Chapter 574: Looking for Someone (2)

“Thank you.” Yun Feng thanked Ling for telling her the news from the bottom of her heart.
Ling smiled slightly.
“You’re too kind, Miss Yun.
This is the information that I personally provided, and it’s also for my own sake.
As for the price, I’ll tell you when you come to find me five years later.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Ling touched the glasses on the bridge of his nose.
“Don’t worry, Miss Yun.
I won’t make things difficult for you.
I hope you can find that president successfully.
If you really find him, please tell him to stop running around.
The people of the Magic Union are anxious to find him.”

Yun Feng nodded with a smile.
Ling bowed slightly.
“I hope that you’ll be stronger in the next five years.
If you want to win, you must give it your all.
Have a safe trip.
Goodbye.” After saying goodbye, Ling turned around and went back to his business.
He didn’t seem to have said anything meaningful just then.
Yun Feng smiled gently and walked out of the Summoning Union.

Ling, who was busy with his head lowered, slowly raised his head.
The glasses on his nose suddenly flashed with light and his thin lips curled up slowly.
“Such a woman is truly irresistible… Even though she hasn’t fully grown up yet, she’s already a poppy…” Ling slowly lowered his head.
“Am I already poisoned?”

The moment Yun Feng came back, she felt that the atmosphere was a bit weird.
Qu Lanyi and Zhan Li were sitting together and talking in a low voice.
The atmosphere was quite harmonious, but the Magic Beasts were different.
This was the first time Yun Feng noticed that something was wrong with Yaoyao.
At this moment, Yaoyao was with Lan Yi and Little Fire, staying a bit further away.
When she saw Yun Feng, Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly brightened, but she didn’t rush over like usual.

Yun Feng walked over with a slight frown.
When she came to Yaoyao’s side, Yaoyao, who had transformed into a human form, suddenly pounced into Yun Feng’s arms and hugged Yun Feng tightly, looking very attached.
Yun Feng stroked Yaoyao’s soft long hair and looked at Little Fire and Lan Yi a bit strangely.

“What’s wrong with Yaoyao?”

Little Fire moved the corners of its mouth, but didn’t say anything.
Lan Yi smiled.
“Maybe she needs water elements.
After all, it’s a bit inconvenient for sea demons to live on land.”

Yun Feng finally remembered that Yaoyao hadn’t come close to her these few days and her water element didn’t envelop her either.
Seeing Yaoyao in her arms, Yun Feng smiled.
The light blue water element then appeared from the center of Yun Feng’s palm and slowly covered Yaoyao’s entire body.

Yaoyao rubbed her little face in satisfaction and looked very comfortable.
Her little face was full of cuteness and she was completely dependent on Yun Feng.
Yun Feng held Yaoyao’s little kid’s body and let her snuggle in her arms and act cute.

“Are you not going to contract with this sea demon, my daughter?” Zhan Li’s voice suddenly sounded.
Yaoyao’s satisfied expression immediately froze there.
She couldn’t help but hug Yun Feng even tighter with her hands.
Her ears were almost turning into the fins of the sea demons.

Yun Feng stroked Yaoyao’s hair comfortingly and Yaoyao finally calmed down a bit.
“Yaoyao is still young.
I don’t think she can bear the contract with her right now.”

Zhan Li glanced at Yaoyao.
“But this is a sea demon.
On the West Continent, some thoughtful summoners will fight for it if they see it.”

There was coldness at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
“They’ll be free to try.”

Zhan Li burst into laughter.
“Not bad, not bad! My daughter is indeed like me! Whoever wants to steal it, let them try!” Qu Lanyi shook his head helplessly.
Yun Jing was more serious.
This Uncle Zhan was a troublemaker.
If Fengfeng really had such a father, she would have a headache.

Yun Feng explained where she was going next and took out the detailed map that Ling gave her.
Zhan Li looked at the map carefully and chuckled.
“This map is extremely detailed.
It must’ve been made in the hands of a master.
That person who gave you this map did you a great favor.”

Qu Lanyi’s face darkened.
He thought of the spectacled man in the Summoning Union.
Although he looked gentle, Qu Lanyi knew very well that the man was also a wolf in sheep’s appearance.
It was just that his sheep skin was very obvious, while that guy was hidden more deeply.

“You’re looking for the President of the Magic Union? I’ve never seen that guy before.
It’ll be great if we can meet him this time,” said Zhan Li.
Yun Feng’s heart couldn’t help but sink a bit.
Even though Zhan Li didn’t tell her exactly who he was on the West Continent, it wasn’t hard to guess that his identity must be quite high.
Even Zhan Li had never seen the president of the Magic Union.
Could she really find him this time?

After deciding on their trip, everyone set off immediately.
Yun Feng was also a bit anxious.
If they were a bit late, would that mysterious president leave just like that? She didn’t want to fail, but there wasn’t much hope.

Ganbi Village was located in the northeast corner of the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.
That was a place with very few people.
After all, it was just a small village and the economy in that area wasn’t very great.
Even the nearest city required two to three days of traveling time.
It was indeed a bit unbelievable that the president would appear in such a place.

Yun Feng didn’t have time to investigate anything else.
She rushed crazily all the way to Ganbi Village.
Her body completely turned into an endless long line as she flew through the sky.
She met some powerhouses along the way, but these powerhouses all gave way obediently and let Yun Feng and the others go.
They were all a bit surprised in their minds.
Who exactly were those people? Why were all of them so terrifying?!

The journey was smooth and unhindered.
Nobody dared to stop her! Yun Feng only took a day and a half to reach this remote little village in the northeast.
She was a bit confused.
What exactly did that president look like? What was his name? What were his characteristics? Was he really a man? Yun Feng knew nothing about these things.
The only thing she knew was that he was a dark mage.

Yun Feng and her companions stopped in the sky above Ganbi Village Village and looked down at the peaceful little village from above.
How could she forget that she couldn’t sense the dark elements at all? How was she going to find this president?

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Yun Feng suddenly thought of something and turned to Little Fire.
Little Fire was a mutated Fire Cloud Wolf..
It had not only fire elements, but also dark elements! “Little Fire, can you sense the dark elements around?”

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