Chapter 586: Yun Feng Effect (3)

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“In terms of identity, you’ve got everything.” Yun Feng sat on the side and looked at Yan Ming as she said indifferently.
Yan Ming, however, chuckled with a smile that couldn’t be stopped at the corners of his mouth.
“It’s not enough.
This is far from enough for me.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows.
Of course, that wasn’t what this man wanted in his mind.
He wanted the position of the Yan family’s leader! “Can Yan Tianhao really give the position to you?” Qu Lanyi asked.
“Even if you have Fengfeng’s help, Yan Tianhao may not be someone who bows to circumstances.”
Yan Ming burst into laughter.
“Brother Qu is right.
Yan Tianhao certainly won’t be like the other members of the Yan family.
If he can hold his temper, then I must be more patient than him.”

“You’re more like Yan Tianhao’s son than anyone else.” Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered.
He picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea.
Yan Ming smiled.
“Maybe… After all, his blood is still in this body.”

‘When everyone in the Yan family changed their attitude towards Yan Ming, Yan Tianhao didn’t do anything special.
He did what he was supposed to do and didn’t greet Yan Ming in a special way.
His attitude hadn’t changed at all, and he still ignored Yun Feng.
He treated Yun Feng a bit differently, but

only because he was afraid of summoners.

Yan Ming wasn’t in a hurry.
He was waiting to see who was more patient, him or his father.
The relationship between Yun Feng and Yan Ming spread like wildfire in Yuanshui City.
The Yan family also claimed that it was true.
The other children of the Yan family all ran towards Yan Ming crazily, calling
him brother.
If someone just came to the city, they would really think that Yan Ming was a core member of the Yan family.

Yan Ming was still in the same attitude.
He accepted all the flattery of these people, but he didn’t show any attitude at all.
This man hid himself well.
Yun Feng observed Yan Ming in the dark.
After the harsh training of life, this man’s mind had already become an indestructible abyss.
Nobody knew what
was hidden inside.

As it tumed out, the father was no match for his son after all.
Yan Tianhao seemed to have reached the limit of his patience.
He summoned Yan Ming to the main hall of the Yan family, and Yun Feng followed him.
The others stayed.
When Yun Feng followed Yan Ming into the main hall, she realized that
the meeting this time was extraordinary.
All the children, wives and concubines of the Yan family were present.
The atmosphere was very tense.

Everybody subconsciously looked at Yun Feng after hearing that.
Yun Feng was undoubtedly going to compete for the position at the Main Hall! Besides, it was a competition between first-rate and second-rate families.
Although the Yan family was not bad, they were still a second-rate family.
How could
they compete with a first-rate family?

“Everyone has a shot.
If you want this position, you must do something!” What Yan Tianhao said was right.
If Yan Ming didn’t have the Body-Tempering Source Fluid, Yun Feng wouldn’t have helped him.

“The registration is in a week.
Whoever wants to fight for the Yan family, come to me later.” Yan Tianhao looked at Yan Ming deeply after saying this.
“Alright, all of you are dismissed.
Think carefully!”

After giving the order, the door opened and everyone walked out one after another.
Yun Feng and Yan Ming walked back with no one else on the way.
“Yan Tianhao is quite greedy.
He knows himself well.
He knows that with the strength of the Yan family, it’s as difficult as ascending to the sky to become
the guardian of the Main Hall.” Yun Feng said casually while Yan Ming chuckled.

“It can’t be helped.
Now that you’re here, his ambition has expanded.”
“Humph! Helping you is rather troublesome.” Yun Feng looked a bit cold.
Yan Ming burst into laughter.
“If you help me this time, you’ll get more than just the Body-Tempering Source Liquid.
Isn’t the position of the guardian of the Main Hall tempting?”

Hearing this, Yun Feng’s red lips slowly curled up.
She turned her head slightly and looked at Yan Ming with her black eyes.
“Aren’t you underestimating me by thinking we’re the same?”

Yan Ming was dazed.
Yun Feng chuckled and looked into the distance with her black eyes.
“What I want is more than you can imagine!” Yun Feng didn’t care about other people’s positions.
She could certainly help Yan Ming.
When he became the family head, it didn’t matter to her who would be the
guardian of the main hall.
However, she could use this position to search the remaining half of the area more easily.
It would take too long for Yun Feng to search it on her own..

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