Chapter 587: Yun Feng Effect (4)

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“Hehehe, I see…” Yan Ming shook his head with a smile.
“That’s right.
How can the insignificant position of guardian interest a summoner?”

Yun Feng didn’t answer.
When she walked to the courtyard where Yan Ming was staying, she stopped.
“I’ll get this spot for you, but on one more condition.”
Yan Ming smiled.
“Of course.
I was wondering if my offer wasn’t enough.”

“You’re a shrewd man who’s good at scheming.

Yan Ming seemed to be very happy to hear this comment.
He looked delighted.
“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll cause trouble if you spend more time with me?”

Yun Feng smiled and raised her red lips.
A gust of wind blew the girl’s black hair and it fell next to her face.
“There’s no harm in dealing with people like you.” After saying that, Yun Feng walked into the yard.
The wind was still blowing, and her hair was fluttering gently.
Yan Ming stood there and looked at
Yun Feng’s slim back.
He suddenly became distracted.
In the end, he shook his head helplessly and lowered his black eyes.
“There won’t be any harm… right?”

If Yan Ming hadn’t risen to power, the leadership of the family would be a position that would make the children of the Yan family jealous.
Who wouldn’t want to be the leader of the Yan family? However, despite Yan Tianhao’s encouragement, even though many children still didn’t give up, after weighing

the pros and cons, they could only choose to quit.

However, it wasn’t enough for them to just quit.
They had to let Yan Ming know that they quit because of him.

Qu Lanyi had never been in a good mood, because he had also heard what Yan Tianhao said about the wedding of the two of them.
Qu Lanyi suppressed the anger in his heart for a long time.
Yan Ming promised that he would never have any improper thoughts about Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi sat next to Yun
Feng with a dark face.
Yan Ming sat opposite him with a calm expression, while Yan Che looked very excited.

“Hey, you’ve been following me for a long time.
Do you still want to keep following me?” Yun Feng looked at Yan Che, who was a bit hyperactive, and asked.
Yan Che chuckled and showed his white teeth.
“I won’t cause any trouble for you.
I’m fine here.”
Yun Feng moved her lips.
Forget it.
Yan Che indeed didn’t cause any trouble for her.
Apart from talking a bit too much and being at odds with Qu Lanyi, there was really nothing else.

Yaoyao sat on the other side of Yun Feng and held Yun Feng’s hand with her little hand.
Meatball, who was on Yun Feng’s shoulder at first, went out with Little Fire and Lan Yi, It seemed to be very unused to riding a carriage and didn’t like it very much.
After all, it was still a Magic Beast and there was a
kind of wildness in its personality.

“Right, I’ve always wanted to know.
Who is this little girl to you?” Yan Ming gazed at Yaoyao.
He had never heard Yaoyao speak, but judging from Yaoyao’s appearance, she was clearly just a kid.
Was she mute if she couldn’t speak?
Yun Feng touched the top of Yaoyao’s head with her hand.
“She’s someone I care about.” Yaoyao smiled at Yun Feng happily after hearing this.
She snuggled into Yun Feng’s arms and rubbed against her like a spoiled child.
Yan Ming raised his brows slightly.
“Oh?” Obviously, he didn’t believe her, but he didn’t ask further.
The people who followed a summoner couldn’t be ordinary.
Perhaps the identity of this little girl would shock people.

“Why do you have so many questions?” Qu Lanyi asked in an upset tone.
Yan Ming chuckled.
“Brother Qu, you don’t have to be so vigilant against me.
The title of fiancée is only temporary.
I won’t have any other thoughts at all.
I’l tell Yan Tianhao about it.”

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