Chapter 584: Yun Feng Effect (1)

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Qu Lanyi and Yan Che both looked at Yan Ming in shock.
Both Little Fire and Lan Yi seemed to understand.
This man was truly smart.
Who could beat him when he was so shrewd?
“But don’t worry.
I won’t plot against you.
Our deal is absolutely legitimate.” Yan Ming smiled at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng also smiled back.
“It’s not so easy to plot against me.”

There was understanding in the eyes of the two of them, as if they had seen through each other’s nature.
Yun Feng’s schemes were hidden and would only appear at certain times.
However, Yan Ming was different.
He seemed to have already formed a kind of instinct to scheme against everyone.
Only then
could he survive like this.
Otherwise, he would have been tortured to death in the Yan family.

A series of footsteps sounded far away.
Yan Ming walked out slowly as if he already knew.
Yun Feng looked at Yan Ming’s slender back and her black eyes flashed as she followed him.

It seemed that this dilapidated place rarely welcomed so many people.
A group of people came from a distance and were about to fill this dilapidated yard.
Yun Feng sized up this group of people.
All of them were wearing bright clothes and had the same expression on their faces.
They were puzzled,
surprised and disdainful.

This group of people came here and talked about everything.
Everyone looked at Yun Feng’s shoulder and her sides.
Right now, only Meatball and Little Fire were in the form of Magic Beasts.
Naturally, they attracted everyone’s attention.
“Is she really a summoner?” A low voice came.
This group of people started to judge Yun Feng.

“Without a ring… Unlikely.”

“What are you worried about? How would this bastard know a summoner?”

‘What he said made everyone agree.
Who was Yan Ming? He was the illegitimate son of the Yan family! He was a bastard! If such a person knew a summoner and even had a good relationship with a summoner, how would they not have known? Besides, how would they not know about the arrival of a
summoner in Yuanshui City?

After thinking for a while, everyone came to the same conclusion.
The person in front of them was most likely an impostor! If she were really a summoner, they should’ve been the first to know!

summoners had never been low-profile, because people with such an identity were destined not to be low-profile.
They would show their Ring of Contract generously wherever they went and enjoy the privileges offered to them by all parties.
Everyone wanted to curry favor with a summoner.
This was

already a kind of common sense.

However, Yun Feng was different.
She might be the only summoner who didn’t like wearing the Ring of Contract.
Besides, no one would believe that a summoner would befriend an illegitimate child despite her honorable identity.
Who would believe that someone who stood in a high position would bend
down and befriend the lowest person?

Yan Ming chuckled and was very satisfied with the result right now.
He turned his head slightly and said to Yun Feng, “These are all the children of the Yan family.
They’re a handful, aren’t they?” There was a hint of mockery in his words.
Yun Feng glanced at the group of people in front of her with
agreement in her heart.

The Yan family’s master was indeed a man of virility.
He had so many children.
He was indeed not an ordinary person.
“Bastard! Is it your place to speak here?” shouted a young man.
Yan Ming still had that smile on his face.
Bastard, this was an extremely insulting word.
However, Yan Ming had always been calm.
This title was already nothing to him.

“Get lost!” A huge man walked out and pushed Yan Ming to the side.
Yan Ming’s small body was almost pushed to the ground.
Yun Feng grabbed him and held him firmly.

“You’re a summoner?” The man’s body was unusually huge.
The shadow standing in front of Yun Feng completely enveloped her.
Yun Feng held Yan Ming and didn’t even look up.
She waved her other hand abruptly.
The man wanted to say something, but in the next second, his body was thrown out!
“Bang!” That slightly too huge body fell heavily on the ground.
The others couldn’t help but shout when they saw that.
A few of them had already rushed up to check the situation.

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Yan Che also had a smile on his face too.
Yaoyao remained cold on the side.
Little Fire yawned in boredom.
Lan Yi shook his head helplessly.
As expected, none of them had good eyesight.
Did their master look so easy to deal with?

“Nana.” Meatball twisted its body on Yun Feng’s shoulder with a mocking expression.
The people of the Yan family weren’t happy anymore.
“How dare you attack a member of the Yan family! Bastard, did you ask her to do this? How bold!”

“He doesn’t understand courtesy at all.
Just tell our father and cripple him and throw him out!”

“think it’s not enough that he’s crippled.
He’s a disgrace to all of us.
He might as well just die! It’s a waste for him to live in this world!”

Vicious words came out of their mouths one after another.
Yan Ming stood aside with an unchanging expression and a detached mind.
Yun Feng glanced at these vicious people of the Yan family with her black eyes.
Whether they were illegitimate children or not, wasn’t the blood of the Yan family flowing
in Yan Ming’s body? They had the same bloodline, so why did they have to force him?

“What are you looking at? This is the family business of the Yan family!” Some people were frightened by Yun Feng’s gaze and some people shouted.
Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“Idon’t like hearing dogs barking, If ‘m in a bad mood, I’ll make these dogs disappear.”

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“Who are you? How dare you attack a member of the Yan family! Don’t think that you’re a summoner just because you have a Magic Beast! If you were a summoner, the Yan family would have known!”

The group of people all glared at Yun Feng, but they only dared to be angry and didn’t dare to say anything, because the one Yun Feng threw just then was still lying there and couldn’t get up.

“What are you arguing about? Do you have nothing better to do?” A shout came.
Then, a few more people came over.
Yan Ming couldn’t help but sneer when he saw them.
“I can’t believe that this shabby place has become so popular.”
“Oh my! My son! What’s going on? Who did this?” Another louder voice sounded.
The group of children around moved aside one after another.
Yun Feng saw five or six people walking over, led by a fierce-looking man with a square face.

“My lord! Come and take a look!” A woman was kneeling next to the man on the ground, wiping her tears with a sobbing voice.
The man frowned fiercely and glanced at the woman, who immediately became silent.
The man’s gaze slowly swept over his other children and finally landed on Yan Ming.

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