Chapter 592: Whoever Stands In My Way Shall Die (2)

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Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s expression couldn’t help but turn cold.
She knew clearly that this wasn’t a spar or a fair competition.
This was a fight, a real battle! Since it was a battle, there was no such thing as bullying others with more people and there was no such thing as fairness.
The only result was that
one of the two parties would die!

“Kill her!” Ouyang Shanshan whispered as a hint of killing intent flashed through her eyes.
Xiao Lingyu was stunned.
‘Kill her? That’s.” Ouyang Shanshan suddenly turned around and growled at Xiao Lingyu.
“You and I are both young geniuses.
Some of the others are considered geniuses too.
However, there’s no need for so many geniuses in this world, especially her, who’s an opponent!”

Xiao Lingyu understood after hearing this.
Yun Feng’s talent was above theirs.
After all, as a summoner, why did she have such strange physical strength? It would be fine if she was alone.
They could rope her in, but she already belonged to another family.
Once the Yan family had her, their future
development would be unstoppable!

“Alright, kill her!” Xiao Lingyu’s expression suddenly turned vicious and a strong killing intent surged out.
His momentum also changed from the suppressed aura just then to a full outburst!

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly.
It seemed that the two people on the opposite side were going to fight for real? There were geniuses in this world, but the great geniuses who couldn’t be tamed would be killed! Especially so for people like Yun Feng.
If they let her grow, her future would be nothing

but promising!

‘One against two.
Even if she’s a rare genius, she won’t have any chance of winning!” Ouyang Shanshan whispered as she waved the wand in her hand.
The lion next to her suddenly let out a furious roar as its fiery red body pounced towards Yun Feng.
Yun Feng also waved the wand in her hand fiercely as the
giant ice-blue snake next to her rushed forward!

“Roar…” “Hiss…”

The bodies of the two giant beasts collided fiercely, and balls of mist kept appearing on the bodies of the two giant beasts that were fighting.
The giant ice blue snake and the fiery red lion were biting each other.
In the battle between the water element and the fire element, it was unknown who would win! At
the same time, Xiao Lingyu held the long sword in his hand and attacked Yun Feng from another direction in the space!

A faint dragon roar sounded.
Yun Feng turned her head slightly and her body had already dodged first.
A beam of silver light struck where she was just now.
The silver light in the sky fell on the ground and a huge crack appeared on the ground!
“Fireball!” With a shout, the huge, bright fire element had already floated in front of Yun Feng! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
Dodge? It was too late!

Ouyang Shanshan put on a smile and said softly, “Explode!” The enormous fireball exploded in front of Yun Feng!

“Boom…” With a loud noise, the bright red energy of the giant fireball exploded instantly.
The fire elements were scattered in all directions and the powerful elemental energy also spread out abruptly.
Yun Feng was in the center of the fireball’s attack range.
When this explosion occurred, she would either die
or be seriously injured!

“It’s over.” Ouyang Shanshan looked at the place where the fireball exploded coldly.
Xiao Lingyu also smiled coldly in the air.
However, their eyes widened in the next second!

After the loud explosion of the fireball, the two of them thought they would see Yun Feng’s miserable appearance after being severely injured.
After all, the power of the explosion of such a high-concentration fireball was magnificent! Even someone at the Monarch Level wouldn’t be able to withstand a
Monarch Level magic attack! However, what was that?

At the place where the fire element exploded, the bright red color disappeared and the shield formed by the earth element appeared in front of the two of them.
Ouyang Shanshan’s pupils shrank.
Earth element! She was a double-element mage?!

Xiao Lingyu was still shocked as he stood in the air.
After the shield of the earth element disappeared, a scene that made both of them even more shocked appeared! Yun Feng’s entire body was wrapped firmly by a pair of huge wings.
When the earth element disappeared, the wings suddenly spread wide and a

ferocious griffin appeared in front of their eyes!

“Master, are you alright?” asked Lan Yi as he looked at Yun Feng, whom he had protected just then.
Yun Feng chuckled.
‘I’m fine.
This little fireball can’t hurt me.” Even without Lan Yi’s protection just then, the protection of the earth element was enough to block the attack of the fire element.
Yun Feng’s black
eyes were cold, Since these two people wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t show mercy anymore!

She waved the wand in her hand again.
The giant ice blue python, which was fighting with the lion formed by the fire element, suddenly hissed.
Its ice blue body quickly wrapped around the lion’s body, and the lion roared furiously.
Flames also burst out instantly.
The body of the giant ice blue python
instantly emitted white mist under the burning fire element.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
The eyes of the giant ice blue python also turned cold abruptly.
Under Ouyang Shanshan and Xiao Lingyu’s astonished gaze, it instantly froze! Then, several ice thorns suddenly appeared on the surface of the giant
python’s body and stabbed into the lion’s body!

“Roar.” The lion howled in pain.
The body that was formed by the fire elements instantly disappeared like the most beautiful fireworks.
The fire elements scattered everywhere and covered the sky.

“No, that’s impossible.” Ouyang Shanshan watched as her fire lion was stabbed and exploded.
The fire elements that were flying around fluttered in front of her eyes.
The ice blue python that had already frozen into an ice sculpture also disappeared abruptly.
The water elements scattered in this space like

mist in an instant.

“You wanted to blow me up with a fireball? Ouyang Shanshan, did you underestimate me, or did you overestimate yourself?” Yun Feng put on a smile.
Lan Yi looked at Xiao Lingyu, who was standing on the other side, with coldness on his handsome face.
“Some humans are truly despicable.
Two against one.
They don’t know shame at all.”

Xiao Lingyu and Ouyang Shanshan looked awful.
‘Cut the crap!” Ouyang Shanshan roared and pointed her wand at Yun Feng, “Don’t think you’re so great just because youre a three-element mage.
Don’t think you can beat us with a wind-element Magic Beast!”

Ouyang Shanshan touched the red Ring of Contract on her finger and shouted loudly, ‘Come out!” A beam of bright red light flashed out of the Ring of Contract.
Ouyang Shanshan was very glad that she didn’t cancel the contract with the Magic Beast..
She originally wanted to cancel the contract and contract
with that Fire Cloud Wolf instead, but it had become her lifesaver now!

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