Chapter 58: The Lin Family’s Plan

The principal looked at the three of them deeply and didn’t say anything else before he turned around and left.
This was all that the Martial Arts Institute could do for that kid.
They couldn’t interfere directly and it was impossible for them to suppress the Lin family from the side right now, but his advice was real.
Even he couldn’t detect the bottom line of Yun Feng’s strength with his power of a level-6 warrior, so how would the Lin family be able to destroy her? The principal shook his head slightly.
The Lin family would probably be going down.

After the principal of the Martial Arts Institute left, Lin Sen and Lin Miao, who were kneeling on the ground, stood up messily with a trace of blood at the corners of their lips.
In order to not let their knees reach the ground earlier, they bit their tongues hard and kept holding on until now.

“Fuck that old man.
We can’t touch Yun Feng? I’m going to touch that bastard!” Lin Sen stared at the direction where the principal left with sullen eyes and said viciously.
His bloodshot eyes looked a bit terrifying.

“That’s right! We can’t touch her? How would there be someone in Chunfeng Town that the Lin family can’t touch?” Lin Miao was also enraged.
The Lin family was obstinate and supercilious.
In their eyes, there was truly no one in Chunfeng Town that they dared not touch.
The Lin family could even touch that Mei family once they gritted their teeth!

“I never thought Yun Feng would be able to gain favor from the Martial Arts Institute though…” Lin Quan pondered carefully and said this.
When Lin Sen heard him, his eyes turned even redder.

“Fuck the Martial Arts Institute! Brother, we must get rid of that bastard! If not, she’ll be a disaster to the Lin family!”

A glint of viciousness flashed through Lin Quan’s eyes.
“Don’t worry.
We must eliminate her.
No matter who it is, nobody can keep that bastard safe! The Martial Arts Institute can’t interfere and the Mei family will definitely do nothing.
The Yun family has only three members.
Yun Jing is a level-5 warrior, Yun Sheng is a mage and there’s Yun Feng.
As long as we deal with it properly, the road for the Yun family will end right here.”

After hearing this, Lin Sen and Lin Miao chuckled with a creepy look.
“Brother, what should we do now?”

Lin Quan pondered for a while and had already got a plan in his mind.
“This time, we’ll do whatever it takes to completely exterminate the Yun family! Leave no one behind, not even their dead bodies! Lin Miao, take the remaining money to the black market and hire a few masters.
The more the better.
If that bastard could beat Xiao Meng to death, she must have at least level 4 power.
You must hire masters that are at least level 5.
If you can, it’ll be better to hire ones at level 7…”

Lin Quan was meticulous.
Hiring warriors of at least level 5 was a merciless move.
The Lin family gave its all in order to ensure that Yun Feng died this time.

Lin Miao nodded.
The viciousness in his mind became stronger.
Money was something that the Lin family didn’t lack.
Now that Lin Meng was dead, the Lin family didn’t have the energy and money to make another Lin Meng anymore.
The huge amount of money they earned was useful now.
The Lin family wouldn’t stop if they couldn’t exterminate the Yun family this time!

“Lin Sen, take care of Xiao Meng’s funeral first, then send someone to keep an eye on the Yun family.
Make sure we know the location of everyone in the Yun family all the time!”

Lin Sen nodded as he picked up Lin Meng’s dead body on the ground with red eyes and walked outside shakily.
“Brother, how should we arrange the employed masters?”

Lin Quan gave a vicious smile and a hint of evilness flashed through his eyes.
“Divide them into two groups.
This time, none of the members of the Yun family can run away.
They dashed the hopes of the Lin family, so I’ll eliminate the Yun family!”

After Lin Meng died in the duel with Yun Feng at the Martial Arts Institute, the news swept the entire Chunfeng Town like a gust of wind.
Lin Meng’s death made everyone in Chunfeng Town gasp.

The Mei family was certainly the same.
When Mei Bing brought the news back, the senior members of the Mei Bing could only use stunned to describe their feelings.
That girl from the Yun family, Yun Feng, directly killed Lin Meng once she attacked.
How would the Lin family just let her get away with it?

Chunfeng Town seemed to be calm on the outside.
However, everyone knew that undercurrents had gathered quietly, waiting for the right time to form a raging wave.
If this happened in the past, it wouldn’t be difficult to foresee the destiny of the Yun family, but it was different now.
They had Yun Feng.
Even if the Lin family hired some masters, it didn’t mean that they could hurt anyone under Yun Feng’s hands.
And yet, if the Lin family truly employed the real masters, the fate of the Yun family would be in jeopardy.

Yun Jing certainly got the news about Lin Meng being killed by his daughter as well.
After hearing about it, Yun Jing kept a straight face.
Yun Feng just stood there in front of her father quietly, not saying anything.
She knew that after she killed Lin Meng, the Lin family would retaliate like crazy.
However, the Yun family couldn’t be suppressed underneath the feet of the Lin family after all.
The Lin family must pay for everything they took and everyone they killed, starting from Lin Meng!

A hint of stubbornness appeared on Yun Feng’s little face.
She, who caused the trouble, was certainly confident that she could deal with it.
She would never let the Lin family hurt a hair of the Yun family again.
Thinking about what the Lin family might do, Yun Feng’s heart was full of coldness.
To spare no one? Then, the Lin family should also be prepared to have their names removed from Chunfeng Town!

Yun Jing remained silent and looked at his stubborn daughter who was standing next to him without saying a word.
His heart was shaking slightly, not because Yun Feng caused a huge trouble by killing Lin Meng, but weren’t his daughter’s Qi meridians already damaged? How did she kill Lin Meng? For Yun Feng whose Qi meridians were broken, Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, should be a fatal danger!

Yun Jing was worried and was repentant in his heart.
If Yun Feng was injured again in this duel, what could he do? Endure the pain of losing his daughter again? Experience the kind of pain that tore his heart apart one more time?

Yun Jing’s black eyes had already scanned over Yun Feng’s body from top to bottom countless times, as if he still couldn’t truly be certain that his daughter was standing there without any injuries, while Lin Meng who fought with her was already dead, no matter how many times he checked!

“Feng, do you know what you did wrong?” Yun Jing’s shout made Yun Feng look up in shock.
She looked at her poker-faced father as she felt wronged in her mind.
Wrong? What did she do wrong?

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Yun Feng immediately tightened her slim body and replied word by word.
She stared at her sullen father stubbornly with her black eyes.
She didn’t understand what exactly she did wrong after all!

Yun Jing looked at Yun Feng’s black eyes which were full of stubbornness and obstinacy in the heart of hearts of the Yun family.
He couldn’t help but sigh deeply.
He walked a few steps forward and sat on the chair with slight exhaustion.

“Feng, don’t be so reckless next time.”

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