Chapter 572: My Self-Proclaimed Father Is Here (6)

“There’s one person who can make me feel so uncomfortable.” Little Fire’s pure black eyes glittered.
“That old guy in the depths of the Foggy Forest.
Every time I see him, I subconsciously want to run away.”

Lan Yi’s blue eyes glittered.
“I’ve heard Master Yao Guang mention those legendary existences at the top of the hierarchy of Magic Beasts…”

“I wonder if you’ve heard of this.”

Lan Yi raised his eyebrows curiously and looked at Little Fire.
Little Fire narrowed its pure black eyes.
“Those guys are only at the bottom level of the top.
The top is still high above…”

Lan Yi’s eyes widened abruptly and he looked at Little Fire in disbelief.
Little Fire slowly turned its head and curled its lips.
“I’ve only heard about it.
I wonder who spread this rumor.
It’s just not popular among Magic Beasts.”

Lan Yi only felt relieved in his mind.
This explanation was too shocking.
Yaoyao remained silent, perhaps because she didn’t understand the meaning of the words.
She looked back at Zhan Li again.
Lan Yi said, “Brother Fire, do you think this person and those at the top of the hierarchy…”

Little Fire chuckled, and its sharp teeth could be seen faintly on the corners of its mouth.
“They’re definitely related.”

Yun Feng didn’t ask why Zhan Li came to the West Continent, and Zhan Li didn’t say anything either.
He didn’t seem in a rush at all, which made people think that he came to the West Continent for a holiday, or maybe he had just snuck out.
That was what Yun Feng thought in her mind.
It wasn’t hard for Zhan Li to do such a thing with his personality.
This uncle was quite self-willed.

“My daughter, call me father.” Zhan Li had always been persistent and wanted to hear Yun Feng call him.
Yun Feng pretended not to hear it.
She used the Sound Transmission Jade in the past, but now, the real person was whining to her in front of her.

Zhan Li enjoyed himself even though he didn’t get Yun Feng’s reply.
He enjoyed himself every day.
If Yun Feng really called him father one day, who knew what kind of expression Uncle Zhan would have?

Unlike usual, Yaoyao didn’t stick to Yun Feng, but stayed with Lan Yi and Little Fire from time to time.
Qu Lanyi was extremely delighted in his mind.
That possessive little sea demon had finally let go.
Qu Lanyi could approach Yun Feng without fear.
Although he didn’t understand why Yaoyao was like this, Qu Lanyi hoped that this situation would continue.

The three Magic Beasts had always been rather cold towards Zhan Li.
Zhan Li didn’t care about that.
He only cared about Yun Feng.
If Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng weren’t a couple, Uncle Zhan would probably have ignored him completely too.
After the conversation that day, the few Magic Beasts observed Zhan Li secretly.
There was still a vague feeling of repression.
The few Magic Beasts were also a bit worried in their minds.
If Zhan Li was harboring evil intentions, Yun Feng wouldn’t be this person’s match, at least not right now.

It was a bit far-fetched to say that Uncle Zhan was hiding evil intentions.
The few Magic Beasts observed carefully for a while and finally confirmed that Zhan Li truly cared about Yun Feng.
Little Fire and Lan Yi subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.
If that man was an enemy, he would be too tricky and difficult to deal with.

After staying in Wind Moon City for no less than three days, Yun Feng was ready to leave.
Before she left, Yun Feng went to the Summoning Union.
When Ling saw Yun Feng, he was busy recording something.
When he looked up and saw that it was Yun Feng, he smiled slightly.

“Miss Yun, are you leaving?”

Yun Feng nodded.
Ling was also a person who hid himself well and looked gentle and harmless.
Even though he claimed to be a small receptionist, what was the truth?

Ling put down the things he was busy with and walked out.
His long and fitting work clothes made him look even more gentle and elegant.
The glasses on his nose bridge added a hint of gentleness.
This was a man who looked very friendly.
He spoke politely and behaved appropriately.

Today, Yun Feng came to the Summoning Union alone.
Qu Lanyi naturally wanted to follow her, but was tied up by Zhan Li.
Yaoyao didn’t follow her either.
Yun Feng then realized that Yaoyao wasn’t as clingy as she used to be these few days.
She didn’t know what to feel in her heart, but she seemed a bit disappointed.

“What’s the matter, Miss Yun?” What Ling said interrupted Yun Feng’s thoughts.
She smiled gently.
“It’s nothing.
I’m indeed going to leave, but I need your help with something before I leave.”

Hearing this, Ling bowed slightly.
“Miss Yun, you’re an honorable guest of the Union.
If you need anything, just tell me.
I’ll definitely do what I can for you, no matter what.”

An unusual light seemed to flash through his eyes, which were hidden behind the glasses.
Yun Feng suddenly felt that what he said just then had a deeper meaning, and even Ling’s smile had a deeper meaning.

“Please give me a detailed map of the Bright Moon Hall.”

Ling nodded.
“Of course.
Are you going to explore the area of the Bright Moon Hall, Miss Yun?”

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“That’s right.
We can only increase our knowledge and broaden our horizons by traveling.”

Hearing this, Ling smiled and pushed his glasses.
“Speaking of increasing knowledge and broadening horizons, I can recommend an event for you, Miss Yun.
This trip will be worthwhile.”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
Ling said with an elegant smile, “The Summoners’ Convention will be held in five years.
It’s a convention that’s held once every hundred years on the West Continent.
Miss Yun, you must not miss it.”

Summoners’ Convention? It was indeed the West Continent.
Such a convention couldn’t possibly exist on the East Continent.
The summoners on the East Continent were no more than ten.
They couldn’t even communicate with each other.

“Miss Yun, you don’t know the details, do you? Let me explain.
The Summoners’ Convention is held every hundred years.
The location of the convention isn’t fixed.
Only those who sign up for the Summoners’ Convention are qualified to participate.
Otherwise, they won’t be able to enter.
There are all kinds of activities at the convention, including the exchange of knowledge and the communication of Magic Beasts.
Naturally, there are also contests.
How many stars have fallen in the past hundred years? How many new stars have risen? It’s quite something to look forward to.
Don’t you agree, Miss Yun?” Ling blinked and Yun Feng chuckled.

“You might get something more at the Summoners’ Convention.
Do you want to participate, Miss Yun?” Ling smiled gently and asked Yun Feng for her opinion.
Then, he thought of something.
“Right, there’s a ranking contest at the convention.
The summoner who gets the first place can directly be promoted to the leadership of the Summoning Union.
If you have something to do on the West Continent, it will undoubtedly be much more convenient and save you a lot of time..”

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