Chapter 595: I Can Only Look Up To You (1)

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“Humph!” Xiao Lingyu snorted coldly and stood up with difficulty, holding the wall.
The few young people all chuckled when they saw this.
“What happened to you? Didn’t Ouyang Shanshan leave with you? With your strength, you shouldn’t be in such a sorry state even if you encountered a strong enemy!”
Xiao Lingyu’s heart couldn’t help but tremble again when he thought of Yun Feng.
He looked up at the sullen man in front of him.
“Father, we met someone extraordinary.
If I hadn’t run fast, I probably couldn’t have come back.
Also, Ouyang Shanshan is already dead.”

The other young people couldn’t help but gasp after hearing that.
Even the head of the Xiao family was slightly stunned.
Ouyang Shanshan was dead? She was the star of the younger generation that the Ouyang family was proud of.
She died just like that?

The head of the Xiao family frowned and pondered.
Ouyang Shanshan’s death was a huge blow to the Ouyang family.
It wasn’t a bad thing that Ouyang Shanshan was dead.
The five families had been on par for many years and nobody could take advantage of the others.
However, once their strength was
off-balance, it would be a new opportunity.

“Was it the person you met just then who made the declaration?” Master Xiao asked in a deep voice.
Xiao Lingyu immediately nodded.
Someone came to visit before he could tell them the details.

“Master Xiao, did you hear that voice just then?” An extremely deep voice came.
After saying that, a few figures rushed over.
Xiao Lingyu saw that it was the masters of the other three families!

The other members of the younger generation of the Xiao family all retreated.
Xiao Lingyu was about to turn around and leave, when a voice stopped him.
“Xiao Lingyu, where’s my daughter, Ouyang Shanshan?”
Xiao Lingyu’s body trembled slightly.
The Master of the Xiao family couldn’t help but look awful.
“Ouyang Tian, what’s the meaning of this? What does your daughter’s whereabouts have to do with Lingyu?”
Ouyang Tian looked awful too.
“How is it none of Xiao Lingyu’s business? They went out together.
Now that he’s back, my daughter, Ouyang Shanshan, is nowhere to be found.
If I don’t ask him, who should I ask?”

The masters of the other three families all stood aside and looked like they were watching a good show.
The relationship between the Xiao family and the Ouyang family had always been good, and the children of the two families often interacted with each other.
However, this time, they seemed to be
having a fight.

This matter involved the younger generation of their family.
Neither of them, as a parent, would naturally not let it go easily.
Xiao Lingyu took a deep breath and took two steps forward.
“Uncle Ouyang, Shanshan… is dead.” After saying that, Ouyang Tian’s face darkened.
The other three Family Heads were also shocked.

“He’s dead?” Ouyang Tian said in a gloomy tone as he stared at Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu was so frightened by his vicious gaze that he took a few steps back.
The head of the Xiao family shouted furiously, “Ouyang Tian! Lingyu has nothing to do with Ouyang Shanshan’s death! Even if he had attacked her,
could he have killed her at all?”

The anger on Ouyang Tian’s face subsided slightly.
That was true.
Ouyang Shanshan was quite strong.
Even if Xiao Lingyu had attacked her, the chances of his winning weren’t very high.
After all, she was a summoner.
How could she be taken down so easily?
“Could it be… that voice just then…” Ouyang Tian’s face turned completely cold.
He gritted his teeth and the veins on his neck also bulged.
How dare anyone kill his beloved daughter, Ouyang Shanshan? That person must be tired of living!

“That’s right!” Xiao Lingyu immediately followed up and described what happened just then in detail, completely omitting the fact that he and Ouyang Shanshan were the ones who took the initiative to attack.
He described Yun Feng’s self-defense as a provocation.
According to him, he and Ouyang
Shanshan originally didn’t want to talk to this person, but this person suddenly attacked.
He should have given it his all, but he didn’t expect this person to be a strong multi-element summoner! Ouyang Shanshan couldn’t beat her, and he had to fight with his life to escape.

Ouyang Tianyue’s face became darker and darker as he listened.
After Xiao Lingyu said that, Ouyang Tian said gloomily, “You didn’t care about Ouyang Shanshan at all and you escaped alone, right?”

The head of the Xiao family’s face darkened when he heard this.
Xiao Lingyu laughed dryly.
“Uncle Ouyang, I couldn’t do anything at that time.
Besides, Shanshan had always been powerful, so I was not worried at all.
After all, I’m not as strong as her.”
Ouyang Tian remained silent with a sullen face.
After a while, he asked, “Yun Feng… Yun Feng from the Yan family?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and didn’t say anything else.
A faint aura pressed him down, making it difficult for him to breathe.
The Xiao Family’s master waved his hand abruptly, and Xiao Lingyu felt his breathing become a bit smoother.

“Humph!” Ouyang Tian grunted abruptly.
He flicked his sleeve and was about to leave with a sullen expression.
Seeing that, the head of the Xiao family immediately said, “Brother Ouyang, what are you doin;

Ouyang Tian didn’t stop walking.
He roared without looking back, “Of course, I’ll skin that bastard, pull out her tendons, and cut her into pieces! If she had the guts to kill my beloved daughter, Ouyang Shanshan, then she should have the courage to accept my anger! I’ll exterminate the Yan family!”
The leaders of the other two families chuckled and didn’t say anything.
The Xiao family’s leader’s face darkened.
“Brother Ouyang, are you giving the Hall Master a reason to get rid of you?”

Ouyang Tian’s body stiffened and he suddenly stopped.
The other two Family Heads also said, “Yes, Brother Xiao is right.”

Ouyang Tian stood there with a gloomy face and the fury in his heart surged.
The outstanding descendant of the Ouyang family was dead! She died just like that! She would never come home again! How much effort would the Ouyang family have to spend to nurture another Ouyang Shanshan?
Even though the Ouyang family had other outstanding children, they weren’t as talented as Ouyang Shanshan.
Ouyang Shanshan’s death was undoubtedly a huge blow to the Ouyang family!

Someone destroyed his family’s future, so he had to take revenge! Someone killed his daughter, so he certainly wanted that family to be annihilated! The anger in Ouyang Tian’s heart soared, but what the Xiao family’s head said just then forced his rationality back.

“Brother Ouyang, it’s not that you don’t know the purpose of expanding the roster of guardians of the Main Hall this time.
The Hall Master is happy to see the current situation.
You can say that Yun Fen is exactly what the Hall Master needs.
If you touch the Yan family at this moment, the Hall Master will
certainly have a good reason to eliminate you.” The master of the Xiao family kept a straight face.
“It’s very painful to lose one’s beloved daughter, but right now, you can only calm down.”

Ouyang Tian clenched his fists tightly.
Seeing him like this, the leader of the Xiao family sighed.
“I know the anger and resentment in your heart..
You can take revenge for this, but not right now, but during the screening contest!”

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