Chapter 580: Fiancée (1)

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Zhan Li didn’t mention anything about himself.
Yun Feng knew that Uncle

Zhan treated her very well, but Uncle Zhan also had something he needed to

hide, just like her.
He had been searching aimlessly for the past six months and

Uncle Zhan didn’t know what Yun Feng was doing at all.
Uncle Zhan didn’t ask

anything and still accompanied Yun Feng for halfa year.
It was obvious that he

truly cared for Yun Feng

After Uncle Zhan left, Yun Feng suddenly felt a bit lonely.
In the past half a

year, this middle-aged man had been pestering her to call him father every

His big hand would rub her hair from time to time and mess it up.

Li’s hearty and deep laughter would always come.
After Zhan Li left, the

atmosphere became a bit cold.

However, this cold atmosphere didn’t last long at alil.
It was replaced by

another kind of heat.
The young man who followed Yun Feng back then was

still following her.
At first, he said he was just going along with her for a while.

Yun Feng really didn’t expect that it had been half a year.

That young man was called Yan Che.
As a dark-element mage, he seemed a bit

By logic, people with the dark element should be strange, but Yan

Che was just like Qu Lanyi in terms of personality.

The two people who didn’t like each other had already been at loggerheads for

more than half a year.
Qu Lanyi and Yan Che really didn’t like each other.

would be strange if they didn’t argue a few times every day.
Of course, fighting

every day was inevitable.
Yun Feng and the few Magic Beasts were already used

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to it.
If they wanted to fight, let them.

At this moment, they were resting in the suburbs outside of the city.

moving forward for a while, they arrived at the next city, Yuanshui City.

city was considered one of the second-rate cities in the territory of the Bright

Moon Hall.
Although it couldn’t compare to the prosperity of the first-rate

cities, Yuanshui City was still quite a big city.
Although this city was

second-rate, some strange things often appeared in it.

Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin’s baby should be born in three or four months.

Xiaojin’s pregnancy was already obvious and everything was going well.

Feng was also thrilled because of this unborn little life.
Even though the baby

wasn’t born yet, Yun Feng was already going to give her the best things.

Whether it was going to be her nephew or niece, this child must have the best


Yun Feng was already thinking about what kind of gift she should prepare in

her mind.
Due to the system of the East Continent, this kid would most likely

be a warrior, but Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were both mages.
This kid might

also carry the genes of a mage.
It would be even better if the kid was a


Yun Feng patted her clothes and stood up.
Yaoyao held Yun Feng’s little hand

and chuckled at Yun Feng Yun Feng looked at the tall city wall not far away.

She might be able to find something good in Yuanshui City.

Little Fire opened its mouth lazily and yawned, as if it was a bit tired.

How boring.
I wonder how that stupid girl is doing

Yun Feng smiled.
Xia Qing had been cultivating in the Dragon Palace.
That kid

was also hardworking and had never stopped.
Half a year had already passed

and her strength had probably risen rapidly.
She wouldn’t be released until she

reached the Commander Level.
Her freedom depended on whether this kid

could reach this level as soon as possible.

Lan Yi chuckled.
“Brother Fire, are you worried about Qingqing, or are you

missing her after not seeing her for a long time?

Little Fire’s body, which was stretching lazily, froze.
The Fire Cloud Wolf,

which looked fierce at first, seemed a bit embarrassed.
Lan Yi pursed its lips

and didn’t say anything else.
Little Fire roared in embarrassment, Who misses

her? Who misses that stupid girl?

Yun Feng chuckled and touched Little Fire’s head with her hand, pinching its

soft and cute wolf ears.
Little Fire’s ears moved back and Yun Feng squeezed

them again precisely, sensing that this wolf was indeed shy.

Transvestite!” A shout came.
A black shadow flashed behind Yun Feng and the

It was Yan Che’s voice.
“Fake man!” It was Qu Lanyi’s voice.

black shadow flashed past.

The two elements of light and darkness clashed behind Yun Feng, making her

Yun Feng turned her head around lazily and looked at the two people

whose bodies were itchy after not fighting for a day.
She curled her lips


“Enemies.” Yun Feng commented in a low voice.
She didn’t care about the two

of them.
She held Yaoyao’s little hand and walked forward.
Little Fire and Lan

Yi both chuckled and followed Yun Feng.

“Damn it!A sudden roar came.
Yun Feng stopped.
It wasn’t Yan Che and Qu

Lanyi’s voices, but someone else’s.

Very soon, a figure ran out of the city gate, looking a bit messy and even

stumbling He ran so quickly that he was a bit unsteady.
Then, that figure knelt

on the ground heavily with his hands clenched into fists and smashed into the

ground fiercely.
He kept shouting angrily in an empty corner.

Yun Feng looked at the clothes on that person’s body.
There were even golden

threads mixed in the high-quality fabric.
This person should be from a rich

However, even though the clothes on this person’s body were pretty

good, at this moment, they seemed a bit tattered, as if he had fought with


Yun Feng walked over slowly.
Rich families were full of troubles.
This might be

another child who was bullied in the family.
It was also very difficult to survive

in a rich family, such as the Mu family.
Madam Zi did everything she could to

let her child inherit the Mu family, and even murdered the two children left by

the main wife.

As she passed by this person who was kneeling on the ground, he realized that

someone was walking over and suddenly raised his head.
Yun Feng saw a very

miserable face.

He looked like he was in his early twenties.
His facial features were bruised and

swollen at this moment.
One side of his face was already swollen and there was

an obvious bruise on his eye sockets.
His lips were also broken with blood

Coupled with his messy clothes, this person must have fought with

someone fiercely.
Looking at his bloodshot eyes, he should be the loser.

The young man suddenly looked up and saw Yun Feng.
He was startled for a

moment, and then looked a bit embarrassed.
After all, everybody would always

be a bit embarrassed when their miserable appearance was seen.

when the young man saw Little Fire standing next to Yun Feng, he opened his

Magic Beast!” The young man subconsciously glanced

at Yun Fengs finger.
Seeing that it was empty, he suddenly chuckled with an

indescribable ridicule in his tone..

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