person isn’t afraid of death.
The four families are going to deal with you together.
I’d like to see how many lives you have!”

‘When Yun Feng returned to Canglan City from the sky, she clearly felt that the atmosphere in the city had suddenly become serious.
Some experts looked even more nervous.
It should be the result of her rather shocking voice just then.
After all, it required a lot of courage to shout like that.
Yun Feng’s
voice was full of energy.
Even the leaders of the first-rate families had lingering fears, let alone others.

As soon as she returned to the small yard where the Yan family was, Yun Feng was dragged out by a black shadow.
She didn’t have time to react.
Lan Yi and Little Fire landed in the yard.
Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head and yawned.
Yan Ming, who had been waiting in the yard, couldn’t help but laugh
when he saw Yun Feng being dragged away.

“What’s wrong, Brother Yan? Are you worried about Yun Feng?” A cheeky voice sounded, and Yan Che appeared out of nowhere.
Yan Ming chuckled.
“No, but there are others who should feel worried for her.
Brother Yan, are you enjoying the drama?”
Yan Che was stunned.
He touched his hair with his hand.
“Haha, I’m fine.
Let me tell you…”

Yan Ming waved his hand and stopped Yan Che.
He then stood up and flicked his clothes.
“Brother Yan, you’re on your own.
If Brother Qu finds out, be careful.”

Yan Che took a deep breath.
Yan Ming was still smiling, Yan Che suddenly thought of something and rolled his eyes.
“Yan Ming, do you know what Yun Feng did just now?”

Yan Ming replied with an “oh”.
It was obvious that he didn’t care.
Yan Che laughed.
“She killed Ouyang Shanshan, who seemed to be…”

“Ouyang Shanshan?!” Yan Ming’s voice suddenly became heavy and his face also darkened.
Yan Che smiled even more happily when he saw this.
This kid has been so arrogant.
You’re going to have a headache!

“She seems to be from a first-rate family.
You’re in trouble now.” Yan Che laughed, but didn’t see Yan Ming’s worried face.
Yan Ming stood there in silence for a while and suddenly laughed.
Yan Che blinked a few times.
“Why are you laughing? Shouldn’t you be having a headache right now? That’s a
member of a first-rate family.
This first-rate family definitely won’t let the Yan family off! You… You’re still laughing?”

Yan Ming burst into laughter, as if he was very happy.
“Of course I do.
I’m glad that Ouyang Shanshan died.”
Yan Che looked at the smile at the comers of Yan Ming’s mouth and suddenly shivered.
He took a few steps back.
“You’re also a weirdo.
I thought I was weird enough, but I found that you and Yun Feng are even more weird than me!”

Yan Ming chuckled and walked out with his sleeves gently swinging.
Yan Che shouted loudly when he saw that, “Hey! Where are you going?”

Yan Ming replied without looking back.
He had already disappeared from the yard.
“Brother Yan, you don’t have to ask.
You won’t understand even if I tell you.”

Yan Che’s face turned red.
Yan Ming was obviously mocking him for his lack of intelligence.
Yan Che looked at Little Fire, Lan Yi and Meatball indignantly.
All three of them looked away at the same time.
Yan Che was so angry that he yelled, “Freaks! They’re all freaks!”
At the same time, Yun Feng’s wrist was grabbed firmly by a hand and she was instantly dragged into a room.
The door was opened, she was dragged in and the door was closed again.

Qu Lanyi sized her up from head to toe with a pair of worried eyes.
The white light elements immediately invaded her body.
“Are you hurt?” Qu Lanyi’s voice trembled anxiously.
When he found that Yun Feng’s hand was injured, Qu Lanyi immediately became gloomy.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I’m fine.
wounds are nothing.”

A pair of arms was put on her shoulder.
The next second, Yun Feng was dragged into a warm embrace, and his arms surrounded Yun Feng.
Yun Feng heard Qu Lanyi’s pounding heart.
“Who hurt you?” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng tightly, hoping to melt her into his body.
Yun Feng put on a smile and put her arms around Qu Lanyi’s body gently.
She took a deep breath.
“I’m fine.
Those who hurt me have either run away or died.”
Qu Lanyi’s eyes tumed cold, “They have run away? Where did they go?”

Yun Feng raised her head and looked at Qu Lanyi’s perfect facial features from below.
Qu Lanyi lowered his head slightly and their eyes intertwined.
“Don’t let yourself get hurt.
If I’m not with you, who will take care of you…”
Yun Feng frowned.
“Not with me? Where are you going?”

Qu Lanyi’s eyes glittered.
He caressed Yun Feng’s shiny black hair with a gentle look.
“I’m not going anywhere.
I’ll protect you.”

Yun Feng felt a bit awkward because of what Qu Lanyi said.
What did he mean by that? Would he leave her one day? Would he? Yun Feng grabbed Qu Lanyi’s clothes and held her tightly in her hand.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and held her even more tightly, breathing into her neck.
“Fengfeng, if I disappear one day, will you come to find me?”

Yun Feng was startled.
She didn’t say anything for a while.
Qu Lanyi didn’t say anything either.
They breathed quietly and their hearts were racing.

“If you’re gone, I’ll have peace and quiet,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Hearing that, Qu Lanyi let out a few muffled laughs from the depths of his chest and slowly folded his arms.
Their bodies were pressed together intimately without any gap..

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