Chapter 573: Looking for Someone (1)

The Summoners’ Convention was very tempting.
It wasn’t just the communication between the summoners.
What attracted Yun Feng even more was the reward for championship.
If she entered the leadership of the Summoning Union, it would be more convenient for her to find the branch of the Yun family on the West Continent.
After all, the power she had would allow her to get in touch with people more widely.
Naturally, there would also be people from the other two halls.
This would be much faster and much more convenient than searching one area after another.

The size of the West Continent was similar to that of the East Continent.
Both of them were very vast.
There were all kinds of villages and towns scattered on them.
If Yun Feng searched them one by one, it would be impossible for her to find them without spending a long time.
Besides, she had to search carefully and she couldn’t miss a single corner.
If she overdid herself, she would also attract suspicion.
However, if she could get such a position, it would be very beneficial for her.

“I’m just an independent cultivator.
Is that fine?” asked Yun Feng.
Ling chuckled.
“There are eight seats in the leadership of the Summoner Union.
The three halls each have two seats, while the other two are reserved for the independent cultivators and summoners who don’t want to be restrained by the rules.
The number of summoners that the three halls have is similar, but the independent summoners can’t be ignored.
The independent cultivators are also very strong.
After all, a lot of the summoners like freedom.”

Yun Feng nodded.
So that was the case.
She had thought that the three halls split up all the summoners.
She didn’t expect that there would be a group of independent cultivators who didn’t belong to any of the three halls.
Summoners who liked freedom? Haha, it seemed that she had to fight for this seat!

“Are you planning to sign up, Miss Yun?” asked Ling slowly.
Yun Feng nodded.
“I don’t think I’ll miss it.”

Ling smiled gently.
“I hope that you’ll come back to Wind Moon City in five years.
I’ll tell you the location of the event here.
Although I’d like to give you my number, the Summoning Union has very strict requirements for receiving guests.
Please don’t mind, Miss Yun.”

Yun Feng expressed her understanding.
The receptionist of the Union must be very different from the ordinary receptionists.
Ling’s responsibility was not just reception.

Ling offered Yun Feng a detailed map of the Bright Moon Hall.
The map indicated the exact location and was detailed to the villages and fields.
With this map, it would be difficult for Yun Feng to get lost in the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.

“Thank you.” Yun Feng thanked him after receiving the map.
Ling chuckled.
“What else do you need, Miss Yun?”

Yun Feng put away the map in her hand.
She still had more important questions in her mind.
“Can the leaders of the Summoning Union meet the leaders of the Magic Union?”

Ling glanced at Yun Feng curiously.
“You’re right.
The Summoning Union and the Magic Union are closer.
Naturally, we’ll be able to meet the people from the Magic Union.”

“So… what’s the chance of seeing the president of the Magic Union?”

Ling raised his eyebrows.
“Miss Yun wants to meet… the president of the Magic Union?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“That’s right.” Ling was silent for a while and chuckled.
“I’m afraid it’ll be a bit difficult.
After all, that president always comes and goes mysteriously.
Nobody knows where he’ll appear.
Even the senior members of the Magic Union won’t have a high chance of seeing him.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed after hearing this.
If she could meet the president of the Magic Union with the seat in the Summoning Union, it would be killing two birds with one stone.
However, she was just too wishful.
In this vast Western Continent, what were the chances of her meeting the mysterious president of the Magic Union? Mu Canghai, what are the chances of me resurrecting you?

Ling looked at Yun Feng carefully and saw that Yun Feng was frowning slightly.
A trace of a smile flashed through his eyes.
“It’s not impossible for Miss Yun to meet that president…”

Yun Feng’s heart brightened and she looked up.
“You have a way?”

Ling nodded as his glasses glittered.
“According to the latest report, the president has shown up recently.”

Yun Feng looked at Ling and knew that this news couldn’t be leaked out.
Ling must’ve taken a risk to tell it to her.
The corners of Ling’s mouth curled up.
“Miss Yun, you’re right.
Telling Miss Yun this news isn’t something a receptionist like me should do.
However, I still can’t resist Miss Yun’s request…” Ling bent his body slightly and his face was suddenly very close to Yun Feng.
He gazed at Yun Feng attentively through the thin lenses of his glasses.

“I really envy that follower of yours, Miss Yun.
If possible, I would like to switch places with him.
It’s a delightful thing to be able to stay by your side.” His tone was gentle and polite, and he didn’t go overboard at all.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, felt a bit embarrassed.
Ling chuckled and stood up.
“For the Summoning Union and myself, Miss Yun is an important guest.
I certainly have to do my best to fulfill your request.
However, since I’m the one who provided you with the information, I certainly have to ask for something in return for my risk.”

Yun Feng raised her brows slightly and looked at Ling’s gentle and harmless look.
Return? What did he want in return?

“If I can do it, I won’t refuse,” said Yun Feng indifferently.
This information was very important to her.
The only opportunity to revive Mu Canghai was a dark mage of the Lord Level.
She had already asked around.
There were indeed mages of the Lord Level in the Magic Union, but there weren’t any dark mages.
The only one was the mysterious president.
She must find him, she must find him!

“What are you worried about, Miss Yun? I won’t ask you to do anything outrageous.
I won’t give you a hard time.” Ling smiled calmly.
“I heard that the president has appeared somewhere in the east recently.
He seems to be near a village called Ganbi.
I really don’t know why he went there.”

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Ganbi Village in the east.
Yun Feng remembered this name in her mind.
This was the only clue right now..
Even though she didn’t know if the president would still be there, Yun Feng had to make this trip! Even if she were to fail, she must try her best!

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