Chapter 588: Canglan City (1)

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Qu Lanyi grunted.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly on the side.
“The position of guardian in the Main Hall will certainly attract a lot of people to compete.
Do you know any families that need attention?”

Yan Ming chuckled after hearing that.
“The first-rate families should be infuriated by the decision of the Chief Hall.
After all, only the first-rate families are qualified to compete for such a position.
The second-rate families can at most compete for the guardians of the branch halls.
Even though the
second-rate families don’t pose much of a threat to the first-rate families, it’s still embarrassing for them to compete.”

Yan Ming moved his body and continued, “There are a lot of second-rate families in the Bright Moon Hall’s territory.
There should be about ten second-rate families participating in the competition this time.
Some new second-rate families that don’t have enough strength won’t join.
Together with five
first-rate families, there should be fifteen people participating in the competition in total.”

Fifteen people wasn’t a lot.
Yun Feng already had a rough idea in her mind.
Yan Ming said again, “Among the top ten second-rate families, there are only two that are worth paying attention to.
The Shui family and the Hong family.
These two families are almost as strong as the first-rate families.
As long
as there’s a chance, these two families will most likely rise among the first-rate families.
As for the other families, you can choose to ignore them.
Without you, the Yan family can only be a spectator.” Yan Ming chuckled and sounded very polite.
What he said was true.
Under the suppression of the

first-rate families, the Yan family might not even have the courage to participate in the competition without Yun Feng.
Which of the children of the Yan family had the strength to do so?

“How powerful are first-rate families?”

Yan Ming chuckled and his expression became slightly serious.
“The strength of the five first-rate families is certainly extraordinary.
The senior members of the Bright Moon Hall are basically picked from these five families.
Even the leader of the Bright Moon Hall is from one of the five families.
You can
imagine the strength of the five families.”

The Master of the Main Hall was also picked from one of the five major families.
It seemed that the five major families belonged to the highest tier of the Bright Moon Hall.
They could be said to be in charge of all the power and interests of the Bright Moon Hall.
The status of the five major families should
also be similar.

“The leadership of the Bright Moon Hall, besides the hall master, are the guardians.
There were originally four guardians, which came from the four major families apart from the hall master’s.
Now, there’s another guardian position.
It seems that the Chief Hall Master is also dissatisfied with these four


“The second-rate families are also involved right now.
If the second-rate families get this position, the Chief Hall Master will have one more helper.
It seems that the Chief Hall Master is not satisfied with the power he has right now.” A glint of light flashed in Yan Ming’s eyes.
His analysis was very
This young man had already seen through things to this level.
He was truly not simple.

“In other words, whoever gets the guardian position, their family will automatically be promoted to a first-rate family.” Qu Lanyi raised his black eyes and looked at Yan Ming.
Yan Ming burst into laughter and nodded, with a meaningful smile at the comers of his mouth.
“Being promoted to a first-rate family also means that you can compete for the position of the hall master.”

Yan Che was shocked after hearing that.
“Thea€! the position of the Hall Master! Y-You’re quite ambitious!”

Yan Ming looked delighted.
“Of course I’m joking.
Without Yun Feng, the Yan family doesn’t have the strength to compete for the position of the hall master.
It’s already pretty good that we can get the guardian position.”

Yan Che came to a realization, but Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi didn’t think so.
Both of them had the same thought in their minds.
As long as this man had enough time, as long as he was well-prepared, he would want far more than the position of the Palace Protector.
This man’s ambition far exceeded Yan

“Speaking of which, the competitors sent by the first-rate families this time should be very strong.
According to our intelligence, there are also strong summoners among the first-rate families.” Yan Ming said casually.
Most of the summoners in the Bright Moon Hall were in the main hall, so they were
naturally distributed among the five great families.
The strength of the five great families couldn’t be underestimated.

“That would be great.
I’ll be able to exercise my muscles.” Yun Feng chuckled.
Yun Feng was happy to see a powerful summoner.
It was a good thing for Yun Feng to meet an opponent who was on par with her.
Only battles with similar opponents would benefit her the most.
“In that case, I’m relieved.
I also look forward to it.” Yan Ming smiled.
Yun Feng laughed.
She was also looking forward to this contest.

Canglan City was where the Bright Moon Hall was headquartered.
This city was also the core of the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.
The five big families were all here and there were also many hidden masters in Canglan City.
In terms of safety, this should be the safest place in the entire territory of the

Bright Moon Hall.
No one dared to cause trouble here.
If they did, the consequences would be quite severe.

Ever since the Bright Moon General Hall announced the competition for the guardian position, Canglan City became lively.
The competition this time wasn’t only limited to the first-rate families, but also included the second-rate families.
So, the reason why Canglan City became lively was the influx of
many second-rate families.
Most of them were here for fun, and most of them were friendly.
Only a few of them were truly participating in the competition.

The carriage of Yun Feng and the others had just entered the gate of Canglan City when it was stopped.
Yan Ming handed over something that proved his identity.
The guard examined it carefully and asked Yan Ming and the others to wait for a while.
After a while, someone came.
“Young Master of the Yan family, Yan Ming? This way please.”

Following that person, Yan Ming and the others were led to a yard.
Yan Ming and the others got off the carriage.
This person explained very politely, “There’s still half a month until the competition.
Young Master Yan, you can take a walk here.
I’ll take my leave first.” After saying that, he tuned around
and left swiftly.

Yun Feng sized up the courtyard in front of her briefly.
It was quite spacious.
It should be prepared for the second-rate families that came to participate in the competition.
She just didn’t know where the other second-rate families were sent to.

“Let’s go in,” said Yan Ming as he walked in.
Yun Feng and the others followed him in.
Little Fire, Lan Yi, and Meatball were still outside.
The three of them preferred to live freely.
Yun Feng didn’t think it was a big deal to let them out..

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