Chapter 57: Yun Feng, You Can’t Touch (2)

After hearing that, Lin Quan couldn’t help but look at his two brothers.
Who would visit the Lin family this time?

“We’re not seeing anyone! Tell anyone who wants to visit to come back later, no matter who it is!” Lin Quan yelled to the outside with a cold face.
The butler immediately looked much worse.
He turned his head to the side slightly and glanced at the old man standing next to him.
He then gave a smile slowly and said again as his heart shook.

“Master, this guest is different…”

“Didn’t you hear what I said clearly?” A gust of wind swept from inside the chamber.
The strong wind carried the power of a mid-level 4 warrior and the door was instantly split in half.
The butler turned pale as he saw that his body was about to be smashed by the broken door.
The old man who kept smiling faintly next to him moved his hand slightly.
An air current then flowed and blocked in front of the butler.
The door that was about to hit the butler was pushed away by the air current, falling onto the ground.

“Master Lin, why are you so angry?” The old man said softly.
He entered the door under the butler’s fearful gaze, without waiting for Lin Quan’s permission.
He smiled gently at Lin Quan in the main seat.
Lin Quan’s pupils shrank abruptly and his body tightened.
Lin Sen and Lin Miao also looked tense!

Lin Quan slowly stood up from his seat and cupped his hand in the other before his chest in front of the old man, looking a little complicated and forcing a bit of an awkward smile.
Lin Meng’s dead body entered Lin Quan’s sight again and his face couldn’t help but move slightly.

Principal from the Martial Arts Institute, what brings you here? Are you here to give the Lin family an explanation?” Lin Quan looked up again with a hint of resentment hiding in his eyes.
The old man glanced at Lin Meng on the ground, then slightly shook his head at Lin Quan and sighed, as if he was feeling sorry for them.

“Lin Meng and Yun Feng had a fair duel.
When either of them dies, the other party will not take responsibility for it.
So, how should I give you the explanation you talked about, Master Lin?”

Once the three brothers of the Lin family heard that, their faces couldn’t help but become colder and they pondered a little in their minds.
The old man saw the expressions of the three of them and his fierceness as a level-6 warrior poured out silently, making the faces of the three brothers of the Lin family pale.

“What do you mean, Mr.
Principal?” Lin Quan gritted his teeth and was barely holding his body up.
However, how would a level-4 warrior like him be able to resist the power of a level-6 warrior? Lin Sen and Lin Miao had already been overwhelmed and had knelt on one knee on the ground.
Lin Quan hung on for a while, but then started panting in exhaustion and felt his knees weaken.

The old man looked at the three brothers of the Lin family from above.
His sharp eyes were unusually clear and a silent deterrence surged out of him quietly, like a world that covered the three of them above their heads.

“I’m here to give the Lin family some advice.
Yun Feng, you can’t touch.”

The faces of Lin Quan and his brothers kneeling on the ground twitched and spitefulness burst out of their eyes.
Lin Quan frowned as he lifted his head and looked at the principal of the Martial Arts Institute in front of him.
The anger in his mind couldn’t be repressed easily, it was like a raging wave.

Principal, are you breaking the rules here? The Martial Arts Institute never interfered with the quarrels between families in Chunfeng Town.
And now, you want to be involved as well?”

The principal’s eyebrows moved slightly.
All the Martial Arts Institute in the Karan Empire had one rule.
They couldn’t be involved in the quarrels between families in their towns.
The purpose of setting this rule was to ensure the fairness and detachment of the Martial Arts Institute.
After all, students who got the recommendation spot in the Martial Arts Institute would be directly admitted to the School of the God of War, which was the place where all the elites in the Karan Empire were.
If the Martial Arts Institute colluded with a powerful family, the quality of the talent transferred to the School of the God of War wouldn’t be guaranteed.
Besides, if the Martial Arts Institute was controlled by a family, the officials of the Karan Empire would also have to be careful.

Under this regulation, the Martial Arts Institute must abide strictly to the rule and stay out of any family quarrels.
No family could threaten the Martial Arts Institute as well, because the Martial Arts Institute was directly under the School of the God of War.
In the Karan Empire, no family would be foolish enough to challenge the authority of the School of the God of War directly.
After all, the few old people guarding the School of the God of War were people that could shake those so-called large families by just moving their eyebrows.

The principal of the Martial Arts Institute in Chunfeng Town could come to the Lin family and give them such advice.
Technically, it didn’t count as breaking the rule.
However, he was just making use of the loophole of the rule.
After all, what the principal said obviously favored Yun Feng.
The principal had also thought about it.
He couldn’t break the rule.
Once he broke it, the Martial Arts Institute would directly be punished by the School of the God of War.
So, he could only use the identity of the Martial Arts Institute to suppress the Lin family and make them behave.
However, judging from the current situation, it seemed that the Lin family hated the Yun family to the bones.
Even with the pressure from the Martial Arts Institute, the Lin family wouldn’t just put it behind them.

The principal looked at the ferocious eyes of Lin Quan and his brothers.
It was better for him to comfort them a bit right now.
If the Lin family truly gave its all and hired a master at a high price to deal with Yun Feng, that kid wouldn’t be able to resist a real master no matter how outstanding her talent was.
In the principal’s mind, Yun Feng was a kid with extraordinary talent, but no actual experience in the field at all.
And yet, this worry was unnecessary.
Yun Feng did have experience in fighting with a Mutated Magic Beast.
How would she be afraid of facing a few human masters?

“I’m very sorry about Lin Meng, but the duel between Lin Meng and Yun Feng was fair.
Mei Bing was the judge.”

Once the principal finished talking, Lin Quan’s eyebrows suddenly pulsed.
Lin Sen’s entire face darkened.
Duel… Fair duel… How would they not know? Even if it was a duel, so what? Xiao Meng was dead! The only hope of the Lin family! How many years and how much energy and money did the Lin family have to spend to make another Lin Meng?!

Lin Quan gritted his teeth and stood up with difficulty.
He said coldly to the principal of the Martial Arts Institute, “This is the Lin family’s business.
You don’t have to worry about it, Mr.
There has been a feud between the Lin family and the Yun family for a long time.
Everything we do is about the quarrel between our families.
If the Martial Arts Institute understands the rule, you may leave!”

After the principal heard that, he couldn’t help but look upset.
With his power of a level-6 warrior, he could knock these three of the Lin family away with one attack.
The Lin family had never shown such an indifferent attitude towards the Martial Arts Institute.
Lin Meng’s death sent the Lin family into complete despair.
Lin Meng was dead and the only recommendation spot of the Martial Arts Institute also turned into ashes for the Lin family.
Since they had nothing left, they didn’t have to humble themselves in front of the Martial Arts Institute.

There was a thought in the minds of Lin Quan and his brothers.
Even if the Emperor was here, he wouldn’t be able to stop them from exterminating the Yun family!

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