Chapter 589: Canglan City (2)

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Yun Feng didn’t want to wander around Canglan City.
She was only here to participate in the contest this time.
As for making friends with other people, Yan Ming had to do it himself.
Unexpectedly, someone came to her door before Yan Ming did anything.
On the second day after they arrived in Canglan City, visitors came.
It was none other than the people from the two second-rate families, the Shui family and the Hong family, that Yan Ming mentioned.

Yan Ming looked at these people who came uninvited with a smile.
Yun Feng was sitting on the side and talking to Yan Ming.
Alll these people came uninvited.
There were a total of six people who came here.
Three of them were all wearing light blue clothes.
They should be from the Shui family, while the
other three were wearing red clothes.
Naturally, they were from the Hong family.

“You’re Yan Ming?” The pretty girl in the lead said coldly.
There was a hint of disdain in her eyes when she looked at Yan Ming, The red clothes on her body were very eye-catching.
“That bastard?”
Yan Ming stood up, not offended by her rudeness.
‘I’m Yan Ming.
You are..”

“Humph! You don’t even know me.
You’re ignorant! I’m Hong Yulan.” The pretty girl snorted and introduced herself.
Yan Ming smiled.
“Miss Hong, nice to meet you.”
The slim man, who wore light blue clothes, had been observing Yun Feng since he came in.
“Are you his fiancée, the summoner?”
Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
As expected, those who came to participate in the contest must find out everything about their opponents.
“She’s my fiancée.
Do you have any problem with that?” said Yan Ming, The man in light blue clothes ignored Yan Ming.
‘T’m not talking to you.’ What he said made Yan Ming’s expression turn slightly cold.
The man in blue stared at Yun Feng with great interest.
‘I’m the Young Master of the Shui family, Shui Sixing.
If you’re really the fiancée of this bastard, I think you can consider me.”
After Shui Sixing said that, Hong Yulan’s mouth opened in shock.
“Shui Sixing! What are you talking about?”
Shui Sixing ignored Hong Yulan and only stared at Yun Feng.
“What do you think? He’s an illegitimate son.
He can never give you what you want, but I’m different.
The Shui family is almost as powerful as those first-rate families.
As soon as you become my fiancée, I’ll certainly give you what you want.”

Hong Yulan’s expression immediately tuned cold.
Yan Ming suddenly stepped in front of Yun Feng and blocked Shui Sixing’s line of sight.
“Shui Sixing, Young Master of the Shui family, is it right for you to steal my fiancée?”
Shui Sixing chuckled.
“Yan Ming, don’t think that you can get rid of your identity as an illegitimate child with her help.
Without her, you’re nothing.
What can you give her? Are you qualified to be her fiancé?”
Yun Feng smiled.
Did this man think too highly of himself? Yan Ming wasn’t qualified, and neither was he! “Shui Sixing, is it?” Yun Feng gently pushed Yan Ming away.
Shui Sixing smiled.
Thinking that Yun Feng was interested in him, Yun Feng sized him up with a hint of mockery at the comers of her mouth.
“If Yan Ming isnt qualified, you’re even less so.
The Shui family is a second-rate family after all.
When the Shui family reaches the top tier, you can say what you said just now with more confidence.”

Shui Sixing’s face suddenly turned ugly, almost half black.
Hong Yulan laughed at the side and looked at Shui Sixing mockingly.
If the Shui family really got this summoner, wouldn’t the Hong family suffer a huge loss? Rather than giving her to the Shui family, it was better to let this illegitimate son take
advantage of it.

“You’re right.
Shui Sixing, take a look at yourself!” said Hong Yuluan in disdain.
Shui Sixing gritted his teeth and his cheeks twitched.

‘Tm here to see how good this fiancée of the Yan family is.
She’s indeed not bad.” Hong Yuluan nodded and looked at Yan Ming.
“You’re so lucky that many people will be jealous.”
Yan Ming chuckled.
“Thank you for your concern, Miss Hong.”

Hong Yulan cleared her throat.
Shui Sixing stood aside with a sullen expression and didn’t say anything else.
He must’ve felt humiliated.
‘We’re here today to discuss something.
The second-rate families and first-rate families are fighting for this spot together.
Among the second-rate families, only our two
families can hold our heads up high, not counting the Yan family.” Hong Yulan looked at Yun Feng and Yan Ming smiled.

“We all know the strength of the first-rate families in our minds.
In the contest, we second-rate families should first unite and deal with the experts of the first-rate families.”
Yan Ming raised his eyebrows.
‘What do you mean, Miss Hong?”

Hong Yulan lowered her voice.
‘What I mean is, try your best in the competition this time and defeat as many opponents as you can.
It’ll be good for all three of us.”

Yan Ming raised his eyebrows even higher.
The Shui and Hong Families certainly couldn’t let the Yan family be the one to reap the harvest.
If the Shui and Hong families wanted to drag the Yan family into their side, they certainly couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

“Don’t worry, Miss Hong.
The Yan family will certainly do their best.’ Yan Ming smiled.
Hong Yuluan was relieved to hear that.
“Then I’ll take my leave.
[won’t disturb you anymore.
Young Master Yan, please remember what you promised me today.”

After saying that, Hong Yulan tumed around and left.
Shui Sixing stood there and snorted coldly.
In the end, he tuned around and left without saying anything.
Yan Ming chuckled after the two of them left.
“These two families are truly hasty, but they did what they had to.”
Yun Feng turned around and sat on the chair.
“Let me make it clear first.
I don’t care about other people’s lives.
I only do what I should do.”

Yan Ming turned around with a faint smile on his face.
‘Of course.
I never planned to care about other people’s business from the beginning.”

Half a month was neither long nor short.
Yun Feng didn’t like staying in this small yard.
It was too boring, Thinking of the few Magic Beasts that were having a lot of fun near Canglan City, Yun Feng decided to go out for a walk too.
Ever since the members of the Shui and Hong families came, nobody else had
visited her.
The first-rate families might think that these second-rate families weren’t their match at all and couldn’t be bothered to care about them.
The other second-rate families were probably busy with their own business.

Yan Ming had been busy with work during this period of time.
This man was capable of sitting in the position of the family head.
It was just that his identity as an illegitimate son made him completely despised.
However, times changed, and people’s fate wasn’t always the same..

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